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Why did Color Splash move to Miami?

Color Splash, a leading paint manufacturer, recently made the decision to relocate their headquarters from New York City to Miami, Florida. This move raised a lot of questions about the reasons behind it. In this article, we will explore the key factors that led to Color Splash’s relocation to the sunny city of Miami.

Lower Operating Costs

One of the main reasons behind Color Splash’s move is the substantially lower operating costs in Miami compared to New York City. According to research, operating a mid-sized company in Miami costs around 15-20% less than New York. Some of the major factors contributing to this include:

  • Lower office rental costs – Class A office spaces in downtown Miami rent for around $30 per square foot annually, compared to $60+ in NYC.
  • No state income tax in Florida, saving companies a significant amount every year.
  • Lower wages – Average salaries in Miami are lower than NYC for most positions.
  • Cheaper electricity and real estate costs in Miami.

For a manufacturing and distribution company like Color Splash, these operational savings can directly improve profit margins by millions per year. The cost reductions allow the company to pass on savings to customers as well. As a result, the move to Miami gives Color Splash a competitive edge through lower prices.

Access to Latin American Markets

Another major factor is Miami’s strategic location for accessing Latin American and Caribbean markets. Miami is known as the “Gateway to Latin America” due to its proximity and business ties with major economies like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and more. Some key advantages of Miami for Color Splash include:

  • Direct flights to all major cities in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Well-developed transportation infrastructure for shipping products by sea and air.
  • Strong cultural connections and a large Latin population in Miami.
  • Time zone compatibility with most of Latin America.

As Color Splash aims to expand its revenues from international markets, Miami provides the perfect launch pad into the growing Latin American region. The company can build relationships, service customers, adapt products faster, and react quicker to opportunities by being situated in Miami.

Lifestyle and Quality of Life

Miami is one of the most attractive cities in the US for working professionals due to its lifestyle, climate, and low cost of living relative to salary levels. Some aspects that make Miami appealing for businesses include:

  • Tropical climate and beautiful beaches, making it easier to attract talent.
  • Lower taxes – no state income tax and lower property taxes.
  • Affordable housing – median home prices are around $350,000.
  • Fun entertainment options, restaurants, nightlife.
  • Large international airport and public transit options.

Locating in Miami gives Color Splash a competitive edge in recruiting top professionals who increasingly value quality of life. Employees can enjoy Miami’s natural beauty, vibrant culture, and amenities. This also leads to higher retention rates, keeping talent within the company. Overall, Miami’s desirability makes it easier for the company to attract and retain professionals.

Growing Local Economy

Miami has a robust, rapidly growing local economy that provides Color Splash proximity to customers and talent. Some key economic factors about Miami include:

  • Miami’s metro economy is worth over $350 billion, the 8th largest in the US.
  • Home to over 130 multinational company headquarters.
  • Leading industries include tourism, healthcare, life sciences, tech, aviation.
  • Rapid population growth – Miami metro added over 1 million people since 2010.
  • Strong job growth, unemployment rate under 5%.

As Miami continues to grow as a leading business hub, Color Splash can benefit through closer access to customers, suppliers, partners and skilled workers. Tapping into Miami’s diverse industries can also open new market opportunities that fit with the company’s strengths.

Incentives from Local Government

To attract promising companies like Color Splash, Miami and surrounding counties offer attractive incentive packages. Some of the key benefits Color Splash likely received include:

  • Tax refunds – up to $50,000 per job created over 5 years.
  • Training grants – up to $500,000 for workforce training.
  • Financial grants – millions in cash for relocation and capital expenditures.
  • Tax exemptions – no corporate income tax for up to 20 years.

Given its sizable office and manufacturing footprint, Color Splash probably qualified for tens of millions in incentives. These packages make the move highly financially attractive from a cost perspective.

Business-Friendly Environment

Florida offers a competitive, business-friendly environment that makes operations easier relative to other states. Some advantages include:

  • Low regulations – Florida ranks #2 in the US for economic freedom.
  • Right-to-work state with limited union strength.
  • Favorable tort laws that reduce liability exposure.
  • Quick and easy company registration and permitting.
  • Open government policies for transparency.

For a growing manufacturer like Color Splash, these factors enable leaner, more agile operations. The move to Florida empowers the company with a supportive business climate suited for access and expansion.


In summary, there are compelling financial and operational advantages for Color Splash to relocate its headquarters and operations to Miami, Florida. The key factors leading to this move include:

  • Substantially lower operating costs.
  • Proximity to high-growth Latin American markets.
  • Miami’s lifestyle, climate and amenities.
  • Access to a large, growing local economy.
  • Lucrative incentive packages from government.
  • Florida’s favorable, business-friendly policies.

By moving to Miami, Color Splash positions itself for the future through cost savings, strategic market access, talent acquisition, and future growth opportunities. It’s clear that Miami offers the right ingredients for Color Splash to take its business to the next level.