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Who makes the paint color blank Canvas?


The paint color blank Canvas is a popular neutral shade that works well in many homes. But with so many paint brands on the market, it can be hard to know which company actually makes this specific color. In this article, we’ll investigate the origins of blank Canvas and discuss which major paint manufacturers offer it as one of their colors. We’ll also provide some tips on choosing the right blank Canvas paint for your next project. Whether you’re painting walls, trim, or furniture, read on to learn all about this versatile hue!

What is blank Canvas paint?

Blank Canvas is often described as an off-white or soft white paint color. It’s lighter than basic white paint but not quite as pale as a bright white. The subtle warmth of blank Canvas makes it a welcoming neutral shade for any room.

This color is very versatile and pairs well with many design styles from traditional to modern. Blank Canvas creates a clean backdrop that allows other colors and textures in the space to really shine. It’s a great choice for those looking to use neutrals without going completely white or beige.

The soft, airy quality of blank Canvas makes rooms feel open and breezy. Unlike stark white, it won’t read as sterile or clinical. Instead, blank Canvas lends a soothing, peaceful ambiance to a space. This flexibility makes it an ideal neutral for any area of the home.

Major paint brands that offer blank Canvas

Many leading paint manufacturers produce their own versions of blank Canvas or similar off-white colors:

Behr: Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior Paint color Blank Canvas is available in different finishes like flat, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss. This popular color can be tinted at Behr paint stores.

Benjamin Moore: Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee is their most comparable color to blank Canvas. This neutral off-white is one of their most popular shades across their lines of paints and stains.

Sherwin-Williams: Sherwin-Williams has a direct match called Blank Canvas in various sheens. It coordinates well with other lighter neutrals in their palette.

PPG: The PPG Paints brand equivalent is White Duck. This color is offered in both interior and exterior finishes.

Valspar: Valspar’s version is called Blanched Almond, sold at Lowe’s stores. This warm white works well for walls, cabinets, furniture and more.

Brand Color Name
Behr Blank Canvas
Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee
Sherwin-Williams Blank Canvas
PPG White Duck
Valspar Blanched Almond

As you can see, most leading paint brands offer their own take on blank Canvas or a very similar off-white neutral. So you’ll have plenty of options to find the right product that fits your project and budget.

Tips for choosing blank Canvas paint

If you’ve settled on blank Canvas for your next paint color, here are some tips to ensure you get the perfect neutral tone:

Sample it first: Always get a sample pot or paint swatch before committing to a full gallon. Colors can look different on walls than on small swatches. Be sure you like it in various lighting.

Mind the undertones: Blank Canvas can pull slightly different undertones across brands, from a hint of green, brown, yellow or gray. Decide which one works best for your space.

Finish matters: The sheen will impact how blank Canvas looks. Satin or eggshell are popular choices that withstand washing. Higher gloss exaggerates the color.

Lighting counts: Test blank Canvas swatches at both daytime and night to see how artificial lighting affects the tone. You want it to stay neutral.

Consider the space: A version with subtle warmth is nice for bedrooms and living rooms. Cooler undertones read more cleanly in kitchens and bathrooms.

Coordinate: Check that decor like countertops and floors complement blank Canvas rather than clashing with its subtleties.

With some forethought, you can land on the ideal blank Canvas from your preferred brand. Be sure to buy enough paint for adequate coverage. Then enjoy this flexible, welcoming neutral in your refreshed space!

Using blank Canvas paint effectively

Once you have the perfect blank Canvas paint for your project, here are some tips to use it effectively:

– Prep surfaces properly: Fill any holes, sand glossy areas, and clean walls so the paint adheres smoothly. Primer helps blank Canvas go on evenly.

– Cut in edges neatly: Use painter’s tape and a steady hand to cut in clean lines along trim, ceilings and baseboards. This defines the space.

– Roll with care: Use a quality roller cover and evenly apply paint in manageable sections. Work from top to bottom, rolling back over partly dried areas.

– Maintain wet edges: Avoid lap marks by painting sections in their entirety and maintaining a wet edge where new paint meets freshly painted areas.

