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Which iPhone color looks best?

Which iPhone color looks best?

With so many color options to choose from, picking the best iPhone color can be a challenge. In this article, we’ll compare the different color choices for the latest iPhone models and look at the pros and cons of each option to help you decide which color suits you best.

Current iPhone color options

Here’s a quick overview of the color choices currently available for the latest iPhone models:

iPhone Model Color Options
iPhone 14 Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Purple, Product Red
iPhone 14 Plus Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Purple, Product Red
iPhone 14 Pro Space Black, Silver, Gold, Deep Purple
iPhone 14 Pro Max Space Black, Silver, Gold, Deep Purple

As you can see, the standard iPhone 14 models offer brighter, bolder color choices, while the Pro models have more subdued, neutral palette options.

How color affects your iPhone experience

The color you choose for your iPhone can impact your overall experience in a few key ways:

  • Aesthetics – The color greatly affects the look and feel of your device. Pick a hue you find visually appealing.
  • Visibility – Brighter colors like red or blue are easier to spot quickly. Darker neutral tones may blend into surroundings.
  • Scratches and scuffs – Paler colors like gold and silver show signs of wear more readily than darker shades.
  • Resale value – Popular colors like black and red tend to have slightly higher resale prices on average.
  • Heat absorption – Darker colors may absorb more heat in sunlight. Lighter tones stay a bit cooler.

Popular iPhone color choices

Here are some of the most popular iPhone colors based on sales data:

Rank Color
1 Space Gray/Black
2 Silver
3 Gold
4 Rose Gold
5 Red

Space gray/black is consistently the top choice, likely because it’s a neutral color that looks sharp and hides scuffs well. Silver follows closely as a popular neutral shade. Gold remains sought-after for its elegance, while rose gold offers a warm, feminine vibe. Red makes a bold, vibrant style statement.

Factors to consider when choosing an iPhone color

Here are some key factors to think about as you zero in on your preferred iPhone color:

How will you use the case?

If you intend to use a case, you’ll be covering up the iPhone’s original color anyway. So you may opt for a neutral shade or make your choice based on other factors. If you dislike cases, then the iPhone color takes on more importance.

Which colors match your style?

Your iPhone is an accessory you’ll carry with you daily. So pick a color that aligns with your personal style. If you tend to dress in neutrals, a black or silver iPhone will coordinate best. Bold dressers might prefer a red or blue iPhone.

Do you need high visibility?

If you often misplace your phone or need to spot it quickly, bright colors like Product Red provide the most visibility. Darker hues can get lost more easily.

How prone to scratches are you?

Some people tend to scratch or scuff their phones often while others take impeccable care. If you know you’re rough on phones, darker colors hide wear better than light, shiny colors that show every fingerprint and nick.

Do you plan to resell later?

As noted earlier, popular colors like black and red have slightly higher resale values. So if you only keep phones for a year or two before upgrading, resale potential can be a consideration.

iPhone color comparison

Here’s an in-depth look at the latest iPhone colors to help you choose:


Silver iPhones have an elegant, futuristic look. This neutral metallic shade offers some scratch resistance but may still show signs of wear over time. Silver matches well with any case color and can work with nearly any personal style from casual to formal. It’s easy to spot, very versatile, and a perennial favorite iPhone color.

Space Gray/Black

The classic black iPhone oozes sleek, refined style. Black hides fingerprints extremely well and disguises scratches better than any other color. It looks great with any phone case and matches most accessories. Black adapts well from work to weekends and coordinates with nearly any outfit, making it a phenomenally popular pick.


Gold iPhones carry a touch of luxury and sophistication. The shiny finish gives off a hint of bling that dresses up the iPhone. However, the gold color also shows scratches and scuffs very easily. While elegant, gold may not match every case or style. Still, gold remains a sought-after color for its upscale vibe.

Rose Gold

Offering a softer take on gold, rose gold iPhones provide a warm, feminine aesthetic. The blush-pink metallic finish appears both romantic and modern. It disguises fingerprints well while matching many soft or neutral case colors. Rose gold works best for those with an affinity for pink or rose tones and suits casual, dressy, or elegant styles.

Product Red

Product Red iPhones make a vibrant style statement with their rich crimson hue. The bold red color hides scratches well and offers extremely high visibility. Red iPhones support a charitable cause that fights AIDS and COVID-19 in Africa. With its eye-catching shade, Product Red best suits those with colorful or eclectic personal styles.


Blue is a cool, soothing color that emanates a Zen-like vibe on the iPhone. It disguises fingerprints and scratches reasonably well. Blue allows your iPhone to stand out without being as loud as red. It pairs attractively with clear cases to show off the color. Blue conveys a relaxed, casual aesthetic.


Purple iPhone models project creative, artistic energy with their dimensional, mystic-looking finish. The shade doesn’t show fingerprints too readily but can reveal scratches over time. Purple makes your iPhone feel fun, playful, and unique. It best suits colorful, casual styles.


Midnight iPhones are such a deep blue/black hue that they appear virtually black in many lighting conditions. But they reveal a touch of blue when viewed from certain angles. Midnight offers the best attributes of black and blue in one – hiding scratches while adding a subtle pop of color.

Deep Purple

New for the iPhone 14 Pro models, Deep Purple features a rich royal purple color with a soft pearlescent glow. It disguises fingerprints and scratches well while giving off an aura of creativity and originality. Deep Purple offers a uniquely regal yet futuristic vibe.

Which colors are most popular?

Based on sales data over the past several iPhone generations, the most popular colors tend to be:

  1. Black/Space Gray
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Rose Gold
  5. Red

However, color preference can vary by geographic region. For example, gold and rose gold shades see higher demand in Asia, the Middle East, and India. Blue is a top seller in Japan. So cultural preferences may impact regional iPhone color popularity.

Should you choose a color to match your style?

Selecting an iPhone color that complements your personal style is recommended. As a device you’ll use daily and show often, you want your iPhone to align aesthetically with your fashion choices and wardrobe palette. An iPhone color that flatters your skin tone and fits your vibe makes the device feel like an extension of your identity.

Do cases negate the color choice?

For those who always use a case, the iPhone color has less significance as it’s covered up most of the time. But even through a translucent case, the iPhone hue can still make a subtle impact. For caseless users, color is much more important as the shade greatly affects the iPhone’s look and feel.

Should resale value influence color?

If you only keep iPhones for a year or two before upgrading, resale value may factor into your color selection. As noted earlier, the most popular colors like black and Product Red have slightly higher resale prices on average. So picking a color in high demand can maximize your iPhone’s resale price down the road.


Choosing your preferred iPhone color comes down to personal taste, style, and usage preferences. The most popular colors remain fairly consistent, with black/Space Gray taking the top spot for versatility and scratch resistance, followed by silver and gold. Vibrant shades like Product Red or blue create visual excitement. While new hues like Deep Purple offer fresh takes on color.

Consider how you use your iPhone, your fashion style, and whether you use cases or sell your device when selecting a color. But overall, pick the iPhone hue that makes you smile each time you use your phone. The iPhone 14 models offer an exceptional range of colors, so you can get the perfect shade to suit your needs and reflect your personality.