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Who makes Colour Riche lipstick?

Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients that applies color, texture, and protection to the lips. Colour Riche is a popular lipstick brand known for its wide range of shades and smooth, moisturizing formula. But who is the manufacturer behind this iconic lipstick line? Let’s explore the origins and ownership of Colour Riche lipstick.

The History of Colour Riche

Colour Riche lipstick first launched in 1978 by the cosmetics company L’Oréal. L’Oréal had acquired the brand Maybelline in 1996, and Maybelline was behind the initial development and marketing of Colour Riche. The lipstick line was designed to provide saturated color payoff in shades that complemented the trends of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The name “Colour Riche” refers to the rich, vivid color these lipsticks deliver. Upon launch, Colour Riche lipsticks made a splash with their availability in 24 shades. This extensive shade range allowed consumers to find their perfect lip color match. In the 1980s and 1990s, Maybelline continued to grow the Colour Riche line, expanding the selection of shades and finishes.

By the 2000s, Colour Riche had cemented its status as an iconic drugstore lipstick brand. Maybelline reformulated the lipsticks to be more moisturizing with silk extracts and honey nectar. These ingredient additions kept Colour Riche lipstick’s texture smooth and hydrating. The brand also leaned into releasing shades tied to runway color trends.

Maybelline and L’Oréal Ownership

As Maybelline originated Colour Riche, Maybelline retains ownership over the Colour Riche trademark and product line today. However, Maybelline is a subsidiary of the global cosmetics giant L’Oréal.

Here is a summary of Maybelline and L’Oréal’s corporate relationship:

  • Maybelline was founded in 1915 by chemist T.L. Williams.
  • In 1955, Plough, Inc (now Schering-Plough) purchased Maybelline.
  • L’Oréal purchased Maybelline from Schering-Plough in 1996.
  • Since 1996, Maybelline has been a subsidiary brand owned by L’Oréal.
  • As Maybelline’s parent company, L’Oréal oversees Maybelline’s business operations and brand portfolio.

While L’Oréal owns Maybelline, Maybelline functions as its own entity within the L’Oréal conglomerate. Maybelline has its headquarters, management, and product development teams. But L’Oréal provides the overarching strategy, resources, and supply chain coordination for Maybelline’s global business.

Current Ownership and Management

Today, Colour Riche remains in Maybelline’s brand portfolio, giving Maybelline ownership of the lipstick line. As Maybelline’s parent company, L’Oréal manages Maybelline and its brand portfolio strategically.

Here are some key facts about Colour Riche’s current ownership and management within the L’Oréal corporate structure:

  • Maybelline New York is part of the L’Oréal Luxe division, which houses L’Oréal’s prestigious beauty brands.
  • L’Oréal continues to provide capital, resources, and supply chain coordination for Maybelline’s business operations.
  • Maybelline has its headquarters in New York City and product development teams that create new Colour Riche shades.
  • Colour Riche’s marketing is handled by Maybelline’s in-house marketing department.
  • Maybelline sales teams distribute Colour Riche to cosmetic retailers globally.
  • Colour Riche formulas are produced in L’Oréal factories worldwide.

While L’Oréal oversees the high-level strategy, Maybelline takes the lead on Colour Riche’s product development, marketing, and sales. This balance allows Colour Riche to benefit from L’Oréal’s resources and distribution channels while retaining Maybelline’s market expertise.

Global Reach of Colour Riche

As a subsidiary of the global beauty giant L’Oréal, Colour Riche lipstick has an enormous worldwide distribution span. Here is an overview of Colour Riche’s global reach:

  • Colour Riche is sold in over 120 countries worldwide.
  • Some of the major markets include the United States, Canada, France, UK, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, India, China, and Mexico.
  • Colour Riche is sold in brick-and-mortar retailers like Walmart, Target, CVS, Boots, and ULTA in most markets.
  • The lipsticks are also available through ecommerce sites like Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, and Tmall.
  • Total global sales of Colour Riche are estimated at over $100 million annually.

L’Oréal’s established distribution network allows Maybelline to make Colour Riche accessible to consumers across continents. Colour Riche enjoys a strong international presence through L’Oréal’s coordination.

