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Who makes beach glass paint?

Beach glass paint has become an increasingly popular decorative and art material in recent years. The frosted, worn-down look of real beach glass gives paintings and crafts a natural, oceanic feel. While genuine beach glass can be hard to find in the quantities needed for artwork, several companies have stepped in to produce beach glass paint – acrylic or tempera paint mixed with small pieces of frosted glass.

What is Beach Glass Paint?

Beach glass paint contains small fragments of frosted glass blended into regular paint. The glass pieces diffract light to give painted surfaces an ocean-worn finish, simulating the look of real sea glass collected from beaches. The paint commonly comes in acrylic or tempera medium with glass particles suspended throughout the liquid binder.

Beach glass paint allows artists to easily incorporate the beach glass aesthetic into paintings, crafts, home décor, and more, without having to source and process large volumes of real sea glass. The glass particles reflect and refract light to produce a glittery, aquatic effect once dry. Colors are usually on the cool side, like seafoam greens, sky blues, and sea salt grays.

Major Beach Glass Paint Brands

Several craft and art supply companies now produce beach glass paint products. Here are some of the major brands:

  • Plaid Enterprises – Their FolkArt and Mod Podge brands offer beach glass paint sets and mixes.
  • Aleene’s – This longtime craft paint supplier makes Beach Glass Paint in 12 oceanic colors.
  • DecoArt – Known for specialty acrylics, DecoArt’s Beach Glass Paint comes in Tempera and Triple Thick Gloss Glaze formats.
  • Craftology – Offers Beach Glass Paint Pens for drawing and detailing with frosted glass effects.
  • Simply Spray – Makes beach glass paint in a spray paint format for easy application to crafts.

In addition to these bigger brands, many independent and local art supply shops also offer their own unique beach glass paint selections.

How Real Beach Glass Paint is Made

The process of manufacturing beach glass paint involves:

  1. Obtaining frosted glass pieces – Manufacturers source recycled glass scraps and then frost them to create the smooth beach glass texture. Glass may be produced in-house or obtained from glass suppliers.
  2. Coloring the glass – To get appropriately sea-like colors, the frosted glass fragments are dyed in shades like aqua, seafoam, pale blue, mint, etc.
  3. Mixing into paint – The colored, frosted glass pieces are mixed into standard acrylic, tempera, or other paint bases to create the beach glass paint blends.
  4. Packaging – The finished paint is filled into jars, bottles, tubes, or spray cans to be sold.

The exact glass sources, frosting, coloring, and paint mixing methods may vary by brand. But in general, beach glass paint is manufactured by blending real pieces of colored, frosted glass into regular craft paint mediums.

Differences Between Real and Painted Beach Glass

There are a few key differences between genuine beach glass and the beach glass effect created by paint:

Real Beach Glass Beach Glass Paint
Made from recycled glass weathered smooth by the ocean Uses man-made frosted glass particles
Small, individual glass pieces with varied shapes/sizes Glass particles are more uniform in shape and size
Surface is glossy and feels smooth Dries to a paint texture, not perfectly smooth
Challenging to find in quantity Paint is produced in large available batches

So while beach glass paint can mimic the look of true beach glass, examining it closely reveals the differences from genuine sea glass. But the paint still provides an approximate frosted, ocean-like effect much more easily than gathering real beach glass.

Tips for Using Beach Glass Paint

Working with beach glass paint is similar to using regular acrylic, tempera, or other paints. But here are some tips to get the most out of its special properties:

  • Stir or shake the paint well before use to evenly distribute the glass particles
  • Apply in multiple thin layers to allow the glass fragments to build up a frosted effect
  • Let layers fully dry between applications for best results
  • Use soft brushes and avoid over-blending to keep the glass texture intact
  • Seal finished pieces with varnish/glaze for glass protection and maximum shine

With a little practice, you can create stunning sea glass-inspired works of art using beach glass paint. Have fun with the colors and shimmering light effects!

Unique Uses for Beach Glass Paint

Beyond basic paintings and craft projects, there are many creative ways to use beach glass paint:

  • Ocean-themed murals on walls
  • Sea glass-style home decor items
  • Wood or resin crafts made to look like real beach glass
  • Faux stained glass with a beachy vibe
  • Beach glass jewelry, buttons, figurines, etc.
  • Mermaid-tail paint effects on objects
  • Underwater scene dioramas

The possibilities are endless! Beach glass paint can provide a touch of ocean to almost any paintable surface or material. Get inspired by the colors of sea glass and let your creativity flow.

Beach Glass Paint vs. Real Sea Glass: Which is Better?

So should you use actual beach glass or beach glass paint for your projects? Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons:

Real Beach Glass Beach Glass Paint
  • Natural, authentic look and feel
  • Each piece is unique
  • Eco-friendly and recycled
  • More affordable and accessible
  • Available in any color and quantity
  • Easier to apply than individual glass pieces
  • Hard to find in large amounts
  • Not color-matchable
  • Challenging to adhere/incorporate
  • Doesn’t perfectly mimic real sea glass
  • Not as environmentally sustainable
  • Can feel slightly artificial

In the end, it comes down to personal preference and the needs of your specific project. For maximum authenticity, real sea glass is ideal. But beach glass paint offers similar aesthetic effects with much more convenience. You can even combine the two for a hybrid approach!


Beach glass paint provides crafters, artists, and DIYers with an easy way to add gorgeous sea glass style to their work. Major craft brands like Plaid, Aleene’s, and DecoArt now manufacture paints blended with frosted glass particles to simulate the look of ocean-polished beach glass. While not identical to real sea glass, beach glass paint creates a convincing, aqua-hued shimmer at a fraction of the effort required to gather the real thing. With some clever and creative applications, beach glass paint can lend its maritime charm to all kinds of decor, furnishings, art, jewelry, and more. Give it a try for your next project requiring a little coastal magic!