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Which purple Colour is best for bedroom?

Which purple Colour is best for bedroom?

Purple is a popular colour choice for bedrooms, known for creating an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation. With many shades of purple to choose from, deciding on the best purple colour for your bedroom can be a difficult task. In this article, we will explore the different purple colours and help you determine which is the ideal purple hue for your bedroom retreat.

Calming Benefits of Purple

One of the main reasons people are drawn to purple for bedrooms is its calming qualities. Purple contains cool undertones that evoke a sense of serenity and peacefulness. Studies have even found that environments with purple hues can help reduce anxiety and stress. The calming benefits of purple make it an excellent paint colour choice if you want your bedroom to feel like a sanctuary where you can unwind and get quality rest.

Popular Purple Paint Colours

From pale lavender to deep eggplant, there are countless shades of purple paint to choose from. Here are some of the most popular purple paint colours used in bedrooms:

Purple Paint Colour Description
Lilac A soft, pale purple with subtle blue undertones. Creates a gentle, soothing ambiance.
Lavender Blush A light purple with grayish undertones. Feels airy and tranquil.
Wisteria A medium, bright purple inspired by the hanging flowers. Feels romantic and feminine.
Provence Lavender A dusty purple with a slightly muted tone. Charming and vintage-inspired.
Majestic Purple A vivid, jewel-toned purple. Makes a dramatic, luxurious statement.
Eggplant A deep, rich purple that almost appears black in some light. Mysterious and moody ambiance.

With so many gorgeous shades of purple paint to select from, it can be difficult deciding which hue is the perfect fit for your bedroom. The ideal purple ultimately comes down to your personal style preferences and the mood you want to create.

Best Purple Colours for Relaxation

If your main priority is choosing a purple colour that will make your bedroom as relaxing as possible, you’ll want to opt for a lighter, cooler purple hue. The calming benefits of purple are amplified in paler shades. Here are some of the best relaxing purple paint colours for bedrooms:

Lavender Blush – With its subtle gray undertones, lavender blush is associated with clarity and tranquility. It creates a soft, soothing environment that helps reduce stress.

Lilac – This pale purple with blue undertones evokes feelings of gentle romance. It’s a wonderful option for creating a bedroom that feels like your own private sanctuary.

Purple Rain – Despite the dramatic name, this is actually a very pale, cool purple. It gives off an airy, ethereal vibe perfect for relaxation.

Pale Iris – A light purple with a barely perceptible hint of pink. It’s a beautiful feminine shade that sets a dreamy, peaceful mood.

Purple Haze – Though named after a Jimi Hendrix song, this muted violet shade oozes serenity. It’s perfect if you want your bedroom to feel like a spa.

Best Vibrant Purple Colours

While pale purples create a tranquil ambiance, you might want a bedroom colour with a little more pizazz. Vibrant purple shades make for an energizing, cheerful bedroom. Here are excellent options if you want a bold, lively purple:

Royal Purple – A rich, jewel-toned purple that symbolizes luxury and creativity. It brings drama and passion to a bedroom.

Violet – A vivid purple that leans towards the colour blue. It’s whimsical and lively.

Mardi Gras – Reminiscent of New Orleans, this bright purple is exciting and festive. It makes a bedroom feel alive.

Purple Potentate – This intense, regal purple commands attention. It creates an empowering, inspiring atmosphere.

Purple Passion – Slightly warmer than typical purple, it feels romantic and spontaneous. A perfect paint colour for free spirits.

Best Dark and Moody Purples

On the other end of the spectrum from pale purples are dark, moody purple shades that make a dramatic statement. Deep eggplant and wine purples can help create an intimate, mysterious ambiance. Here are exceptional deep purple colours to consider:

Eggplant – Classic eggplant purple has a sophisticated richness. Use it to give your bedroom a touch of luxury.

Currant – A dark purple-red hue resembling the berry. It’s sensual and seductive.

Mulberry – Earthy and intense like the berry, this deep purple encourages coziness and romance.

Plum – As delicious as the fruit, this reddish purple colour is utterly captivating.

Wine – Deep and intoxicating, wine purple sets the mood for relaxation at the end of a long day.

Best Purple Colour Combinations

Purple usually works best when paired strategically with accent colours. Complementary colour schemes keep purple bedrooms from feeling overwhelming or claustrophobic. Here are some pleasing purple colour combinations:

Purple and Green – Eggplant purple paired with sage green feels rich and elegant.

Purple and Orange – Vibrant orange energizes soft lilac. The contrast is cheerful and eclectic.

Purple and Yellow – Regal purple looks modern and artistic against sunny yellow.

Purple and Gray – Deep purple offset by dove gray creates an intimate, relaxing vibe.

Purple and Blue – Similar cool shades like violet and navy blue are perfectly harmonious together.

Best Type of Purple for a North-Facing Bedroom

Which purple you choose for a north-facing bedroom depends on whether you want to make the space feel warmer or emphasize the cool light. Cooler purples like pale lavender blend seamlessly and maintain the airy ambiance. Warmer plum purples add coziness to an otherwise chilly room. In general, medium shades like wisteria work well, balancing the light beautifully.

Best Type of Purple for a South-Facing Bedroom

South-facing bedrooms have abundant warm, natural light. Cooler purples help counterbalance the heat. Soft lilac or a crisp violet contrasts perfectly with the golden light. Avoid darker purples like eggplant in a south-facing room, as they can make the space feel cave-like. Stick to light or medium purples for a south-facing bedroom.

Best Type of Purple for Small Bedrooms

In small bedrooms, bright white trim and paler purple paint keep the space feeling open rather than claustrophobic. Pastel lavender or lilac work wonderfully. Also consider using purple just as an accent wall to add a pop of colour. Deep, dramatic purples can overwhelm a compact room. Focus on soft, light purples to make a small bedroom feel tranquil and airy.

Best Type of Purple Paint Finish

In terms of paint finish, purples look best in either a flat/matte or eggshell. Flat provides a soft, velvety look that helps enhance the calming qualities of purple. Eggshell has a gentle sheen that gives depth to purple hues. Avoid glossy finishes, as they can make purples feel cheap. For trim and ceilings, opt for a matching purple in satin finish to contrast the flat walls nicely.


With its relaxing, mystical qualities, purple is a fantastic paint colour choice for bedrooms. Whether you seek a vibrant purple that energizes or a pale purple that soothes, there are so many stunning shades to choose from. Cooler purples like lilac and lavender create a peaceful sanctuary, while vivid eggplants and plums make a luxurious style statement. Combine your perfect purple with accent colours like green, gray, or yellow for a beautifully balanced bedroom retreat. With the right purple paint colour, your bedroom will become your favourite space to unwind, relax, and dream.