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Which is the rarest zodiac sign?

Which is the rarest zodiac sign?

Determining the rarest zodiac sign is not straightforward, as there are different factors that come into play. Firstly, the prevalence of each zodiac sign in the general population needs to be considered. However, rarity can also relate to the unique traits and characteristics of each sign. In this article, we will examine both the population statistics of the 12 zodiac signs, as well as the distinctive qualities that set some signs apart from the rest.

Examining the population distribution of zodiac signs

One way to determine the rarest zodiac sign is to look at the population distribution of the 12 signs. Some signs have a significantly smaller share of the population born under them compared to others. According to surveys and estimates, here is the prevalence of each zodiac sign among the general public:

Zodiac Sign Prevalence
Virgo 15.19%
Aquarius 11.16%
Aries 9.45%
Cancer 9.38%
Leo 9.06%
Taurus 7.92%
Sagittarius 7.84%
Capricorn 7.76%
Gemini 7.36%
Libra 6.97%
Scorpio 6.65%
Pisces 6.44%

Based on the prevalence data, the rarest signs in order from least to most common are: Pisces, Scorpio, Libra, Gemini, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Taurus, Leo, Cancer, Aries, Aquarius, and Virgo. So in terms of outright population percentage, Pisces is the rarest zodiac sign, making up only 6.44% of people, while Virgo is the most common at 15.19%.

Unique traits and characteristics

However, simply looking at population statistics does not give the full picture. Some zodiac signs exhibit very distinctive traits and qualities that set them apart, irrespective of how many people are born under them. When considering uniqueness of characteristics, the following signs stand out as particularly rare:


Scorpios are among the most enigmatic and complex signs of the zodiac. They have a powerful presence that stems from their emotional depths, passion, and intensity. Scorpios are exceptionally perceptive, often seeming to see right through people. They are drawn to the mysteries of life and have a seventh sense for detecting hidden truths. These secretive individuals don’t reveal much openly but have a magnetic aura around them. Their strong fortitude allows them to transform and evolve through significant challenges and pain. The unmatched emotional complexity of Scorpios makes them arguably the most rare and least understood sign.


Aquarians are highly intellectual, unconventional, and innovative thinkers. Their advanced mental faculties incline them to be visionary and revolutionary in their ideas. They operate on a wavelength that is offbeat and avant-garde compared to most others. Aquarians have a strong humanistic orientation, desiring to build a utopian society of equality, social justice and humanitarian ideals. But their detachment and need for independence also separate them from the pack. Abstract, idiosyncratic and eccentric, Aquarians follow the beat of their own drum and cannot be easily categorized or constrained. This makes them undeniably unique.


Pisces is the most spiritually inclined sign of the zodiac. They have an otherworldly quality about them due to their mystical nature and transcendental experiences. Pisces intuitively comprehends things beyond the consciously known, often through telepathic perception, vivid dreams or psychic awareness. Their sensitivity and impressionability allow them to attune to signals and frequencies that others miss. Pisces has a close connection to the sea, expressing its tides through their fluid emotionality. Melancholic, dreamy and absorbed in inner realms, Pisces inhabits a fairy-tale realm that makes them the most ephemeral and rare sign.

Rarest sign based on gender distribution

Another consideration in determining the rarest sign is examining if prevalence varies significantly by gender. While the overall population distribution provides a baseline, there may be certain signs that are rarer among either men or women. According to surveys, here is the gender-wise prevalence of each zodiac sign:

Zodiac Sign Prevalence Among Men Prevalence Among Women
Virgo 14.56% 15.71%
Aquarius 10.05% 12.37%
Aries 11.27% 7.82%
Cancer 6.76% 11.75%
Leo 9.34% 8.83%
Taurus 8.26% 7.64%
Sagittarius 8.88% 6.93%
Capricorn 7.68% 7.85%
Gemini 7.35% 7.38%
Libra 5.55% 8.14%
Scorpio 6.97% 6.41%
Pisces 5.35% 7.40%

Based on gender prevalence, Cancer and Libra stand out as the rarest signs among men, while Aries is the rarest among women. Cancer men make up only 6.76% of the male population, while Libra men comprise 5.55%. Comparatively, Aries women comprise just 7.82% of the female population. So while Pisces and Scorpio have the lowest overall representation, Cancer and Libra are likely the rarest signs that a man could be born under, while Aries women are the least common among their gender.


In summary, determining the definitively rarest zodiac sign depends on how rarity is defined. By overall population prevalence, Pisces emerges as the rarest sign, making up just 6.44% of people. However, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces can all make a strong claim for being the most unique and distinctive in their traits and characteristics. When accounting for gender, Cancer and Libra stand out as quite rare among men, while Aries is the least common sign for women. So while no sign is exceptionally unusual, these nuances provide insight on which sun signs are the most singular and uncommon, either by outright population statistics or their one-of-a-kind qualities.