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Who should Cancer not marry?

Who should Cancer not marry?

When it comes to romantic compatibility, Cancers need to be careful about who they get into relationships with. Some zodiac signs are just not well-suited for the sensitive and nurturing nature of Cancer. By understanding which signs clashes with Cancer’s energy, they can avoid heartache and find a truly fulfilling relationship.

Cancer’s Key Personality Traits

Before looking at incompatible signs, it’s important to understand the core characteristics of Cancers. Some key personality traits of Cancer include:

  • Emotional depth and sensitivity
  • Nurturing and caring nature
  • Strong intuition and empathy for others
  • Need for security in relationships
  • Moodiness and fluctuating emotions
  • Protective towards loved ones

With such a complex inner world, Cancer needs a partner who understands their many layers. Their ideal match provides comfort and stability to help temper Cancer’s anxieties. However, the wrong partner can easily exploit Cancer’s vulnerabilities.

Cancers and Aries: Clash of Wills

One of the most incompatible matches for Cancer is the zodiac sign Aries. Aries personalities tend to be bold, direct, and eager to take action. This clashes with Cancer’s reflective and sensitive nature.

Where Cancer craves stability, Aries wants independence and adventure. Aries can easily drain Cancer’s emotional energy with constant stimulus and pushing boundaries. The crab will feel unheard and unable to keep up with the ram’s fiery spirit.

Another area of conflict is Aries’ direct communication style. Cancer prefers a gentle, subtle approach but Aries is blunt and lacks tact. Cancer is deeply hurt by criticism and can take words personally. Outspoken Aries will often wound Cancer’s feelings without intending to.

In arguments, neither sign will back down. Cancer uses passive aggression while Aries turns aggressive. Both want to be right and can become very stubborn. Without compromising, the clashes lead to hurt feelings and lingering resentment.

Cancers and Leos Will Vie for Control

Leos and Cancers both have strong personalities but opposing ways of expressing them. This creates power struggles in the relationship.

Leos have a domineering nature and want to be the alpha in the relationship. But Cancers also have a nurturing, parental instinct that makes them very protective. Cancer’s loving criticisms can make proud Leos feel patronized.

When conflicts arise, drama-loving Leo will resort to verbal attacks and temper tantrums. Cancers will become moody and manipulative trying to gain control. Both partners insist on having their way, causing frequent arguments.

Another area of friction is lifestyle preferences. Leo loves going out, being the life of the party, and showing Cancer off like a trophy. But Cancer longs for the comforts of home and needs private quality time. Leo’s flashy extraversion drains Cancer’s emotional batteries.

For this pairing to work, both signs must compromise. Leo needs to allow Cancer to take care of them, while Cancer must give Leo space to shine.

Why Sagittarius and Cancer Create Sparks

On the surface, Sagittarius and Cancer seem like they balance each other out. But upon closer inspection, there are some fatal flaws in this partnership.

What brings them together at first are their shared traits. Both value family, fun, and intellectual connection. Early on, they can have long, engaging conversations as they discover each other’s worlds.

However, it soon becomes clear they have very different values. Sagittarius is restless, always chasing the next horizon. But Cancer seeks roots, home, and tradition. Sagittarius fears being emotionally trapped while Cancer fears abandonment.

Another issue is Sagittarius’ casual, playful approach to romance. They want to keep things light and breezy. Meanwhile, Cancer yearns for deep intimacy and prefers serious commitments. Sagittarius feels smothered by Cancer’s emotions and needs.

Frequent clashes arise when Cancer seems clingy and Sagittarius seems aloof. And when conflicts do occur, Sagittarius ignores or escapes tension but Cancer is deeply wounded by the avoidance. Communication breakdown is unavoidable.

Why Cancers and Aquarians Struggle to Connect

On a superficial level, Cancer and Aquarius appear quite compatible. Creative and intelligent Aquarius captivates imaginative Cancer. And both signs value meaningful conversation and want to make the world a better place.

However, the moodiness of Cancer eventually frustrates detached Aquarius. Emotional Cancer constantly seeks reassurance and affection, which puzzles the analytical air sign. Aquarius often ignores or rebuffs Cancer’s romantic gestures in favor of intellectual pursuits.

Another big issue is Aquarius’ rebellious nature. As a fixed sign, Cancer requires stability and tradition. But Aquarius wants to overthrow existing structures in favor of new systems. Cancer finds Aquarius’ revolutionary spirit chaotic and unsettling.

Cancers dwell in the past while Aquarians live in the future. Trying to get them to see eye-to-eye is near impossible. Unless there are other strong synergies in their charts, this relationship will struggle.

The Tension Between Cancers and Geminis

What initially attracts Cancer and Gemini are their shared mercurial qualities. Both signs have quick minds, witty banter, and enjoy learning. Conversations between them are always lively.

However, Gemini’s intellect is more logic-based while Cancer’s is filtered through emotion. While Cancer is introspective, Gemini focuses outwardly. Gemini thinks broadly while Cancer’s perceptions run deep.

This leads to communication problems. Gemini feels dragged down by Cancer’s moodiness, while Cancer thinks Gemini is superficial and flaky. Cancer longs for Gemini to share their inner world but Gemini keeps everything light.

Another clash arises from conflicting needs. Gemini values freedom and space while Cancer is very possessive. Clingy Cancer can make Gemini feel suffocated. But when Gemini pulls away, Cancer sees it as rejection.

For this pairing to thrive, there needs to be other strong astrological synastry indicating soulmate potential. Otherwise the differences in emotional temperaments causes too many issues.

Why Cancers and Virgos See the World Differently

On the surface Virgo and Cancer seem like a good match – both are caretakers who value home and family. However, they express their nurturing instincts in very different ways.

Cancer shows care through emotional support and affection. But Virgo focuses on practical assistance. Virgo shows love by fixing problems which can make Cancer feel patronized. Cancer’s cooking and coddling makes Virgo feel smothered.

Virgo also filters everything through logic and details. They struggle to understand Cancer’s decisions shaped by emotion and intuition. Cancer just wants Virgo to trust their instincts more. Miscommunications are frequent.

Another big issue is Virgo’s criticism. Hyper-critical Virgo always sees how things can be improved but this destroys Cancer’s self-esteem. No matter how useful the feedback, it wounds Cancer deeply.

For this match to work, Virgo needs to be more tactful and Cancer less sensitive. When operating from their strengths, they can make an effective team.

Why Cancers Clash with Capricorns

On the surface, Cancer and Capricorn seem well-matched. Both signs appreciate tradition and structure. Early in the relationship they connect deeply and feel they’ve met their soulmate.

However, over time the differences in their temperaments causes problems. Stoic Capricorn struggles to deal with Cancer’s intense emotions and neediness. Meanwhile, Cancer feels unheard and unappreciated.

Capricorn also focuses on advancement and praise. But Cancer simply craves closeness, affection, and dependability. Capricorn’s ambition can make Cancer feel neglected and anxious.

When tensions rise, Capricorn distances themselves while Cancer festers and simmers. Cancer’s indirect aggression infuriates Capricorn. Unless they learn to compromise, resentments turn into outright contempt.

This relationship can work but both signs must make great efforts to empathize with the other’s perspective. With maturity and willingness to adapt, they can be a power couple.


In conclusion, there are some zodiac combinations that spell trouble for Cancer. Clashing traits can bring out the worst in Cancer and lead to painful relationships. Avoiding Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Capricorn may be wise.

However, with self-awareness and communication any partnership can thrive. The key is for Cancer to find someone willing to understand their depths and meet their needs. When treated with care, Cancer’s nurturing nature blossoms.