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Who was the red Power Ranger?

The red Power Ranger is the leader of the Power Rangers team and wears a red suit. Throughout the various Power Rangers TV series, there have been multiple red rangers with different identities. Here is a look at the main red Power Rangers in order of appearance:

Jason Lee Scott – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Jason Lee Scott, portrayed by actor Austin St. John, was the first red Power Ranger introduced in 1993 with the debut of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Jason became the red Tyrannosaurus Power Ranger and leader of the original team of Power Rangers in Angel Grove. He and his fellow teen friends Zack, Billy, Trini and Kimberly were chosen by Zordon and Alpha 5 to become the first Power Rangers and defend Earth from the evil Rita Repulsa.

As the red Ranger, Jason controlled the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and wielded the Power Sword. He was known for his martial arts skills and courage as a leader. Jason led the Rangers through numerous battles against Rita Repulsa’s monsters until he was later replaced on the team by Rocky DeSantos in season 2 when Austin St. John left the show.

Rocky DeSantos – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Rocky DeSantos, played by actor Steve Cardenas, took over as the new red Mighty Morphin Ranger in season 2 after Jason left the team. Rocky joined Zack, Billy, Aisha and Kimberly as the new red Ranger and controlled the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, as well as the Thunder Megazord in tank mode. He continued to battle Rita Repulsa and later Lord Zedd until the end of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1995.

Tommy Oliver – Zeo Power Rangers

In Power Rangers Zeo, Tommy Oliver stepped up as the new red Zeo Ranger after his time as the Green Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Portrayed by Jason David Frank, Tommy was a legendary Power Ranger who had served on multiple teams. As Zeo Ranger V, he could control the Zeozord 5 pyramid and was armed with Zeo Laser Pistol, Zeo Laser Blade and Zeo Laser Lance.

Tommy remained as leader of the Zeo Rangers against the Machine Empire until mid-way through the season when he assumed a new Ranger identity…

Aurico – Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

When the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were turned into children, the Alien Rangers of Aquitar stepped in to defend Earth. Aurico, played by David Bacon, was the Red Aquitar Ranger and leader of the team. He controlled the Red Battle Borg and used his Aquitar Saber in battle. Aurico led the Aquitian Rangers against Master Vile until the child Rangers could have their powers restored.

Andros – Power Rangers in Space

Andros was introduced as the Red Space Ranger in Power Rangers in Space portrayed by actor Christopher Khayman Lee. He joined with former Turbo Rangers – TJ, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie – and took on the evil Astronema and Dark Specter. Andros controlled the Astro Megazord as the Red Space Ranger and utilized the Spiral Saber Lightning and Drill Saber weapons. He discovered that his long lost sister Karone was Astronema, trying to bring her back to the side of good.

Leo Corbett – Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

In Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Leo Corbett became the Red Galaxy Ranger and was played by actor Danny Slavin. He was the brother of Mike Corbett, the Magna Defender. As the Red Galaxy Ranger, Leo could control the Red Lion Galactabeast and Red Capsular Cycle. He wielded the Quasar Saber in battle against Scorpius and the daugher Trakeena. Leo led the Galaxy Rangers on their space adventures to stop Scorpius, eventually defeating Trakeena and saving the space colony Terra Venture.

Carter Grayson – Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

When demons threaten Mariner Bay, Carter Grayson was recruited by Captain Mitchell to lead the emergency response team Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue as the Red Lightspeed Ranger. Played by Sean Cw Johnson, Carter commanded the Rail Rescues zord. He and his fellow Rangers Dana, Joel, Chad and Kelsey defended the city and defeated Queen Bansheera from rising again.

Wesley Collins – Power Rangers Time Force

Wesley “Wes” Collins, portrayed by Jason Faunt, was the Red Time Force Ranger in Power Rangers Time Force. He was the rich son of a corporate tycoon who joined the Rangers from the year 3000 – Jen, Lucas, Katie and Trip – to stop the evil mutant Ransik. As the Red Ranger, Wes controlled the Time Flyer 1 zord and V-1 and V-2 assault vehicles in battle. He put his own life on the line multiple times to save his team and stop Ransik’s plans.

Cole Evans – Power Rangers Wild Force

Cole Evans discovered his ability to communicate with animals and became the Red Wild Force Ranger, played by Ricardo Medina Jr. He mastered the Red Gorilla, Red Falcon and Red Lion Wildzords. Alongside Taylor, Max, Danny and Alyssa, Cole defended the Earth from the pollution brought by Orgs led by Master Org. He later discovered that scientist Dr. Viktor Adler was the human identity of Master Org. Cole led the Wild Force Rangers in defeating Master Org once and for all.

Shane Clarke – Power Rangers Ninja Storm

In Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Shane Clarke became the Red Wind Ranger, played by actor Pua Magasiva. He led fellow Ninja Storm Rangers Tori and Dustin against the evil ninja Lothor after their school was banished into space. Shane controlled the Hawkzord and other Ninja Zords in battle. His ninja powers and fighting skills were pushed to the limit against Lothor’s alien warriors. Shane’s team later joined forces with the Thunder Rangers to vanquish Lothor.

Conner McKnight – Power Rangers Dino Thunder

When the invisble dino gems were unearthed, teenager Conner McKnight gained super-speed and became the Red Tyranno Power Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Portrayed by James Napier, Conner led fellow Rangers Ethan, Kira and their teacher Tommy Oliver against the evil Mesogog. As the Red Ranger, Conner could control the Tyrannozord and wielded the Tyranno Staff. Through teamwork, Conner’s team defeated Zeltrax and Mesogog, saving the world from the mutant dinosaurs.

