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Who makes Snowdrift paint?

Who makes Snowdrift paint?

Finding the manufacturer behind a specific brand of paint can be tricky, especially for more generic sounding names like “Snowdrift.” While there may be regional brands that use this name, Snowdrift paint is most commonly associated with PPG Architectural Coatings, a division of PPG Industries.

The History of Snowdrift Paint

Snowdrift paint was originally manufactured by The Glidden Company, which was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1875. Glidden was one of the early pioneers in ready-mixed paint, launching their “Spred Satin” line of interior paints in the 1930s. The Snowdrift brand came along sometime in the 1940s or 1950s as one of Glidden’s interior latex paint options.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Glidden became one of the country’s leading producers of architectural coatings through several key acquisitions. They acquired the Pola-Glo company in 1963, expanding their manufacturing capabilities and giving them a West Coast presence. Then in 1974, Glidden purchased Sico Inc., a Minneapolis-based paint company known for their Sico interior and exterior latex paints. Many of Sico’s brands were folded into Glidden’s offerings.

In 1986, Glidden itself was acquired by Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), a British chemical company. ICI operated Glidden as part of their worldwide coatings division. Under ICI, Glidden continued to grow through the 1990s with further acquisitions of brands like Ralph Lauren Paint and Devoe Coatings.

In 2000, Glidden was bought by AkzoNobel as part of their acquisition of Imperial Chemical Industries’ worldwide coatings business. AkzoNobel was headquartered in the Netherlands and sought to become more competitive in the North American paint market. Just a few years later in 2002, AkzoNobel strengthened their architectural coatings portfolio again with the acquisition of Courtaulds. During this time under AkzoNobel, Snowdrift remained one of Glidden’s core interior latex options.

PPG Acquires Glidden and Snowdrift

A major shift came in 2013 when PPG Industries acquired Glidden and the rest of AkzoNobel’s North American decorative paints business for $1.05 billion. PPG was already a leading global supplier of paints, coatings and specialty materials serving various industries. However, this move solidified their position as the top coatings company in North America, just ahead of their rival Sherwin-Williams.

With the acquisition, Glidden became part of PPG Architectural Coatings in the Americas. While PPG retired some Glidden brands, they decided to keep Snowdrift as part of their interior paint portfolio. PPG gave Snowdrift an updated logo and look, but the same reliable quality and hide that painters had counted on before.

Today, Snowdrift paint continues to be manufactured and marketed by PPG primarily for the North American market. PPG produces over 600 million gallons of architectural coatings each year across its various brands. Snowdrift has remained a dependable mid-tier option for interior residential and commercial painting projects.

Snowdrift Paint Product Line

Here is an overview of the different products currently available in the Snowdrift paint line:

Product Name Description
Snowdrift Flat Interior Paint A basic flat latex wall paint for interior walls and ceilings
Snowdrift Eggshell Interior Paint Low-sheen eggshell finish for interior walls and trim
Snowdrift Semi-Gloss Interior Paint Mid-sheen semi-gloss for interior trim, cabinets and doors
Snowdrift High Gloss Interior Paint High gloss finish for cabinets, furniture, and accents
Snowdrift Ceiling Paint Flat white paint specifically formulated for ceilings
Snowdrift Primer Water-based interior latex primer/sealer

This core lineup covers all the essentials – from flat paint for wall surfaces to high gloss enamel for woodwork and cabinets. Some other specialty products may also be marketed regionally under the Snowdrift name.

Features and Benefits of Snowdrift Paint

Some of the notable features and benefits of Snowdrift paint products include:

  • Good hide – Provides solid coverage and uniform appearance.
  • Durability – Formulated with acrylic resins for long-lasting color retention and washability.
  • Low VOC – Meets VOC limits for reduced environmental impact.
  • Easy application – Goes on smoothly with minimal dripping or splattering.
  • Soap and water cleanup – Brushes and rollers clean up with just soap and warm water.
  • Warranty – Comes with a limited lifetime warranty from PPG.
  • Price – A mid-range price point provides value for professional and DIY painters.

