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Which Garnier hair color does Drew Barrymore use?

Drew Barrymore is known for her beautiful blonde locks, but how does she get her shiny, golden hair color? Many fans are curious which Garnier hair dye Barrymore uses to maintain her signature sunny shade. As one of Garnier’s longtime celebrity spokesmodels, Barrymore likely relies on the drugstore brand for all her hair color needs.

Drew Barrymore’s Relationship with Garnier

Drew Barrymore first became a spokesperson and creative director for Garnier Nutrisse hair color in 2014. She has remained a face of the brand for years, frequently appearing in advertisements and campaigns. This long-term partnership implies Barrymore is likely loyal to Garnier products for coloring her own hair.

In statements about the collaboration, Barrymore has praised Garnier’s hair dyes. “I’ve always believed that beauty starts from the inside, and that confidence comes from trying new things and feeling your best,” she said. “I feel very lucky to be working with Garnier, a brand that understands the everyday woman and promotes inner and outer beauty.”

Barrymore has also shared that she personally used Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme before becoming an ambassador. “I’ve used Nutrisse at home for years to cover my grays and keep my color looking natural,” she said. This indicates the brand’s dyes likely remain her go-to for maintaining her blonde.

Garnier Colors Drew Barrymore Could Use

So which Garnier products allow Barrymore to color her hair at home? As a celebrity, she may have access to professional stylists for dye jobs. But for touch-ups between salon visits, Barrymore likely relies on Garnier’s extensive hair color lines.

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Color

Garnier Nutrisse is Barrymore’s original partner hair color line. The nourishing creme formula deeply conditions to improve softness and shine. There are over 40 shades from light platinum to black. For Barrymore, the Light Beige Blonde or Soft Black options could provide her sunny blond tone.

Garnier Olia Ammonia-Free Hair Color

Garnier’s Olia line offers permanent hair dye without harsh ammonia. The oil-powered gel formula provides complete gray coverage, multi-tonal color results, and conditioning care. Drew could use the Light Golden Blonde shade for an airy, dimensional blonde.

Garnier 100% Color Nourishing Hair Color

Part of Barrymore’s brand partnership involved launching this new Garnier 100% Color line. It contains 3 fruit oils for conditioning and no parabens, ammonia, or alcohol. The formula adds shine and smoothness too. For Barrymore, the Light Champagne Blonde could recreate her California beach hair look.

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Hair Color Cream

Garnier’s Ultra Color collection contains highly pigmented hair dyes for bold, vibrant color. The nourishing avocado, olive, and shea formula provides intense hydration. Barrymore could use the Intense Golden Blonde shade for a punchy, attention-grabbing blonde tone.

Garnier Colors for Drew’s Hair History

Over her career, Drew Barrymore has cycled through different hair colors. While blonde has become her signature, she’s also gone brunette and redheaded for certain films and phases. Garnier likely offered products to help her achieve those temporary colors too.

For darker brown hues, Nutrisse’s Soft Black or Dark Chocolate shades could work. To try copper and auburn tones, Ultra Color’s Intense Amber or Garnet Browns could flatter Barrymore’s complexion.

How Drew Barrymore Colors Her Hair

So how does Drew Barrymore use Garnier hair color to maintain her perfect blonde? Here are some tips and tricks she likely follows:

Full Color Touch-Ups

Every 6-8 weeks, Barrymore probably schedules a full color application at the salon. This wholly renews her base shade and covers any emerging grays. Garnier’s Nutrisse or Olia formulas in Light Beige Blonde or Soft Black are ideal for this.

At-Home Root Touch-Ups

Between full salon appointments, root regrowth can show through. Drew can re-color just the roots at home with Garnier Nutrisse or Olia in a matching blonde or brown shade.

All-Over Glossing

Using Garnier 100% Color, Barrymore can add shine and enhance her hair’s vibrancy with an all-over gloss treatment. The conditioning formula boosts radiance and color without lifting or depositing pigment.

Highlight Maintenance

To maintain bright blonde highlights, Barrymore may occasionally do targeted touch-ups at home with Garnier Nutrisse or Olia. By just recoloring the highlights, she can keep them fresh and avoid further lightening.

Toner to Reduce Brassiness

To counteract yellow or orange brassiness, Drew can use Garnier Nutrisse toner shades in Silver or Beige Blonde. These neutralize unwanted warmth and enhance a clean, bright blonde.

