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Who are the commentators on UFC?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the largest mixed martial arts promotion company in the world. It hosts some of the highest-level MMA fighters and puts on wildly popular events watched by millions of fans. An essential part of the UFC experience is the commentators, who describe and analyze the fights as they happen. UFC has featured some legendary commentators over the years who have become household names among fans. Let’s take a look at who the key commentators are for UFC events.

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is by far the most well-known UFC commentator. He has been the color commentator for UFC broadcasts on pay-per-view TV since 1997. Rogan is known for his passionate delivery, deep knowledge of martial arts, and entertaining reactions during fights. He excels at explaining complex grappling exchanges and striking techniques to viewers. Rogan trained in taekwondo, kickboxing, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, giving him firsthand insight into what fighters experience in the Octagon. He has commentated alongside Mike Goldberg and Jon Anik over the years.

Years Active 1997-Present
Events Called Over 500 UFC events
Signature Phrases “Ooh!”, “He’s hurt!”, “Just like that!”

Rogan’s passion and unpredictability make him a fan favorite personality in the UFC. Outside of UFC, he hosts one of the most popular podcasts in the world called The Joe Rogan Experience.

Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier is a relative newcomer to UFC commentary, but he has already made a big impact. He retired from active MMA competition in 2020 after a storied career that included being a two-division UFC champion. Cormier made his commentary debut in 2018 and now serves as the lead color commentator on UFC pay-per-view events. He brings an analyst’s eye to breaking down the action, using his own experience at the highest levels of MMA. Cormier is praised for his chemistry with fellow commentators and ability to explain intricacies of the sport.

MMA Career 22-3 record, UFC Light Heavyweight & Heavyweight Champion
Commentating Start 2018
Broadcast Partners Joe Rogan, Jon Anik

Having a former fighter like Cormier in the commentary booth provides valuable perspective on what’s happening in real time during fights. He brings the credentials and knowledge to break down techniques and strategies like few others can. Expect Daniel Cormier to continue enlightening new MMA fans in the coming years.

Jon Anik

Jon Anik is a versatile UFC commentator, serving as both the lead play-by-play announcer for UFC pay-per-view events and the studio host for pre/post-fight coverage. He first started working for UFC in 2011 after stints commentating for boxing and other sports. Anik’s deep preparation for events allows him to provide context on fighters and identify subtle tactics at play during fights. He often highlights little-noticed stories that make bouts more compelling to viewers. Anik’s chemistry and friendly banter with colleagues like Joe Rogan, Daniel Cormier and Dominick Cruz energizes broadcasts.

Background Boxing play-by-play and ESPN host
UFC Debut 2011
Memorable Calls “Thug Rose! Thug Rose!” (UFC 217)

Jon Anik rose up from minor regional broadcasts to become the authoritative voice welcoming viewers to UFC events. He provides essential context and keeps the action moving forward during bouts. Anik has also become a recognizable figure from his studio analysis and interviews on ESPN’s UFC programming.

Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz joined the UFC commentary team in 2019 after a long, accomplished fighting career in the promotion. He is a former UFC Bantamweight Champion and one of the sharpest analytical minds in the sport. Cruz brings an incredibly deep knowledge of martial arts techniques into his commentary. He excels at explaining the subtle movements and feints that often get missed by viewers in real time. Having competed at the highest level himself, Cruz can identify fighters’ strategies and make predictions about how bouts will unfold.

Fighter Record 22-3, former UFC Bantamweight Champ
Commentating Style Analytical, technical, strategic
Common Broadcasts UFC PPVs, Fight Nights, UFC on ESPN

Dominick Cruz brings a one-of-a-kind tactical perspective to UFC events that diehard fans love. He sees the small openings for strikes and submissions that lead to fight-changing moments. Cruz has seamlessly made the transition from fighter to commentator, adding his strategic insights to broadcasts on a regular basis.

Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping is another recently retired fighter who has become an excellent commentator. The former UFC Middleweight Champion from England first moved into broadcasting in 2017 after stepping away from active competition. Bisping brings sharp wit, humor, and an unfiltered style to his commentary. He has no issues criticizing fighters’ performance and strategy during bouts. Bisping combines his knowledge of what it’s like to compete at the highest level with entertaining banter that resonates with fans.

