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Why did Hayley Williams dye her hair?

Hayley Williams, lead singer of the band Paramore, is known for frequently changing up her hair color. Over the course of her career, she has sported everything from fiery red to platinum blonde locks. But why does she dye her hair so often? Here are some of the main reasons behind Hayley’s ever-evolving hair color.

Experimentation and Self-Expression

One of the biggest motivations for Hayley’s hair transformations is simply self-expression and experimentation. She has said in interviews that changing her hair color allows her to try on different identities and personas. It’s a way for the naturally brunette singer to play with her image and reinvent herself. Each new shade seems to signal the start of a new era for Hayley. Her hair has become an integral part of her brand as a musician and artist.

Inspiration and Mood

In addition to self-expression, Hayley often cites different inspirations behind her hair color swaps. Before dyeing her hair a neon green in 2021, she said she was inspired by Billie Eilish and The Joker. Other shades seem to represent her state of mind or mood. For example, she dyed her hair bleached blonde while dealing with depression in 2018. This drastic change mirrored her mindset during that difficult time. Her hair acts as a canvas to work through emotions and find inspiration.

Promoting Paramore

Another practical reason for Hayley’s revolving hair colors is to promote Paramore’s music. Dramatic hair changes often coincide with new album cycles or single releases. Her fiery orange hair in 2013 complemented the energy of Paramore’s self-titled album. When the band’s 2017 album After Laughter had a bright, retro theme, Hayley went platinum blonde. The constant hair transformations keep Hayley and Paramore visually interesting for fans.

Hair Health

While hair health is not the primary motivation, it does play a role in Hayley’s color choices. She has explained that constantly bleaching and dyeing hair can damage and dry it out. To combat this, she occasionally opts to go darker to give her strands a break. After having vivid blue hair in early 2021, she let her dark roots grow out more later that year. The low-maintenance break allowed her hair to recover strength and shine.

Connection to Fans

Hayley has also shared that she finds inspiration for hair colors from fans. Bright hair colors are common amongst Paramore’s fanbase, especially in the scene/emo subcultures. Hayley choosing a fan-favorite shade like pink or purple helps her connect with supporters. It shows she listens to their style opinions and wants to represent them. So in some cases, Hayley dyes her hair to excite and engage her fans.


While Hayley Williams’ frequently changing hair color may seem impulsive or random to outside observers, it is meaningful self-expression for her. Each shade represents something – whether it’s an emotion, inspiration, or new era of her life and career. After nearly two decades of music-making, the rainbow of hair colors helps Hayley stay fresh, creative, and connected to her fans. For Hayley, hair is a form of identity and she likely won’t stop experimenting with it anytime soon. Her ever-evolving style will continue to excite and inspire her loyal listeners.

Hayley Williams Hair Color Timeline

Here is a timeline of some of Hayley Williams’ most notable hair colors over the years:

Year Hair Color
2003 Brown
2007 Bright Red
2010 Orange
2013 Fiery Orange
2015 Pastel Pink
2017 Platinum Blonde
2019 Lime Green
2021 Bleached Blonde and Black Roots

This visual timeline demonstrates Hayley’s constant hair evolution throughout her career. The wide range of vivid colors and styles shows her fearlessness when it comes to expressing herself through her hair. She continues to change up her look, keeping fans guessing as to what she’ll do next. One thing is for certain – Hayley Williams’ hair will remain a focal point of her image and artistry for years to come.

Hayley Williams’ Hair Care Routine

Maintaining such vivid, dynamic hair colors requires diligent upkeep. Here is some insight into Hayley Williams’ hair care routine:

  • Gets her roots touched up every 4-6 weeks
  • Uses Olaplex bonding treatments to strengthen hair
  • Alternates between hair masks, deep conditioners, and hot oil treatments for moisture
  • Trims hair every 8-10 weeks to keep ends healthy
  • Uses purple shampoo to keep blonde tones crisp
  • Relies on color-protecting shampoos and conditioners
  • Let’s hair rest by going darker at times

Even with her frequent dye jobs, Hayley takes care to keep her hair as healthy as possible. She uses highly reparative products and gets regular trims so her hair maintains shine and softness. This intensive routine explains how Hayley can sustain such vibrant coloring while still having beautiful, strong hair.

The Costs Behind Hayley’s Hair

It’s no secret that frequently changing your hair color can become expensive. Here are some estimates on what Hayley may spend on her hair:

  • Full dye job at salon in LA – $500
  • Touch-up roots every 6 weeks – $200
  • Olaplex treatments – $50 per treatment
  • High-end shampoos & conditioners – $50 per month
  • Hair masks & hot oil treatments – $150 per month
  • Haircuts every 8-10 weeks – $100 per cut

Based on these estimates, Hayley likely spends around $1,000 per month on hair upkeep. Over the course of a year, that could add up to $12,000 or more. The cost demonstrates the level of care and maintenance that goes into Hayley’s signature locks. Her hair is important creative expression and a career investment for the star.

Hayley’s Hair Evolution Video

This video shows the complete progression of Hayley Williams’ hair transformations from 2003 up until now:

As you can see, Hayley’s hair has gone through a dramatic evolution over the past two decades. She continues to change up her look and keep people guessing where she’ll go next. Her bold hair colors and styles have become signature to her image as a pop-punk artist.

Hayley Williams Quotes About Her Hair

Here are some insightful quotes from Hayley Williams about her ever-changing hair:

“I dye it myself, actually. I don’t let anyone else touch my head. It’s not that I don’t trust stylists, I just think I was meant to have a different color every week.”

“I change my hair like I change my underwear. I can’t tell you why, I just get bored easily.”

“I’m always trying to make my hair look like something, you know? I want it to be able to tell a story.”

“Your hair is supposed to tell people who you are and what you’re into, you know? For me, it’s like dyeing my hair bright orange if makes me feel like I’m on fire.”

These quotes demonstrate Hayley’s deep connection to her hair as a mode of self-expression. She finds excitement and inspiration through changing up her look frequently. After nearly 20 years in the spotlight, her hair continues to be a huge part of her identity and artistry.


Hayley Williams’ bold hair transformations reveal a woman who is fearless in expressing herself. Although risky, her ever-changing hair allows Hayley to redefine herself creatively and connect deeply with fans. Underneath the dye jobs, however, lies an artist dedicated to her craft and a person searching for depth and meaning. In many ways, Hayley’s hair is a metaphor for who she is – constantly evolving, colorful, resilient, and full of surprises. If history shows anything, it’s that we should all expect the unexpected when it comes to Hayley’s iconic locks!