– Check lighting often: Frequently step back and look for any unevenness in lighting or coverage. Catch any missed spots right away before moving on!

– Allow proper dry time: Let each coat fully dry before adding another. Darker top coats especially need ample drying time.

– Add sheen safely: Higher sheens show more flaws. Be sure walls are smooth before applying satin, semi-gloss or gloss finishes.

Follow these best practices as you apply blank Canvas. Take your time with prep and cutting in for a seamless neutral backdrop.

Rooms and spaces to use blank Canvas

Here are some of the best rooms and spaces to showcase blank Canvas paint:

– Living Rooms: Blank Canvas keeps living rooms light and airy. It prevents the space from feeling too dark or cramped.

– Dining Rooms: A blank Canvas dining room provides a clean, neutral backdrop for bold accents and wall art.

– Bedrooms: Blank Canvas is a calming, peaceful color for bedrooms. It’s also easy to decorate and accessorize around.

– Kitchens: For modern kitchens, blank Canvas offers a bright but not stark backdrop for white cabinets and counters.

– Bathrooms: Blank Canvas makes an elegant, spa-like statement in bathrooms paired with marble, tile or wood finishes.

– Hallways and Staircases: Use blank Canvas to lighten tight hallways or windowless stairwells.

– Offices and Studies: Blank Canvas keeps offices feeling professional but still visually soothing.

– Nurseries: Blank Canvas provides a clean, gently bright foundation for nurturing nurseries.

Anywhere you want a versatile neutral that isn’t too harsh or sterile, blank Canvas is an excellent option worth considering!

Pairing blank Canvas with colors and materials

Blank Canvas is lovely on its own but also pairs beautifully with other colors and materials:

– Whites: For a crisp white-on-white palette, pair blank Canvas walls with bright white trim, ceilings, built-ins and millwork.

– Pastels: Soft powdery blues, lavenders, pinks and mints create a dreamy feel against blank Canvas.

– Navy: Nautical navy pops against blank Canvas without being too high-contrast.

– Greenery: Blank Canvas makes indoor plants and stems really stand out.

– Black accents: Think black hardware, lighting fixtures, metalwork or furniture against blank Canvas.

– Wood tones: From oak to mahogany, rich wood finishes bring warmth to blank Canvas walls and ceilings.

– Brick and stone: Natural textures like exposed brick or stacked stone add depth and dimension to blank Canvas.

– Metallics: Brushed gold, nickel, bronze and other metallics glimmer against a blank Canvas backdrop.

Be creative with pairings to make the most of this versatile neutral paint color. Blank Canvas works with practically any material or hue!

Alternatives to blank Canvas

While blank Canvas is a popular choice, you may want to also consider these alternative off-white paint colors:

– Swiss Coffee (Benjamin Moore): With subtle beige undertones, this is slightly darker and warmer than blank Canvas.

– White Dove (Behr): This crisp shade has a touch of gray for a lighter but still soft look.

– Pure White (Sherwin Williams): For a true white, this has just a hint of coolness to prevent dinginess.

– Decorators White (Benjamin Moore): This bright white with faint yellow undertone pops alongside dark colors.

– Cloud White (Sherwin Williams): With the subtlest warmth, this versatile classic adds a clean feel.

– Extra White (Benjamin Moore): This shade adds luminosity for a freshly painted look.

Sample these similar off-whites. Depending on lighting and furnishings, they may be just as suitable for your space. Don’t be afraid to get creative!


In the world of neutral paint colors, blank Canvas stands out for its soft, inviting quality. This versatile off-white pairs beautifully with all different design styles and materials. While many top paint brands offer their own version of blank Canvas, they each have slight nuances in tone and finish.

When used effectively with proper prep and application, blank Canvas creates a welcoming backdrop for any living space. For a gently bright, laidback vibe, this hue can transform rooms without overpowering them. Alternatives like Swiss Coffee or White Dove give off similar neutral energy as well.

Hopefully this article has provided some clarity on the origins and best uses for blank Canvas paint. With an endless array of colors to choose from, thoughtfully selected neutrals like this one allow your personal style to shine through. Blank Canvas allows you to add as much or as little personality as you desire – the possibilities are endless!