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Who is world’s cutest cat?

Who is world’s cutest cat?

With so many adorable felines in the world, determining the “cutest cat” is no easy feat. There are many factors that contribute to a cat’s cuteness, from their fluffy fur and tiny toes to their big eyes and playful personalities. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are certainly some cats that tend to top the cute charts. In this article, we’ll explore some of the world’s cutest cat breeds and contenders for the title of the cutest cat in the world.

What makes a cat cute?

Cuteness is subjective, but there are some common traits that make cats extra adorable to humans. Some of the biggest contributors to cuteness include:

– Big eyes – Cats with large, round eyes trigger an innate nurturing response in humans. Big peepers convey innocence.

– Round face – A broad head and round facial features look more infantile and sweet. Pointed faces read as more mature.

– Fluffy fur – Long, soft, puffy fur makes cats look snuggly and pettable. Smooth coats don’t have the same tender appeal.

– Small size – Kittens are cute because they are tiny. Small cat breeds maintain that diminutive cuteness into adulthood.

– Playfulness – Frisky, energetic cats that play and scamper are endearing. Lazier cats aren’t as cute.

– High-pitched meow – Kittens mew at a higher pitch than adult cats. Squeaky meows sound sweeter.

– Clumsiness – Awkward, uncoordinated movements are adorable in kittens and cats. Grace isn’t as cute.

– Rounded ears – Compared to pointed ears, rounded ears look more infantile and sweet.

– Pink nose – A bright pink nose contrasts against fur and adds youthful charm.

– Curled feetsies – When cats tuck their paws under, it looks endearing and cuddly.

– Symmetrical markings – Uniform, balanced patterns and colors have aesthetic appeal.

– Whisker pads- Cat “fingerprints” on their noses are distinctive and cute.

Cutest Cat Breeds

Some cat breeds are predisposed to cuteness due to their physical traits, personalities, or reputations. While any cat can be cute, these breeds consistently capture hearts with their adorable look and antics.


Known for their laidback, puppy-like personalities, Ragdoll cats often make the list of cutest cat breeds. They have semi-long, plush fur that comes in a variety of color patterns like seal, chocolate, flame, and lilac. With their big blue eyes, rounded heads, and relaxed dispositions, it’s no wonder Ragdolls melt hearts everywhere they go. Their cuddly nature and tendency to flop over like a ragdoll when held only adds to their endearing charm.

Scottish Fold

The hallmark trait of the Scottish Fold breed is their adorably folded down ears, which give them an owlish appearance. They have round faces, big eyes, thick coats, and a reputation for being very affectionate and calm. Their inquisitive expressions and plush, rounded bodies give them a perpetually sweet look. The lucky owners of these cute kitties can attest to their playful personality.


With their stumpy legs, long bodies, and big heads, Munchkin cats look like perpetual kittens. Their short limbs are caused by a natural genetic mutation that results in a form of dwarfism. But while they have small legs, Munchkins have supersized cuteness. They come in many colors and patterns, from solid coats to tabby stripes. Their miniaturized legs mean they stay low to the ground, giving them an amusing waddle when they walk.


The Persian cat breed is synonymous with luxury and elegance, but they are undeniably adorable too. Persians have a sweet expression thanks to their big, wide-set eyes and flat face. Their long, silky coat comes in many colors, but pure white Persians showcase the breed’s beauty. Daily grooming keeps their fur looking fabulous. Beneath their glamorous exterior, Persians have a darling personality when they are in the mood for cuddles and playtime.


Hairless cats may seem like an unlikely contender for cutest cat, but the Sphynx breed has an alien allure that makes them lovably cute. Lacking fur reveals their full range of amusing expressions. The Sphynx is actually coated in a fine down, so they have a soft, suede-like texture when pet. Their large ears, lemon-shaped head, and potbelly give them a charming and cheeky look. Sphynx cats love snuggling under blankets and sweaters for warmth.

