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Who are the top 5 generals in evony?

Evony is a popular multiplayer online strategy game set in a fantasy medieval world. One of the key components of success in Evony is building up a strong army led by powerful generals. Generals provide various buffs and bonuses to the troops under their command, making them indispensable for conquering enemy cities and advancing in the game. But with hundreds of generals to choose from, how do you know which ones are the absolute best? This article will rank the top 5 generals in Evony and explain why they stand above the rest.

When determining the top generals in Evony, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Troop type bonuses – Some generals specialize in boosting specific troop types like archers or cavalry.
  • Attack/defense bonuses – Generals that improve the attacking power or defense of your armies are very valuable.
  • March size and speed – Generals that allow more troops to be sent or increase march speed help reinforce and raid faster.
  • Skills – Activate-able skills that provide bonuses in battle or when attacking cities.
  • Cost – The best generals require significant resources to obtain and upgrade.

Based on these criteria, these are the top 5 generals currently available in Evony.

5. Caesar

The legendary Roman general Caesar has one of the best all-around perks for researching technologies faster. His skills Statuesque and Rapid Deployment also make him a formidable attacking general. Here are Caesar’s stats:

Troop Type Bonus
All +5% March Speed
All +5% HP

Caesar’s well-rounded boosts to all troops and marching speed allow him to be effective in many different battle situations. His researching technology bonus helps get access to better troops faster.

4. Cleopatra

The legendary queen of Egypt, Cleopatra is one of the best troop-training speed generals. With her Ladies in Waiting and Sphinx Sight skills, she dominates the battlefield with swarms of troops. Here are Cleopatra’s stat bonuses:

Troop Type Bonus
All +10% Training Speed
Infantry +5% HP
Ranged +5% Attack

With her training speed boost, Cleopatra can quickly amass huge attacking armies. Her skills also make those armies even more formidable in siege attacks.

3. Hannibal Barca

The legendary Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca is the master of mounted units. His strong cavalry and march speed bonuses allow extremely mobile attacks. Hannibal’s skills are perfectly suited for raiding enemy cities. Here are his stat boosts:

Troop Type Bonus
Cavalry +10% HP
Cavalry +10% Attack
All +10% March Speed

With his focus on cavalry and mobility, Hannibal is ideal for launching devastating raid attacks on enemy cities. His skills allow him to loot resources at an alarming rate.

2. Yi Sun Shin

The great Korean naval commander Yi Sun Shin is the strongest archer general in Evony. His immense bonuses to archers combined with march speed make him perfect for long-range sieges and field battles. Here are Yi’s powerful stat buffs:

Troop Type Bonus
Ranged +15% HP
Ranged +15% Attack
All +10% March Speed

With bonuses this strong for archers, Yi can batter down city walls and demolish enemies from afar. His Turtle Ship formation skill further enhances the strength of his archer armies.

1. El Cid

The legendary Spanish general El Cid is arguably the best overall general in Evony. He provides excellent boosts to cavalry, the strongest troop type. His skills also make him extremely difficult to kill. Here are El Cid’s considerable stat bonuses:

Troop Type Bonus
Cavalry +15% HP
Cavalry +15% Attack

With boosts this high to cavalry HP and attack, El Cid’s mounted armies can rampage through enemies with ease. His Crusader skill reduces severely incoming damage as well, making El Cid a formidable foe on the battlefield.


These top generals dominate Evony with their incredible stat bonuses and powerful skills. When attaching them to armies of the appropriate troop types, they become almost unstoppable forces. Focus on acquiring and enhancing these mighty generals as much as possible. With their leadership, victory is within your grasp. Just remember to plan attacks wisely and fully utilize each general’s strengths.

Now go unleash devastating cavalry charges, relentless archer volleys, and unstoppable infantry swarms across the land! Your legendary generals await your command to vanquish all who stand in your path.