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Who looks good in red eyeglass frames?

Who looks good in red eyeglass frames?

Red eyeglass frames have become an increasingly popular accessory choice in recent years. With their bold and vibrant color, red frames make a statement and can be an exciting way to liven up your eyewear look. But with so many different shades of red and frame shapes and sizes available, how do you know if this colorful option is right for you? Understanding which facial features and skin tones pair best with fiery red frames can help you determine if you can pull off this head-turning trend.

What are the different shades of red eyeglass frames?

When shopping for red eyeglass frames, you’ll find quite a few different hues of red to choose from. Here are some of the most common shades:

– Bright cherry red: This is an intense, vivid red shade that really stands out. It pairs best with cooler skin tones.

– Dark burgundy red: A deep reddish-brown color that is more subtle than bright cherry red. This works well for warmer complexions.

– Brick red: A muted, orangey-red tone that is not too overpowering. It’s a nice in-between shade.

– Ruby red: A bold blue-toned red that looks great on dark or olive skin.

– Garnet red: A rich, wine-colored red. It’s darker than ruby red.

– Candy apple red: A luminous reddish-orange hue like that of a candied apple. It flatters a range of skin tones.

How do you determine your skin’s undertone?

When choosing a flattering shade of red frames, it helps to know your skin’s undertones. Undertones are the hues that come through your complexion underneath the surface. There are three main categories:

– Warm undertones: Lean towards yellow, peach, and gold

– Cool undertones: Lean towards pink, red, and blue

– Neutral undertones: A blend of warm and cool.

Here are some ways to tell if your skin is warm, cool, or neutral:

– Veins: If your veins appear greenish, you likely have warm undertones. Blueish veins indicate cool undertones. Hard to tell? You’re probably neutral.

– Jewelry: Silver jewelry looks best on cool skin, while gold flatters warm. Neutral skin looks great in both silver and gold.

– Color pairings: Does your skin look vibrant next to coral, yellow, or olive green? If so, you have warm undertones. Do you shine next to berry, magenta, or emerald? You’re likely cool. Neutral skin glows in any shade.

– Sun exposure: Warm skin tans easily. Cool skin burns frequently and rarely tans. Neutral is in between.

Once you identify your skin’s undertone, you’ll know which shades of red frames will complement your complexion.

How do different face shapes impact what red eyeglass frames look best?

Your facial structure should also guide your choice of red eyeglass frame shape and size. Along with your undertone, your face shape affects how flattering the glasses appear. Here’s a quick overview of what red frame styles work with different face shapes:

Face Shape Most Flattering Red Frame Styles
Oval Any frame shape works!
Round Rectangular, cat eye, wayfarer
Square Rounded or oval frames
Heart Rounded, wayfarer, oval
Oblong Oval, rounded, wayfarer
Diamond Oval, cat eye, wayfarer

As you can see, oval faces have the most options since balanced facial proportions allow them to wear any style well. Rounded faces should aim for rectangular frames to add definition. Square faces need softer edges to offset their sharp angles. Frames that are wider at the bottom and narrower at the top flatter heart shapes. Oblongs do best with oval and rounded frames that don’t elongate the face further. And diamond shapes should also stick with oval, cat eye, and wayfarer styles.

How does hair color impact what shades of red frames look best?

Along with your skin tone and face shape, your hair color is another factor that influences how flattering and harmonious red eyeglass frames will appear. Here are some tips on choosing complimentary red hues based on your tresses:

– Blondes: Go for brighter reds like cherry, red-orange, or ruby to contrast with your light locks. Avoid matching red tones.

– Brunettes: Richer reds like garnet, crimson, and burgundy compliment darker hair nicely. Go a touch lighter than your hair color.

– Redheads: Stick with red-brown hues or orangey-reds so your hair doesn’t compete with matching red frames. Avoid true reds.

– Gray hair: Bright cherry or candy apple reds add vibrancy and prevent washing you out. Avoid muted, earthy reds.

– Black hair: Vivid cool-toned reds like ruby and fuchsia complement beautifully. Stay away from orangey reds.


Choosing red eyeglass frames that enhance your appearance comes down to understanding and complementing your coloring and features. With so many red tones and frame shapes available, keep these tips in mind:

– Warm skin looks best in orangey-reds, while cool skin pairs well with blue-based reds

– Oval faces can wear any frame, while narrow faces need rounded edges

– Lighter hair colors look great with brighter reds and darker hair with deeper reds

– Always avoid matching your hair exactly

– Look for contrast between hair, skin, and frame color for maximum impact

When you find the perfect shade and style of red frames for your personal mix of qualities and characteristics, you’ll be amazed by how well they brighten up your look. Red eyeglasses offer a fun way to make a bold fashion statement if you select a pair that flatters your fabulous self.