These performance factors make Snowdrift a practical choice for residential repaints where quality and affordability are top priorities.

Snowdrift Paint Reviews

Snowdrift paint earns above average reviews from both professional painters and DIYers. On sites like, Snowdrift paints score between 4-5 stars out of 5. Owners compliment the coverage, durability, and ease of application. Negative reviews are uncommon but occasionally mention issues with the finish consistency being too thin.

Professional painters interviewed by publications like Sherwin-Williams Pro also give favorble reviews. They report that Snowdrift provides good hide and a smooth uniform finish. It brushes on easily without drag or lap marks. Compared to other mid-grade interior paints, painters say Snowdrift delivers excellent results for the price.

Price and Availability of Snowdrift Paint

Snowdrift paint is sold exclusively at The Home Depot stores across the United States and Canada. Prices vary by finish and container size:

Finish Quart Gallon 5-Gallon
Flat $12 $25 $99
Eggshell $14 $28 $115
Semi-Gloss $14 $28 $115
High Gloss $14 $28 $115
Ceiling Paint $12 $25 $99
Primer $12 $25 $99

These prices are in line with other mid-tier paint options from brands like Behr, Valspar, and Dutch Boy. Snowdrift tends to cost a little less than premium options from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams.

Where is Snowdrift Paint Manufactured?

Snowdrift paints are manufactured at multiple PPG production facilities across the United States and Canada. Some of the key plant locations include:

  • Lake Charles, Louisiana – One of PPG’s largest paint factories producing architectural coatings.
  • Cleveland, Ohio – PPG’s headquarters location with sizeable manufacturing capabilities.
  • Toronto, Ontario – Supplies paint products across Canada.
  • Montreal, Quebec – Additional PPG Canadian plant supporting eastern provinces.
  • Sumter, South Carolina – Manufactures Glidden and other PPG paint brands for southern markets.

These plants have modern high-speed tinting and packaging lines to produce retail cans of Snowdrift paint. Facilities may adjust formulations slightly based on regional raw material availability and VOC regulations.

Snowdrift Paint Specifications

Here are some of the key technical specifications for Snowdrift interior latex paints:

  • Resin Type: Acrylic latex
  • Pigment Type: Titanium dioxide, extended with calcium carbonate and clays
  • Sheen Levels: Flat – 2-6 @ 85°, Eggshell – 10-15 @ 60°, Semi-Gloss – 35-45 @ 60°, High Gloss – >85 @ 60°
  • VOC Content: Ranges from
  • Volume Solids: 36-42%, depending on finish
  • Recommended Film Thickness: 4 mil wet, 1.5 mil dry per coat
  • Coverage: Up to 400-450 sq ft/gal at 1.5 mil DFT
  • Dry Time: To touch – 1 hour, To recoat – 4 hours

Snowdrift meets or exceeds paint quality and performance standards mandated by organizations like Green Seal and Master Painters Institute.

Snowdrift vs. Other Interior Paint Brands

How does Snowdrift compare to some other top interior paint options?

Brand Price Range Quality Overall Rating
Behr $$ Good 4/5
Benjamin Moore $$$ Excellent 4.5/5
Snowdrift $$ Very Good 4/5
Sherwin-Williams $$$ Excellent 4.5/5
Valspar $$ Good 3.5/5

Snowdrift delivers noticeable quality for a moderate price point. It rates closely with top brands from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, but for 25-50% less cost. Overall, Snowdrift provides an excellent balance of performance and value.


For many years, Snowdrift has been a trusted interior latex paint brand associated with good hide, uniform finish, and durability. Originally launched by Glidden, Snowdrift is now manufactured by industry leader PPG after their acquisition of the Glidden company in 2013.

Today, PPG produces Snowdrift paint at factories across the U.S. and Canada to be sold exclusively at The Home Depot. Available in a range of sheens and sizes, Snowdrift continues to earn positive reviews as a quality, budget-friendly option for painting projects. While not the cheapest paint, Snowdrift provides professional-grade results and a limited lifetime warranty that make it a smart choice for many painting jobs.