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Which onion is sweeter red white or yellow?

Onions come in a variety of colors – white, yellow, red, and even purple. But when it comes to sweetness, which onion reigns supreme? Let’s take a look at some of the key differences between the common onion types to find out which is the sweetest.

The Sweetness Factors

There are a few main factors that contribute to an onion’s relative sweetness:

  • Sugar content – Some onions simply have higher natural sugar content than others
  • Pungency – More pungent, intensely flavored onions tend to taste less sweet
  • Moisture content – Dry onions tend to taste sweeter than moist onions
  • Climate and growing conditions – Cooler weather and less water often increase sweetness

Red Onions

Red onions get their vibrant color from anthocyanins, antioxidant pigments also found in red cabbage and some berries. Compared to white and yellow onions, red onions have:

  • Higher sugar content – Around 10% of their weight is natural sugars
  • Lower pungency – They have a more mild, sweet flavor
  • Lower moisture – Their crisp, dry texture adds to their sweet taste

Overall, the high sugar content, mild pungency, and crisp texture make red onions the sweetest type of common onion.

Yellow Onions

Yellow onions are the most common onion found in grocery stores. Here’s how they compare for sweetness:

  • Moderate sugar content – Around 5-7% natural sugars
  • Moderate pungency – More intense sulfuric flavors than red onions
  • Moderate moisture – Moister than red onions but drier than white

With more bite and moisture than sweeter red onions, yellow onions fall in the middle of the sweetness spectrum.

White Onions

White onions have a light straw colored skin and an onion that is white on the inside. For sweetness, they rank lowest of the three:

  • Lowest sugar content – Around 5% natural sugars
  • High pungency – Sharp, intensely sulfuric flavor
  • High moisture – Juicy and crunchy rather than crisp

The potent flavor and high moisture content make white onions the least sweet of the commonly available onion varieties.

Other Factors in Sweetness

Growing conditions like soil, climate, and water also impact onion sweetness. Specific varieties bred to highlight sweet traits also exist, like Vidalia and Walla Walla onions. Cooking methods can also alter an onion’s flavor, as caramelizing tones down pungency and brings out natural sugars. In general though, when comparing most standard onion types, red onions tend to be the sweetest.


So which is the sweetest onion color – red, white, or yellow? Considering the natural sugar content, flavor pungency, and moisture levels in most onions, red onions edge out white and yellow varieties as the sweetest onion type. Their high sugar levels, mild flavor, and crisp texture give them a naturally sweeter taste. So next time a recipe calls for a sweet onion, opt for red to maximize the flavor.