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Why is ariana grande’s hair blonde?

Ariana Grande has become known for her signature high ponytail and blonde hair. Though she is a natural brunette, Grande has dyed her hair blonde for many years now. Her platinum blonde locks have become an integral part of her image and brand. But why did Ariana decide to go blonde in the first place? And what steps does she take to maintain her eye-catching mane? Let’s take a closer look at the story behind Ariana Grande’s blonde hair.

Ariana’s Natural Hair Color

Ariana Grande was born on June 26, 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida. Her natural hair color is dark brown. As a child and teenager, Ariana wore her chestnut brown hair down in soft curls or half up. She began experimenting with hair color in 2009 when she landed the role of Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon show Victorious. For the role, Ariana dyed the ends of her hair red. It was her first foray into radically changing her natural brunette locks.

Transitioning to Blonde

In 2013, Ariana decided to go blonde for the first time. She was preparing to release her debut album Yours Truly, and wanted a fresh new look to go with her budding music career. It took multiple sessions with her hair stylist to slowly lighten her dark locks to a caramel and then platinum blonde shade. Ariana cites Marilyn Monroe as an inspiration for trying the blonde bombshell look.

Year Hair Color
2008-2012 Brown
2013-2014 Caramel blonde
2014-present Platinum blonde

This table shows Ariana’s hair color progression from her natural brown to the platinum blonde she rocks today.

Signature Ponytail

In 2014, Ariana adopted her signature high ponytail after being inspired by her hair getting accidentally pulled up on stage. She loved the look and made it her staple. Ariana’s ponytail is instantly recognizable and has become synonymous with her brand. She pairs the slicked back pony with a blunt bang and long extensions to create her glamorous, retro-inspired style.


Maintaining Ariana’s platinum locks takes serious commitment. Her hairstylist told Refinery 29 that it can take 8-10 hours in the salon to safely bleach Ariana’s hair to her desired shade of white-blonde. To keep her hair healthy, Ariana gets her roots touched up every 2-3 weeks. She also uses Olaplex bonding treatments to strengthen her tresses and prevent breakage from frequent lightening. Purple shampoo helps keep her hair tone cool and reduce brassiness.

Despite the upkeep required, Ariana has said going blonde is worth it for the look she loves. She once told fans on Twitter “the blonde is a vibe and an energy.” Clearly she feels empowered with her fiery, Marilyn-esque locks.

Style Evolution

While the ponytail remains, Ariana has evolved her styling over the years. Here’s a look at some of her most memorable blonde eras:

Year Style
2014 Long, straight ponytail with bangs
2015 High, voluminous ponytail
2016 Slicked back ponytail with half up styling
2018 Sleek high pony with loose face-framing pieces
2021 Polished ponytail with flipped ends

This table outlines some of Ariana’s most memorable blonde ponytail eras and styles over the years.

Ariana’s Blonde Hair Impact

It’s impossible to deny that Ariana Grande’s blonde hair has become iconic. Her luminous platinum locks are now part of her brand as a pop star. Ariana’s ponytail is one of the most recognizable hairstyles today. Her commitment to blonde has inspired trends like white and icy hair coloring popping up around the globe.

In many ways, Ariana Grande’s hair reflects her evolution as an artist. She first went blonde as she was embarking on her solo pop career. The bold look aligned with her new era and sound. As her music and style has matured, so has her styling approach. But that signature ponytail remains Ariana’s staple.

Above all, Ariana’s blonde mane gives her confidence. She has said going lighter makes her feel bright and happy. This positive energy radiates in her music and stage presence. So while the platinum shade requires major upkeep, it seems worth it for the pop icon. For Ariana Grande, blonde hair is more than just a color – it’s an attitude.


In summary, Ariana Grande went blonde in 2013 as she was launching her solo career. The drastic change from brunette to platinum blonde helped her craft a new image distinct from her Nickelodeon days. Maintaining the ultra light shade requires intensive coloring sessions every few weeks. But Ariana embraces the upkeep for the confidence and vibrancy blonde hair gives her.

Over the years, Ariana’s ponytail and styling has become an identifiable signature and a symbol of her brand. Her commitment to icy blonde locks has sparked trends and inspiration worldwide. Though the look requires high maintenance, it has undeniably become a staple that Ariana Grande has made her own. For the pop superstar, blonde hair is a bold part of her identity – and that’s why she continues to rock the look.