Nick Russell – Power Rangers Mystic Force

Nick Russell, played by Firass Dirani, was the brooding rebel who became the Red Mystic Ranger in Power Rangers Mystic Force. He commanded the power of fire and the Phoenix Titan zord. When the magical realm was threatened by the evil Octomus, Nick was chosen by the Red Dragon to become the Red Ranger. He led the Mystic Rangers, including Xander, Vida, Maddie and Chip, in learning magical skills and defeating the forces of darkness.

Mack Hartford – Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Mackenzie “Mack” Hartford, portrayed by James MacLurcan, was the son of explorer Andrew Hartford in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. He was actually an android who was granted human attributes by the Corona Aurora. As the Red Overdrive Ranger, Mack controlled the Dump Driver and Flash Point zords. Along with teammates Will, Dax, Ronny and Rose, Mack ventured around the world to find the magical jewels of the Corona Aurora before evil forces could acquire them.

Casey Rhodes – Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Casey Rhodes was chosen to fight the evil Dai Shi as the Red Jungle Fury Ranger in Power Rangers Jungle Fury, played by Jason Smith. He mastered the Tiger spirit and controlled the Tiger Animal Spirit zord. At the Pai Zhuq academy, Casey learned Kung fu and harnessed his inner animal spirit under his masters RJ, Dom and Lily. Casey led the team and finally defeated Dai Shi, saving the temple and the world from evil domination.

Jayden Shiba – Power Rangers Samurai

In Power Rangers Samurai, Jayden Shiba assumed the mantle of the Red Samurai Ranger, the leader of the team. Portrayed by Alex Heartman, Jayden commanded the power of fire and the Lion Foldingzord. He was trained since childhood in the ways of the ancient Samurai to fight the Nighlok monsters and prevent them from flooding the world. With teammates Kevin, Mia, Mike and Emily, Jayden fought until the Nighlok leader Master Xandred was sealed away once more.

Troy Burrows – Power Rangers Megaforce

When an alien invasion threatened the Earth, Troy Burrows was selected by Gosei to become the Megaforce Red Power Ranger in Power Rangers Megaforce, played by Andrew Gray. He harnessed the power of the dragon and commanded the Gosei Dragon Mechazord. Along with fellow Rangers Emma, Jake, Noah and Gia, Troy defended the planet from the Warstar aliens Admiral Malkor and Creepox, later battling the Toxic Mutants and the Insectoids.

Tyler Navarro – Power Rangers Dino Charge

Tyler Navarro discovered the power of the Tyrannosaurus Rex dino charger and morphed into the Dino Charge Red Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Charge, portrayed by Brennan Mejia. He tamed the T-Rex zord and formed the Dino Charge Megazord. Leading Chase, Koda, Riley and Shelby, Tyler fought against Sledge and his monsters who had escaped from their prison. Through courage and teamwork, the Dino Charge Rangers defeated Sledge and freed the Energems from evil.

Brody Romero – Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Brody Romero was presumed dead after being captured by Galvanax 10 years ago but he survived and escaped in Power Rangers Ninja Steel. Played by William Shewfelt, Brody returned home and became the Red Ninja Steel Ranger. He led the new team of Rangers – Preston, Calvin, Hayley and Sarah – against Galvanax with the power of the Red Ninja Battle Morpher. Brody mastered the Robo Red Zord and defeated Galvanax with the Ninja Fusion Zord.

Devon Daniels – Power Rangers Beast Morphers

When a computer virus corrupted the Morphin Grid, Devon Daniels was imbued with cheetah DNA to become the Red Beast Morphers Ranger in Power Rangers Beast Morphers, portrayed by Rorrie D. Travis. He could harness the power of the cheetah and command the Wheeler Zord. Along with Ravi and Zoey, Devon defended the Grid Battleforce and the city of Coral Harbor against the evil Evox and his virus avatars. Devon’s skills and instincts gave him an advantage in battling Evox’s forces.


Throughout Power Rangers history, a brave leader has taken on the mantle of the Red Ranger. While there have been many different Red Rangers across the generations, they all exemplify great courage, integrity and skill in leading their teams against extraordinary threats. The red Ranger serves as an inspiration to every generation of Power Rangers who step up to protect the planet.

Red Ranger Actor Season
Jason Lee Scott Austin St. John Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Rocky DeSantos Steve Cardenas Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank Power Rangers Zeo
Aurico David Bacon Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
Andros Christopher Khayman Lee Power Rangers in Space
Leo Corbett Danny Slavin Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Carter Grayson Sean Cw Johnson Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Wesley Collins Jason Faunt Power Rangers Time Force
Cole Evans Ricardo Medina Jr. Power Rangers Wild Force
Shane Clarke Pua Magasiva Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Conner McKnight James Napier Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Nick Russell Firass Dirani Power Rangers Mystic Force
Mack Hartford James MacLurcan Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Casey Rhodes Jason Smith Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Jayden Shiba Alex Heartman Power Rangers Samurai
Troy Burrows Andrew Gray Power Rangers Megaforce
Tyler Navarro Brennan Mejia Power Rangers Dino Charge
Brody Romero William Shewfelt Power Rangers Ninja Steel
Devon Daniels Rorrie D. Travis Power Rangers Beast Morphers

This table summarizes the main red Rangers, the actors who portrayed them and the seasons in which they appeared. The red Ranger is a leader who commands respect and sets an example for all Power Rangers across generations. While the costumes and powers change, the red Ranger continues to epitomize bravery, integrity and honor in leading the fight against evil.