UFC Career 30-9 record, UFC Middleweight Champion
Broadcast Roles Studio analyst, color commentator, desk host
Memorable On-Air Moments Heated exchanges with rival Luke Rockhold

Michael Bisping brings no-nonsense fight analysis from a competitor’s point of view. His quick wit and fiery retorts add entertainment value to UFC studio shows and broadcasts. Bisping has become a fan favorite broadcaster after a Hall of Fame fighting career.

Brendan Fitzgerald

Brendan Fitzgerald handles play-by-play announcing duties for UFC events on ESPN and ESPN+. He is one of the primary voices featured on the UFC Live shows that recap pay-per-views and preview upcoming fight cards. Fitzgerald started with UFC in 2015 after working for regional MMA promotions and covering boxing for Showtime. His boxing background provides great striking analysis while calling fights. Fitzgerald excels at narrating the blow-by-blow action of bouts with rising drama and emphasis on big moments.

Background Boxing play-by-play, Big Ten Network host
UFC Debut 2015
Common Broadcasts UFC on ESPN, UFC Live, UFC Fight Night

Brendan Fitzgerald brings infectious enthusiasm and boxing chops to UFC events on ESPN networks. He adeptly describes the action for fans without going over the top. Fitzgerald has become a fixture of the UFC’s television presence thanks to his skill calling fights.

Kenny Florian

Kenny Florian has transitioned from being a top UFC contender to an insightful analyst and commentator. He competes as a featherweight and lightweight from 2005-2011, compiling a 14-6 record. Florian brought his wealth of technical knowledge to broadcasting in 2011. He now serves as a color commentator for UFC Fight Night events on ESPN+ and regularly appears on studio shows. Florian excels at breaking down the X’s and O’s of fights from his position as an ex-fighter turned expert analyst.

Fighting Career 14-6 record, 3 UFC title fights
Areas of Expertise Grappling, BJJ, Submissions
Broadcast Duties UFC Fight Night Commentator, studio analyst

Kenny Florian provides key technical insights into the ground game during UFC broadcasts. His detailed committee breakdowns of grappling and jiu-jitsu techniques educate fans. Florian brings calm, thoughtful analysis of fights based on firsthand expertise competing at the highest level.

Laura Sanko

Laura Sanko is one of UFC’s leading female voices. She serves as a reporter, interviewer, analyst and occasional commentator. Sanko first started working for the promotion in 2019 after establishing herself as a journalist covering MMA. She does backstage interviews with fighters and provides commentary for UFC Fight Pass streaming prelims. Sanko’s in-depth knowledge of the sport and roster allows her to get revealing quotes from athletes. She also excels at breaking down women’s bouts from her perspective as a former fighter and coach.

Background MMA journalist and broadcaster
UFC Roles Backstage interviews, analyst, commentator
Areas of Expertise Women’s bouts, fighter interviews

Laura Sanko continues to take on more broadcasting responsibilities at UFC events. She provides a unique voice and set of insights into the action from her work with athletes behind the scenes.

Paul Felder

Paul Felder has become a popular face on UFC broadcasts after retiring in 2021. He compiled a 17-6 record over a 12-year MMA career that culminated in several UFC lightweight contender bouts. Felder brings firsthand fighter perspective to his color commentary and analyst roles. He works fight night events and pay-per-view prelims while making frequent appearances on studio shows. Felder is praised for his ability to break down striking exchanges and explain grappling techniques clearly.

Fighting Career 17-6 record, UFC lightweight contender
Broadcast Duties Color commentator, desk analyst
Style Technical analysis, striker’s perspective

Paul Felder’s recent experience in UFC’s lightweight division gives him unique insights into today’s fighters and tactics. His analysis provides viewers with the perspective of someone who competed at the highest level just yesterday.


UFC has put together an excellent commentary team that enhances the experience for viewers. Joe Rogan stands out as the long-time enthusiastic voice of the octagon. Daniel Cormier and Dominick Cruz provide unparalleled analysis from their elite fighter perspectives. Play-by-play stalwarts like Jon Anik and Brendan Fitzgerald adeptly describe the action. And Michael Bisping, Kenny Florian, Laura Sanko and Paul Felder consistently provide insightful technical breakdowns and reporting.

This diverse group of commentators educates new MMA fans, entertains diehards, and spotlights key moments during events. UFC has come a long way from the early days of commentary and built a broadcasting team capable of handling the biggest fights in combat sports.