Maine Coon

As one of the largest domestic cat breeds, Maine Coons have a lot of cute to go around. Their shaggy coat, tufted toes, and big furry tails add to their cuddly appeal. Maine Coons are gentle giants: they can grow quite large but remain playful and friendly. Many Maine Coons enjoy playing in water too! With their amiable personality, silly antics, and adorable features like long ear tufts, it’s easy to see why Maine Coons make fantastic feline friends.


Savannah cats are a relatively new hybrid breed that combines the exotic look of a wild serval with the personality of a domestic cat. Tall and lanky with oversized ears, Savannahs have a distinct appearance. Their spotted coat reminiscent of their African serval ancestors comes in silver, brown, and black. Savannahs are energetic, intelligent, and loyal. Despite their larger size, they retain kitten-like curiosity and playfulness well into adulthood.

Contenders for Cutest Cat

In addition to breeds that trend toward cuteness, some individual cats have gained fame and acclaim for being extraordinarily adorable. Here are some of the top contenders for the world’s cutest cat title:

Lil Bub

This American celebrity cat became an internet sensation in 2011 for her unique appearance. She has an extreme case of feline dwarfism that makes her legs very short, and she also has extra toes on all her paws. Her tongue is always poking out due to a shorter lower jaw. Combined with big eyes and ears, Lil Bub’s anomalies give her a permanent kitten look. She captivated millions of fans with her bubbly personality and abnormal cuteness before passing away in 2019.

Name Breed Color Age Sex
Lil Bub Domestic Shorthair Mix Gray and White 8 years Female


This Scottish Fold cat became a YouTube celebrity for his adorable antics on video. His YouTube channel has over 400 million views! Based in Japan, Maru’s silly escapades like jumping into cardboard boxes and bags, peeking through holes, and taking bubble baths delight viewers worldwide. His rounded features, fluffy fur, love of play, and goofy personality cement his status as one of the world’s most beloved cats.

Name Breed Color Age Sex
Maru Scottish Fold Gray and White 14 years Male

Grumpy Cat

This female cat named Tardar Sauce shot to fame in 2012 thanks to her permanent scowl. Her grumpy facial expression is caused by feline dwarfism and an underbite. Contrasted with her pint-sized frame, tiny ears, and big eyes, Grumpy Cat’s sour look was more charming than angry. She became a popular internet meme and made numerous media appearances until passing away in 2019.

Name Breed Color Age Sex
Grumpy Cat Domestic Shorthair Mix Gray and White 7 years Female

Venus the Two-Faced Cat

This chimera cat gained attention for her unique split face markings that make her look like two different cats. Her patched black and orange coat and mismatched eyes are likely due to absoring a twin in the womb. Venus’ striking appearance landed her media spots and she now has over 600k Instagram followers. Her contrasting colors, eyes, and facial expressions double the cuteness.

Name Breed Color Age Sex
Venus Domestic Shorthair Mix Black and Orange 5 years Female

The World’s Cutest Cat is…

With so many adorable cats out there, any one of these breeds or celebrity kitties could hold the title of the cutest cat in the world. Part of what makes cats so lovable is their uniqueness – no two are exactly the same. While lists can narrow down contenders, cuteness is ultimately subjective and in the eye of the beholder. All cats have the potential for cuteness, regardless of breed, size, age, color, or even number of faces! The world is full of ridiculously cute kitties, so we don’t have to limit ourselves to just one winner. Any cat that makes us smile is a champion of cuteness.


Determining the cutest cat in the world is a near impossible task, but some breeds and individual cats tend to top the cute charts. Ragdolls, Scottish Folds, Munchkins, Persians, Sphynx, and Maine Coons are consistently adorable thanks to their physical features and personalities. Celebrity cats like Lil Bub, Maru, and Grumpy Cat have also captured hearts with their photogenic good looks. But part of what makes cats so lovable is their diversity – all kitties have the potential for cuteness in their own unique way. The endless parade of aww-inducing felines ensures we’ll never suffer from a shortage of cute cats.