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Which colour to wear on which day astrology?

Which colour to wear on which day astrology?

Colour plays an important role in our lives and can impact our mood, energy, and emotions. Each day of the week is associated with a different planet and colour in Vedic astrology. Wearing the colour connected to the planet that rules the day is thought to bring good luck, harmony, and prosperity.

The Significance of Colours in Astrology

In astrology, colours are connected to different planets and signs. Each planet radiates a certain colour energy and rules over certain areas of life. Wearing the colour associated with a planet can bring the qualities of that planet into your life. Colours also relate to specific chakras or energy centres in the body. Wearing the colour linked to a chakra can help stimulate and heal that chakra.

Here is a brief overview of the significance of colours in astrology:

  • Red: Planet – Mars, Areas of Life – energy, courage, strength
  • Orange: Planet – Sun, Areas of Life – creativity, confidence, vitality
  • Yellow: Planet – Jupiter, Areas of Life – wisdom, optimism, luck
  • Green: Planet – Mercury, Areas of Life – communication, intellect, business
  • Blue: Planet – Venus, Areas of Life – love, beauty, comfort
  • Indigo: Planet – Saturn, Areas of Life – responsibility, discipline, wisdom
  • Violet: Planet – Moon, Areas of Life – emotions, intuition, imagination

Knowing the astrological significance of colours can help you intentionally use them for specific purposes, such as boosting creativity by wearing more orange or improving communication by wearing green.

Colour for Each Day of the Week

In Vedic astrology, each day of the week is ruled by a specific planet. Wearing the colour associated with the planet that rules the day is considered auspicious. Here are the colours connected to each day of the week:

Day Ruling Planet Colour
Sunday Sun Orange or Red
Monday Moon White or Cream
Tuesday Mars Red
Wednesday Mercury Green
Thursday Jupiter Yellow
Friday Venus White or Pink
Saturday Saturn Blue or Black

Significance of Colours for Each Day

Here is more detail on the significance of wearing the astrological colour connected to each day of the week:

Sunday – Orange or Red

Sunday is ruled by the Sun, which represents vitality, creativity, and power. Wearing orange or red on this day connects you to the energizing and life-giving forces of the Sun. It brings self-confidence, courage, and positivity.

Monday – White or Cream

Monday is governed by the Moon, which represents emotions, intuition, and the mind. White or cream are lunar colours that can help tap into your inner wisdom and enhance clarity. Wearing these colours also promotes calmness and level-headedness.

Tuesday – Red

Tuesday is Mars’ day, and the red planet rules passion, drive, and ambition. Red outfits on this day empower you to tackle challenges proactively. They give energy and leadership qualities to assert yourself effectively.

Wednesday – Green

Mercury’s greenish hues rule communication and business, so wearing green on Wednesdays improves networking and contracts. It also boosts intellectual abilities and articulation of ideas. Overall, green brings balance and stability midweek.

Thursday – Yellow

Thursday is associated with Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance. Sunny yellow outfits attract positivity and good fortune. They also stimulate wisdom, confidence, and optimism. Yellow helps lift your mood.

Friday – White or Pink

Friday is Venus’ day, with the planet overseeing relationships, beauty, and the arts. Soft white or pink bring out your charming, cooperative side and encourage self-care. They also boost romantic connections and enhance your aesthetic sense.

Saturday – Blue or Black

Saturday is ruled by serious Saturn, governing hard work, responsibility, and wisdom. Saturn’s colours are blue and black – excellent hues for focused efforts. They bring structure, patience, and perseverance. Darker tones also promote introspection and spiritual growth.

Exceptions & Enhancing Benefits

While the colours listed above align with each weekday, you can also customize your choices:

  • Avoid wearing colours you strongly dislike or that feel unnatural. Follow your intuition.
  • To enhance the benefits, wear gemstones connected to the planets in colours and jewelry.
  • If you strongly resonate with a different planet’s energy any day, feel free to wear that colour instead.
  • On holidays or low-energy days, go for energizing tones like orange or red.
  • If you need calm and relaxation, opt for cooling colours like white, blue, or green.

The colours you wear impact your mood and wellbeing. Choosing them intentionally based on astrological wisdom can empower and energize you. Play with wearing the recommended colours for each day, and see if you notice a difference in how you feel!


Colours carry energy and meaning in astrology. Each day has an associated planet and optimal colour to wear for good fortune. Red, orange, green, and yellow tones bring warmth and positivity. White, cream, blue, and black hues promote calm and relaxation. Paying attention to the astrological colours connected to different days can boost your luck, energy, focus, and wellbeing overall. Experiment and find what resonates best with you.