Popular Colour Riche Products

Colour Riche has expanded into a wide lineup of lip products since its original bullet lipstick debut. Here are some of the most popular Colour Riche products globally:

Product Type Popular Products
Original Lipstick Coral Crush, Blushing Bud, Clay Crush
Matte Lipstick Touch of Spice, Crazy for Mocha, Lust for Blush
Lip Liner Untold Stories, Everlasting Wine, Eternal Raspberry
Lip Gloss Sugar Plum, Rose Wine, Raspberry Rush
Liquid Lipstick Nude Flush, Berry Persistent, Mocha Muse

These top-selling Colour Riche products demonstrate the brand’s ability to evolve with cosmetic trends while retaining its signature bold, creamy lip formula. Consumers worldwide gravitate towards Colour Riche for its extensive color selection and recognizable vibrant style.

Marketing and Advertising

Colour Riche relies on extensive marketing efforts to maintain consumer awareness and loyalty globally. Here are some key facts about Colour Riche’s advertising approach:

  • Maybelline spends over $200 million annually on advertising Colour Riche and other Maybelline brands.
  • Print and TV ads for Colour Riche run regularly in major markets like the U.S., India, Brazil, and the U.K.
  • Maybelline has partnered with fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan for digital and print Colour Riche ads.
  • Celebrity brand ambassadors like Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima, and Christy Turlington have represented Colour Riche.
  • Colour Riche maintains active social media presences on Instagram and Facebook promoting new launches.

This robust advertising mix keeps the Colour Riche name circulating through both traditional and digital media. The ads emphasize the brand’s ties to fashion and focus on the vibrancy of the shades.

Media Channel Marketing Strategies
TV Commercials 15 and 30 second spots showcasing shades on diverse models
Print Advertising Vibrant, color-focused ads in major fashion magazines
Influencer Marketing Gifting products to beauty influencers, sponsored posts
Social Media User-generated content, new product announcements, tutorials

This marketing mix prioritizes aspirational messaging and product visuals that speak to Colour Riche’s youthful, trend-aware consumer base. The ample advertising investment from L’Oréal enables Colour Riche’s consistent media presence.

Colour Riche’s Competitive Advantages

Colour Riche has maintained a top position in the global lipstick industry based on the following core advantages:

  • Parent company resources – L’Oréal’s massive budget, distribution, and R&D capabilities benefit Colour Riche.
  • Brand equity – Decades of marketing have made Colour Riche a recognizable lipstick brand worldwide.
  • Product range – An extensive selection of colors and formulas suits diverse consumer preferences.
  • Value pricing – Products are affordably priced, especially compared to premium brands.
  • Trend-driven – New shades frequently launch aligned with current makeup trends.

Colour Riche is able to leverage its corporate ownership, brand history, accessible pricing, and understanding of consumer demand to remain a lipstick leader. The brand shows no signs of slowing down thanks to the strengths of its parent company L’Oréal.

Colour Riche’s Impact on the Cosmetics Industry

As one of the first mass-market, high-impact lipstick lines, Colour Riche has had broad influence on the wider cosmetics industry:

  • Colour Riche normalized vibrant, saturated lip colors in everyday makeup.
  • The extensive shade range was groundbreaking in mass-market cosmetics when launched.
  • Colour Riche’s popularity demonstrated the mass appeal of trend-based makeup.
  • The lipstick textures avoided dryness, enhancing comfort and wearability.
  • Colour Riche’s competitive pricing set an expectation for value among drugstore makeup.
  • Maybelline’s marketing expanded the reach of fashion and beauty advertising.

Colour Riche paved the way for affordable, fashion-oriented cosmetics. The brand also cemented Maybelline and L’Oréal as leaders in the mass cosmetics landscape. Its legacy is built on making bold, vibrant lipstick shades effortlessly wearable for the everyday consumer.


Colour Riche lipstick has maintained popularity for over 40 years thanks to its high-impact shades, smooth textures, and constant innovation. While Maybelline originated the brand, L’Oréal now oversees this iconic lipstick line as Maybelline’s parent company. L’Oréal provides the resources and scale for Colour Riche to be globally accessible at competitive prices. Clever marketing, trend-focused products, and advantage of L’Oréal’s distribution network contribute to Colour Riche’s industry-leading status. Colour Riche continues to influence consumer expectations for affordable, fashion-forward makeup. This rich legacy secures Colour Riche’s place as a staple lipstick brand for generations to come.