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Who looks best with dark brown hair?

Dark brown hair is a gorgeous hair color that can complement many different skin tones and facial features. In recent years, more and more celebrities have been experimenting with rich chocolate and espresso hues to enhance their beauty. But who rocks a dark brown mane the best? Here we will explore which stars shine the most with this dramatic, yet versatile hair color.

What is dark brown hair?

Dark brown hair is a hair color that falls between the 4 and 5 level on the color scale. It is several shades darker than medium brown hair, but not as inky as black hair. The tone has reddish, warm undertones that give it extra dimension and sheen. This is what sets it apart from ash brown and other cool-toned brunette hues.

There are many different shades of dark brown hair to choose from. Some popular options include:

  • Chocolate brown – A rich, luscious brown with visible red tones
  • Espresso brown – An ultra-dark brown that borders on black
  • Chestnut brown – A dark brown with subtle red highlights
  • Mocha brown – A dark brown with a hint of caramel
  • Maple brown – A glossy brown reminiscent of the inside of a maple tree

No matter what specific shade you pick, dark brown hair has an opulent, multidimensional look that flatters most complexions. It brings out golden undertones in light to medium skin, while enhancing darker skin with a striking contrast.

Skin tones that look best with dark brown hair

So which skin tones look most stunning with dark brown locks? Here are some of the top complexions that pair perfectly with rich chocolate and coffee-colored hair.

Fair skin

Those with fair skin look gorgeous with dark brown hair. The bold color provides contrast against pale skin and brings out any rosiness in the cheeks. Dark hair also makes blue or green eyes pop thanks to the color contrast. Go for a chocolate brown shade to warm up fair skin.

Medium skin

Medium or olive skin has golden, peachy undertones that harmonize beautifully with dark brown hair. The red and gold flecks in the hair color complement the rosy glow of the complexion. Try a chestnut brown hue to really bring out the radiance in medium skin.

Tan skin

Ladies with naturally tan skin make espresso brown hair shine. The bold shade adds dimension and depth against bronzed skin. Plus, the warm brown tones in the hair color tie together beautifully with yellow-golden skin. Mocha brown is an ideal match for tan complexions.

Dark skin

Those with rich, dark brown skin look striking with inky black-brown hair. The high-contrast look is extremely glamorous and eye-catching. Opt for a shade like black cherry or ebony brown to complement your dark skin.

Best face shapes for dark brown hair

Along with skin tone, your face shape can also influence what shade of dark brown hair will be most flattering. Here are some of the top face shapes that pair perfectly with luscious chocolate locks.

Oval face

Women with oval faces tend to look amazing with bold hair colors since the balanced proportions of the face don’t compete with the hair. Feel free to go as dark as you like with brown hair – an espresso shade will beautifully frame your oval face.

Round face

To add dimension to a round face shape, go for a rich chocolate brown hue with warm caramel highlights. The brown will elongate your face while the highlights add the illusion of angles to soften a rounded jawline. Ask for light face-framing pieces as well.

Heart-shaped face

A heart face shape features a wide forehead and pointed chin. Play up your gorgeous facial structure with chestnut brown hair. The warm red tones in the color will pull focus upward and balance out a narrow chin.

Square face

Sharpen strong jawlines and angles with a dark espresso brown shade. The inky color minimizes width and softens hard lines. Add loose waves to further soften the edges of a square face shape.

Best eye colors for dark brown hair

Certain eye colors really make dark brown hair pop! Here are some of the best eye shades to pair with rich chocolate and coffee-colored locks.


Dark brown hair looks striking and dramatic against green eyes. The bold contrast of cool green eyes and warm espresso hair is gorgeous and unique. Go for a dark shade to make the color of your eyes stand out.


With blue eyes, go for a chocolate brown shade with subtle red tones. The earthy red in the hair will intensify the cool blue in your eyes. Keeping the hair color warm prevents matching cool tones.


For brown eyes, go two shades darker or lighter than your natural eye color. If your eyes are medium brown, try rich chocolate locks. If they’re dark brown, go for cherry cola brown hair to contrast.


Hazel eyes look beautiful with golden brown and chestnut shades. The red tones in warm medium to dark browns bring out the green and light brown flecks in hazel eyes.

Best dark brown hair looks for different face shapes

Now that we’ve covered which complexions and facial features look best with dark brown hair, let’s explore some flattering hairstyles. Here are gorgeous dark brown hair ideas tailored to different face shape needs:

Oval face

Long, center parted locks. An angled bob with bangs. Shoulder length waves with highlighted ends.

Round face

Long layers with light face framing pieces around the jawline. A chin-length bob with flipped out ends. Soft curtain bangs sweeping across the forehead.

Heart-shaped face

Full, luscious curls add volume around the jawline. A lob (long bob) with a side part to sweep hair over a narrow chin. Layered waves reaching just past the shoulders.

Square face

Loose, tousled waves add softness around the hairline and jaw. A pixie cut with a deep side part. A side-swept fringe grazing the eyebrows.

Best celebrities with dark brown hair

Many gorgeous celebrities have rocked rich chocolate and coffee-colored locks. Here are some of the best dark brown hair looks sported by famous ladies:

Megan Fox

Sultry star Megan Fox looks incredible with inky espresso brown hair paired with her piercing blue eyes. The ultra-dark shade contrasts beautifully with her fair skin.


For an edgy take on dark brown hair, Zendaya slays with a black cherry hue swept over one eye à la Veronica Lake. The bold color pops against her medium-tan complexion.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington embraces her gorgeous glow with golden mocha brown strands that complement her warm, rich skin tone perfectly. The caramel highlights tie everything together beautifully.

Jennifer Aniston

Jen Aniston proves golden brown hair never goes out of style. Her signature honey-kissed brown mane flatters her tan skin and brings out the sparkle in her hazel eyes.

How to get perfect dark brown hair

Want to join the dark side? Here are some tips for getting gorgeous, salon-worthy chocolate and espresso brown hair:

  • Pick the right brown shade for your complexion. Avoid going too dark or light.
  • Use a color-depositing shampoo to keep color rich between salon visits.
  • Invest in a purple shampoo to cancel unwanted brassy tones.
  • Use heat protectant before hot tools to prevent fading and damage.
  • Get regular trims to keep dark ends from looking dry.
  • Use hydrating masks to add shine and softness.


Dark brown hair is captivating, versatile, and ultra-flattering for many different complexions and face shapes. Fair ladies glow with chocolate brown locks while richer skin tones pop with espresso and mocha hues. Oval, heart-shaped, and square faces also harmonize beautifully with deep, multidimensional browns. No matter if you have bright eyes or strong jawline, rich brown hair can enhance your best features. With proper care, you can rock trendy chocolate and coffee-colored strands with confidence.