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Why did Rey get yellow lightsaber?

Why did Rey get yellow lightsaber?

Rey’s yellow lightsaber has become one of the most iconic parts of her character in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. After using Anakin Skywalker’s blue lightsaber for much of the trilogy, Rey constructed her own unique lightsaber with a yellow blade at the end of The Rise of Skywalker. The color yellow has great significance in Star Wars lore, so Rey’s choice to wield a yellow lightsaber carries a lot of meaning. In this article, we will explore the question: Why did Rey get a yellow lightsaber?

Meaning of Lightsaber Colors

In the Star Wars universe, the color of a Jedi’s lightsaber reflects something about their personality, fighting style, and connection with the Force. Here is a quick overview of the meaning behind different lightsaber colors:

Blue Used by Jedi Guardians who focus more on combat training and physical discipline
Green Used by Jedi Consulars who focus more on spiritual training and intuition
Yellow Used by Jedi Sentinels who balance both combat skill and scholarly knowledge
Purple Used by Jedi who walk the line between light and dark sides of the Force
Red Used by Sith Lords and Dark Side users fueled by anger and hate

As we can see, yellow lightsabers represent balance and moderation between different aspects of the Force.

Rey’s Training and Skills

Throughout the sequel trilogy, Rey displays an impressive balance of combat ability, Force intuition, and scholarly knowledge. After discovering her Force sensitivity in The Force Awakens, she begins intensive Jedi training under Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi.

Luke is reluctant at first to train Rey, but she proves herself a remarkably fast learner of lightsaber combat forms and Force abilities. She bests Luke in combat and is able to learn advanced techniques like telekinetic movement very quickly. However, Rey also demonstrates skill in ancient Jedi texts, mechanics, and languages. She can read the sacred Jedi texts and understand mechanics well enough to repair the Millennium Falcon.

Rey continues to hone her skills in The Rise of Skywalker under the training of Leia Organa. She becomes proficient with a lightsaber staff and demonstrates her knowledge of Force healing abilities. Rey proves well-balanced as a warrior, scholar and Force-wielder. The yellow crystal she finds on Ahch-To calls to her balanced mastery of the Force.

The Legacy Lightsaber

Before constructing her own lightsaber, Rey wielded Anakin Skywalker’s blue lightsaber, recovered by Maz Kanata. This weapon became known as the “Legacy Lightsaber” as it passed between generations of Skywalkers. The blue color aligned with Anakin’s combat-focused training as a Jedi Guardian.

When the Legacy Lightsaber was destroyed in The Last Jedi, Rey did not feel a strong connection or calling towards simply rebuilding the same blue lightsaber. She wanted to forge her own path as a Jedi. The yellow kyber crystal she found on Luke’s planet Ahch-To seemed to be waiting for her and called to Rey through the Force. This indicated her destiny lay with a yellow-bladed lightsaber instead of trying to recreate the Skywalker legacy weapon.

Balance of the Light and Dark

The yellow color of Rey’s lightsaber may also indicate her unique connection to both the light and dark sides of the Force. Throughout the sequel trilogy, Rey is tempted by the dark side and explores her own dark impulses. She is able to channel both the light and dark in balance, rather than suppressing one completely.

In The Last Jedi, Rey feels an ominous connection through the Force with Kylo Ren and has visions of the dark path. She is drawn to the dark side cave on Ahch-To and feels its pull. Rey confronts this darkness within herself and is able channel both sides in service of the light. Her balanced mastery of light and dark could be reflected in the yellow lightsaber blade.

New Jedi Order

As the founder of a new generation of Jedi, Rey’s yellow lightsaber could also symbolize this new Jedi Order she will establish after the sequel trilogy. The Jedi texts she saved from Ahch-To will help Rey rebuild the Jedi in a balanced way, learning from the mistakes of the past.

The old Jedi Order was very rigid and dogmatic, forbidding attachment and restricting use of the Force. Luke sought to establish a new Order based on restraint of the dark side, but this backfired with Kylo Ren’s fall. Rey has a chance to create a balanced Jedi Order between these two extremes of the past. Her yellow lightsaber shows she will chart a new path in line with her balanced training and philosophy.


In the end, Rey’s yellow lightsaber perfectly matches her balanced mastery of combat, scholarly knowledge, and the Force. The yellow blade aligns with Rey’s skills as a Jedi Sentinel and her ability to walk the line between light and dark. As Rey rebuilds the Jedi Order in a more moderate, compassionate, and wise way, the yellow lightsaber will become a symbol of this new generation of Jedi. She moves the Order away from the rigid restrictions of the old Jedi Council and the extreme reaction against it by Luke Skywalker. Just as her lightsaber stands between the blue and green blades of past Jedi, Rey charts a balanced path forward for the future of the Jedi Order with her yellow saber.