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Why is everybody wearing purple ties?

Why is everybody wearing purple ties?

It seems like purple ties have become the hottest fashion accessory in recent months. Everywhere you look, men are sporting vibrant violet neckwear. From the office to restaurants to formal events, purple ties are suddenly ubiquitous. But why is everyone jumping on the purple tie trend? Let’s explore some of the potential reasons behind this purple phenomenon.

The Psychology of Color

Color psychology suggests that different hues can evoke different emotions and associations. Purple is often seen as a regal, prestigious color associated with luxury, creativity, and magic. This may be partly why it has long been popular for formal wear. Wearing purple can make someone feel confident, special, and powerful.

Purple also represents nonconformity and going against the grain. It stands out against more traditional suit colors like blue or black. Sporting a purple tie allows men to express uniqueness and individuality.

Increased Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrities have a major influence on fashion trends. Lately, many popular actors, musicians, and athletes have been spotted wearing purple ties at major events. Notable celebrities embracing the purple tie look include:

Celebrity Event Seen Wearing Purple Tie
Brad Pitt 2020 Golden Globe Awards
Harry Styles 2021 GRAMMY Awards
LeBron James NBA Finals 2022

Seeing these stars opt for purple on the red carpet or court side is influencing their legions of fans to follow suit.

Complementing the Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone declares a new “Color of the Year” annually. In 2023, the chosen hue is Viva Magenta. This bright fuchsia shade is quite bold. Many fashion experts predict people will pair Viva Magenta with cooler accent shades like purple to balance it out.

Wearing a purple tie allows you to nod to the Color of the Year, while also preventing an outfit from feeling overly matchy or loud. It lets you incorporate a modern trend in a more understated way.

The Resurgence of 80s Fashion

After several decades of minimalism dominating menswear, 80s inspired maximalism is making a comeback. The decade was known for its bold colors, prominent patterns, and experimental combinations.

Purple was a popular power tie color in the 1980s. As other 80s trends reemerge, purple ties fit right in with the nostalgic neon aesthetic. Pairing one with wide shoulders, a colorful pocket square, and other retro touches embraces throwback style.

Shifting Office Dress Codes

Office attire has relaxed significantly over the past decade. With more casual Fridays and remote work arrangements, formal business dress codes have loosened up. Simple standards like “suits required” now leave room for more personal expression.

In the past, most men stuck with navy, black, or grey ties. Purple ties push professional boundaries in a subtle way. They demonstrate individuality within the shifting landscape of officewear.

More Tie Variety Overall

Beyond purple, ties in a wide range of colors and patterns have grown popular. Tie racks once dominated by repetitive diagonals now host paisleys, polka dots, florals, and abstract designs. This explosion of variety makes an unconventional hue like purple feel less daring.

With ties overall becoming more playful, men can embrace a full rainbow of neckwear. Purple is just one shade of many now saw as fair game.

The Rise of #Menswear

Social media has led to the rise of various fashion-focused communities. On platforms like Instagram and TikTok, hashtags like #menswear showcase style influencers mixing creative looks. The #menswear movement emphasizes having fun with fashion and pushing boundaries.

In this adventurous social space, purple ties get plenty of love for being bold and eye-catching. Donning one is an easy way for regular guys to dabble in daring menswear. Even a basic suit pops with a purple accent.

Shifting Color Associations

Our associations with different colors evolve over time. Where white dresses symbolized purity and blue was for boys, those gendered implications have faded. Purple is undergoing a shift too, from strictly feminine to increasingly versatile.

Seeing diverse stars like Lil Nas X, Rami Malek, and Pharrell Williams rocking purplenormalizes it as a color anyone can wear. Purple ties let men of all types flex their style.

Suits Taking Center Stage Again

During the ultra-casual 2000s, suits declined in popularity. But as people return to offices and attend more events post-COVID, suits are reentering the spotlight. There’s a new appetite for elevating and experimenting with tailoring.

Purple ties are an easy way to modernize a suit. They provide high visual impact for minimal effort. Plus, swapping ties allows guys to refresh staple suits affordably.

More Bold Colored Suit Options

Beyond ties, suits and sport coats are now available in a broader range of hues too. Brands offer purple blazers, colorful checked suits, and more. For confident men, that means embracing purple neck to ankle.

But for those sticking with neutral suits, a purple tie keeps outfits cohesive instead of clashing. It’s safer to test the waters with a subtle pop of color.

The Growing Influence of Streetwear

Casual streetwear brands are also driving the purple phenomenon. Labels like Supreme and BAPE have popularized graphic tees and hoodies in vibrant purple. This has helped normalize the color in menswear more broadly.

By adding a purple tie to a traditional suit, guys can bridge the gap between polished and hypebeast style. The combo feels fresh and youthful.


Purple ties may seem like an overnight sensation. But in fact, they result from the interplay of many cultural forces. Our color associations are changing. Office dress codes and suiting trends are rapidly evolving. Streetwear and social media are providing inspiration. And celebrity outfits are doing what they do best: convincing people to give bold new looks a try.

For men interested in exploring, but not yet ready to fully embrace the purple life, a regal tie is the perfect small step. With so many stylish stars already on board, purple is sure to stay popular through 2023 and beyond. So whether you’re dressing for the board room or a hot date, consider accessorizing with this powerful, nonconforming hue.