Drew Barrymore’s Blonde Hair Timeline and Evolution

Looking back at Barrymore’s hair over the decades shows her varied color transformations. Here’s a timeline of Drew’s most iconic hair looks:

1980s: Child Star Brunette

When Barrymore’s career started as a child in E.T. and other early films, she had dark brunette hair. This washed-out brown shade suited her young age.

1990s: Grunge Era Blonde

Transitioning into teenage roles in the 1990s, Barrymore began alternately lightening and darkening her hair. During her grunge phase, she favored blonde tones like platinum, yellow, and ombre.

Early 2000s: Bohemian Beachy Vibes

With flower power and boho-chic inspiration, Barrymore wore lightly golden blonde locks with lots of waves and texture. Her hair had a sun-kissed, casual SoCal style.

2010s: Sleek, Glossy, and Feminine

Reaching mature adulthood, Barrymore grew into polished, lady-like blonde hair. Her color became multi-dimensional with light beige and pale gold blended tones.

2020s: Bright, Luminous, and Voluminous

Currently in her 40s, Barrymore wears lively bright golden blonde hair full of movement and shine. Her hair color now feels optimistic and cheerful.

Hair Care Tips from Drew Barrymore

In addition to using Garnier hair dye, what else does Drew Barrymore do to maintain healthy, beautiful hair? Here are some of her best hair care tips:

Hydrate Inside and Out

Drew stresses drinking lots of water and using intensive hair masks to nourish hair inside and out.

Let Hair Air Dry

Limiting heat styling helps hair stay strong. Barrymore often lets her hair air dry naturally.

Don’t Over-Wash

Washing too frequently strips moisture. Drew limits shampoo to 2-3 times per week.

Take Biotin Supplements

Biotin can strengthen hair strands and improve growth. Barrymore adds this supplement to her daily vitamins.

Use Bond-Building Treatments

Drew relies on Olaplex and bond-building treatments to repair damage from color processing.

Get Trims Regularly

Every 6-8 weeks, Barrymore sees her stylist for trims to prevent split ends and keep hair healthy.

Use Heat Protectant

When heat styling, Drew always uses a protective spray to prevent damage and breakage.

How to Get Drew Barrymore’s Hair Color

Want to copy Drew’s signature sunny blonde locks? Here are some tips for recreating her look at home with Garnier:

Choose the Right Starting Shade

Select a Garnier shade close to your current base, like Nutrisse Soft Black or Light Champagne Blonde.

Lighten Slowly and Gradually

Don’t try to go too light too fast. Do multiple sessions, increasing brightness gradually.

Use Toner to Reduce Brassiness

Apply Garnier Nutrisse toner in Silver or Beige Blonde to neutralize unwanted warm tones.

Touch Up Roots Regularly

Maintain results by recoloring regrowth every 4-6 weeks with an at-home Garnier kit.

Deep Condition to Prevent Dryness

Nourish and hydrate hair with masks like Garnier Fructis Avocado Treat to avoid dryness.

Add Face-Framing Highlights

Brighten around your face with a few lighter babylights for a lit-from-within glow.

Use Purple Shampoo to Reduce Brass

Garnier Ultra Violet Purple Neutralizing Shampoo helps fight warm, brassy undertones.

Similarities to Jenna Fischer’s Hair

Drew Barrymore isn’t the only blonde celebrity who uses Garnier hair color. Hermtone Jenna Fischer is also a Garnier Nutrisse spokeswoman.

Like Barrymore, Fischer became an ambassador for Garnier color in 2014. She also appeared in ads and campaigns supporting the Nutrisse line. Fischer shared she used the product for years to cover grays and maintain her pretty blonde.

For her role as Pam on The Office, Fischer wore a golden caramel blonde shade. In real life, her hair is slightly darker and ashier. But Garnier Nutrisse offers shades that can recreate both signature looks.

Soft Beige Brown or Dark Chocolate Brown can provide Jenna’s rich brunette color. For blonde, Beige Blonde or Champagne Blonde add golden radiance similar to Pam’s pretty locks. Both Drew and Jenna rely on Garnier for beautiful, natural hair color results.


Drew Barrymore clearly has a special partnership with Garnier hair color. After years as a face of the brand, she seems to genuinely rely on their at-home dyes to maintain her signature blonde hair. For touch-ups between salon visits, Barrymore likely uses Garnier Nutrisse, Olia, or 100% Color kits in shades like Light Beige Blonde or Soft Black. She combines the nourishing formulas with hair masks, biotin, minimal heat styling and other healthy hair habits. While it requires commitment, you can recreate Barrymore’s multi-tonal sunshine locks at home with Garnier too.