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Which dream catcher is good for home?

Dream catchers can be a meaningful and decorative addition to any home. As an ancient Native American tradition, dream catchers are believed to filter out nightmares and bad dreams, only allowing good thoughts to enter our mind as we sleep. With so many options available today, it can be tricky to know which dream catcher is best suited for your home. This guide will walk through the key factors to consider when choosing a dream catcher for your space.

The Significance of Dream Catchers

Before diving into the different types of dream catchers, it’s helpful to understand the history and meaning behind them. Dream catchers originated with the Ojibwe tribe in the Great Lakes region of North America. The traditional dream catcher was intended to protect sleeping children from bad dreams and spirits. The circular shape represents the continuity of life, while the delicate web catches the bad dreams. Good dreams are believed to slip through the center hole and slide down the feathers to the sleeping person below.

Today, dream catchers hold deep cultural meaning for many Native American tribes. They are seen as protective symbols that promote good rest and positive thinking. Whether or not you believe in their mystical qualities, dream catchers can be a reminder to focus on the positive each day.

Important Factors in Choosing a Dream Catcher

When selecting a dream catcher for your home, here are some key considerations:


Dream catchers come in sizes ranging from small catchers under 3 inches to large catchers over 24 inches in diameter. Think about where you want to hang your dream catcher and how much space you have. Smaller dream catchers are well-suited for bedrooms or nurseries, while larger styles can make a statement in living rooms or entryways.


Traditionally, dream catchers feature a handmade willow hoop, natural sinew for the web, and feathers from birds like eagles or turkeys. Today, you can find dream catchers made from all different materials:

  • Hoop – Natural wood, wrapped wire, plastic
  • Web – Leather strips, yarn, artificial sinew, beads
  • Feathers – Natural or fake feathers
  • Other decorations – beads, gemstones, shells, tassels

High quality natural materials tend to be pricier but give a true Native feel. That said, dream catchers with synthetic elements can still capture the look at a lower cost.


There are many mass-produced dream catchers on the market today that perpetuate cultural stereotypes. When possible, consider purchasing from Native American artisans to support indigenous tribes and honor the true heritage. Etsy offers a wide selection of authentic, handmade catchers by talented Native artists.

Color Scheme

Look for a dream catcher with a color palette that fits your existing decor. Neutral toned dream catchers suit most designs, while bold colors make the piece more of a statement. For a bedroom, pick relaxing cool tones like blues, greens or purples.

Top 5 Dream Catchers for the Home

Now let’s look at some of the best dream catcher options to protect your home with positive energy and good rest.

1. Blue Buffalo Dream Catcher

Blue Buffalo Dream Catcher

With its muted blue and brown color scheme, this dream catcher has a soothing, natural vibe perfect for a bedroom. The wooden hoop, leather tie, and real turkey feathers give it authenticity. Reviewers mention that it has a larger size at 15 inches across, making a decorative impact.

2. Sweetgrass Decor Rainbow Dreamcatcher

Rainbow Dreamcatcher

If you want a dream catcher that doubles as wall art, this rainbow-colored one is a great pick. It combines bright synthetic suede ties and feathers with natural wooden beads for a fun, modern look. The 12-inch size can fit well in any room. One reviewer hung it in her daughter’s nursery to catch sweet dreams.

3. Natural Elephant Dream Catcher

Elephant Dream Catcher

This handmade dream catcher uses neutral jute fiber, natural beads, and an elephant motif for a peaceful, earthy look. Its 8-inch diameter makes it a discreet addition to catch bad dreams before they disturb your sleep. Many reviewers bought it for meditation spaces or crystal grids to promote harmony.

4. Spider Web Dream Catcher

Spider Web Dreamcatcher

With purple and black beads speckled through its web, this dream catcher has a fun, edgy spider web design. The wooden beads and faux suede ties give it texture and style. It’s also larger at 19 inches wide, allowing it to make a stylish statement in any room. Reviewers love it for teenage or college bedrooms.

5. OWDECOR Macrame Dream Catcher

Macrame Dream Catcher

This handmade macrame dream catcher is made from 100% cotton rope in a clean, modern style. The minimalist off-white color scheme pairs nicely with any decor. It comes in three sizes, from 12 inches to 47 inches, to suit your space. Many reviewers bought the large size to hang in their living room window for subtle boho flair.

Displaying Your Dream Catcher at Home

One of the great things about dream catchers is they can be hung virtually anywhere in your home. Here are some popular display ideas:

  • Above your bed – Centered over the mattress to filter dreams
  • On the wall – Create a focal point over a couch or bed
  • In a window – Let the light shine through the woven web
  • From the rearview mirror – For protection during driving
  • On a bookshelf – Decorate blank spaces
  • From a ceiling fan – Looks whimsical spinning overhead

Aim to hang your dream catcher about 1 to 2 feet above where you sleep or sit, so its protective energy can easily reach you. Use push pins, thumb tacks, or small nails to gently hang without tearing the materials. Allow the feathers to dangle freely so they can catch the bad dreams.

Caring for Your Dream Catcher

While dream catchers are relatively low maintenance, a bit of care will help yours last longer. Here are some tips:

  • Gently dust feathers and web as needed using a soft brush
  • Avoid harsh chemicals or cleaners
  • Store out of direct sunlight to prevent fading
  • For sage cleansing, hold below smoldering stick to avoid burning
  • Check string and re-tie knots if loosening

With proper care, a high quality dream catcher can stay beautiful for years to come! It’s also important to occasionally smudge or cleanse the dream catcher according to Native traditions, to renew the protective energy it provides.

Bring Positive Dreams Home

Displaying a dream catcher in your home is a great way to tap into its rich cultural symbolism. As you drift off to sleep beneath its delicate net, may it let visions of health, wisdom and good fortune slip through. With so many styles and designs to choose from, you can find the perfect dream catcher to decorate your space with uplifting energy. Let your new dream catcher banish nightmares and welcome great dreams each night!