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Who is Odell Beckham Jr barber?

Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the most popular and talented wide receivers in the NFL. Ever since being drafted in 2014, Beckham has made headlines not only for his incredible on-field plays but also for his unique and stylish haircuts.

The Importance of OBJ’s Barber

Beckham takes great pride in his appearance and works closely with his personal barber to craft his iconic hairstyles. His barber plays a key role in helping OBJ express his personal style and brand. Having a skilled barber that understands Beckham’s desired look and can execute intricate designs is critical to his image.

Beckham has rocked everything from blond dreadlocks to wild fauxhawks in his career. His barber is essential in helping him pull off these adventurous cuts. Not many people could shape Beckham’s short afro into perfect waves and lines each week. His barber’s skills allow OBJ to focus on football while maintaining his bold style.

Introducing Sir Moody

The man behind Odell Beckham Jr.’s famous haircuts is celebrity barber Sir Moody. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Sir Moody has become OBJ’s go-to barber since he was traded to the Browns in 2019.

Sir Moody’s real name is Courtney Moody. He started cutting hair in his mom’s basement as a high schooler in Cleveland. After sharpening his skills, he decided to become a professional barber and opened his own shop. Moody began attracting celebrity clients from the Cleveland music scene. When Odell Beckham Jr. joined the Browns, it was a natural fit for Moody to become his personal barber.

Sir Moody’s Background

Well before linking up with OBJ, Sir Moody already had an impressive roster of celebrity clients. In addition to Beckham, he has worked with famous athletes like LeBron James, Odell Beckham Sr., Jarvis Landry, and more. Sir Moody has also cut hair for music artists such as Justin Bieber, Zac Brown, and Young Thug.

Sir Moody’s skills extend beyond athletes and musicians. He was chosen as the personal barber for President Barack Obama during the 2015 NBA Finals. Obama was in Cleveland for the games and selected Sir Moody from a list of the city’s top barbers. Sir Moody described the experience as the highlight of his career.

Sir Moody’s Signature Style

When it comes to his haircutting technique, Sir Moody has a precise approach focused on clean lines and complex designs. He is an expert at cutting fades, tapers, and customized prints into short hair. Some of his signature haircuts for Odell Beckham Jr. include:

  • A blond fauxhawk with a hard part and the iconic OBJ side design
  • Slicked back curls with a spiral fade
  • Full waves lined to perfection
  • Geometric and lightning-bolt prints
  • Creative hair art for holidays and special occasions

Sir Moody also incorporates his artistic vision into Odell’s looks through custom dyed colors and bleached designs. Their collaborative process allows OBJ to fully showcase his style on and off the field.

Why Odell Chose Sir Moody

With his elite status and fashion sense, Odell Beckham Jr. could easily work with celebrity barbers in any city. So why did he choose to link up with Sir Moody in Cleveland? A few key reasons stand out:

  • Local reputation – Sir Moody was already well known in Cleveland for his barber work with athletes and musicians.
  • Specialty skills – Sir Moody’s talent forexecuting complex designs stood out from other barbers.
  • Relationship – Their natural chemistry and friendship allows for seamless collaboration.
  • Convenience – Sir Moody is based in Cleveland, where Odell lives during the NFL season.

Odell clearly trusts Sir Moody’s vision and ability to deliver his desired looks. Their partnership enables OBJ to get fresh haircuts conveniently without sacrificing quality.

A Lasting Partnership

Even after Odell Beckham Jr. left the Browns in 2021, he maintained his working relationship with Sir Moody. He flew the barber out to Los Angeles last season to cut his hair before Rams games.

Sir Moody remains OBJ’s go-to barber thanks to their strong bond and his unique skills. Their fruitful collaboration has lasted over three seasons and countless iconic haircuts. It’s clear Odell places great value in Sir Moody’s talents and will continue entrusting his locks to the Cleveland barber.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s Most Memorable Haircuts

Here is a visual timeline of some of Odell Beckham Jr.’s most iconic haircuts from his partnership with Sir Moody:

Date Haircut Description Photo
September 2019 Blond dreadlocks Blond dreadlocks
December 2019 Waves lined to perfection with OBJ face design Lined waves with design
August 2020 Blond buzzcut with etched lightning bolt Blond buzzcut
November 2020 Curly fauxhawk with burst fade Curly fauxhawk
September 2021 Slicked back curls and spiral fade Slicked back curls
February 2022 Cropped caesar cut with OBJ initials Caesar cut

These iconic haircuts demonstrate OBJ’s daring style and Sir Moody’s versatile skills. Their creative partnership is sure to produce more bold looks as Odell’s career continues. Sir Moody will remain the key to maintaining Beckham’s one-of-a-kind style.


Odell Beckham Jr.’s barber Sir Moody is an integral part of OBJ’s image and self-expression. As a celebrity barber in Cleveland, Sir Moody’s artistry and attention to detail make him the perfect match for Beckham’s adventurous haircut desires.

By establishing a strong personal and professional relationship built on trust and creativity, Odell and Sir Moody continue to push hairstyling boundaries together. Even as he changes teams, OBJ remains loyal to his barber and the iconic looks they create.

From etched lightning bolts to perfect waves, Sir Moody’s scissor skills and vision translate Odell Beckham Jr.’s bold style from ideas into reality. He is a true artist and essential part of OBJ’s inner circle thanks to his uncanny ability to cut hair and build bonds.