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Which colour starts with letter J?

Which colour starts with letter J?

There are several colours that start with the letter J. Some of the most common ones include jade, java, jasper, and jet black. In this article, we will explore some of the popular colours starting with J, look at their origins and meanings, and visualize them in a table for easy reference. Keep reading to learn more about colours starting with the letter J.

Overview of Colours Starting with J

While there are many creative colour names starting with J, some more common ones include:

  • Jade – A light green colour named after the jade gemstone.
  • Java – A rich coffee brown colour named after the Indonesian island of Java.
  • Jasper – A yellowish brown colour named after the jasper gemstone.
  • Jet Black – An extremely dark black colour, like the gemstone jet.
  • Jungle Green – A bright, vivid green the colour of tropical jungle foliage.

Some other less common J colours are jacaranda purple, jackfruit orange, and jadeite blue. There are also creative invented colours like jellybean blue and juicy fruit pink. The letter J provides ample inspiration for lively, vibrant colour names.

Meanings and Symbolism of Key J Colours

The main J colours have interesting cultural meanings and symbolism:


Jade has been prized in Chinese culture for centuries and is considered a royal gemstone. Jade is connected to qualities like wisdom, purity, serenity, growth, and balance. The colour jade green echoes these nurturing qualities. Light jade green is refreshing and peaceful.


Java evokes the deep brown hue of coffee beans from the lush Indonesian island of Java. Java brown signifies richness, warmth, and earthiness. It is the perfect colour for natural or rustic home décor.


Jasper is speckled gemstone ranging from brown to yellow. Jasper colours represent grounding, stability, and relaxation. Jasper is thought to have healing and protective powers. The earthy hue provides a sense of comfort.

Jet Black

Jet black is the deepest, most intense black without any lightening. Made from fossilized wood, jet represents mystery, sophistication, power, and elegance. Jet black is perfect for formal attire or sleek designs.

Visual Reference of J Colours

Here is a table showing the most popular colours starting with the letter J for easy reference:

Colour Name Hex Code Sample
Jade #00A86B     
Java #3C2A1B     
Jasper #CD853F     
Jet Black #000000     

This table provides the hex codes and colour swatches for easy visual reference. You can see how jade is a soothing light green, java is a deep coffee brown, jasper is an earthy yellow-brown, and jet black is a dark inky black.

Using J Colours in Design and Décor

Colours starting with J can be incorporated beautifully into design and décor:

  • Jade green has a calm, relaxing effect and is perfect for spa bathroom designs.
  • Java brown is an ideal neutral for rustic or farmhouse rooms.
  • Jasper yellow complements desert and southwestern colour palettes.
  • Jet black offers drama and sophistication for modern styles.
  • Jungle green can bring a playful, tropical look to living spaces.

J colours work well in combination too. Try jade green with jet black for an elegant contrast. Or pair earthy java brown with bright jungle green for a natural look.

These colours starting with J offer versatility for all kinds of interior designs and color schemes.


In summary, there are a diverse range of colours that start with the letter J. Some of the most popular ones with symbolic meaning are jade, java, jasper and jet black. Jade represents wisdom and growth, java is warm and earthy, jasper promotes relaxation and jet black signifies mystery and power. A visual table makes it easy to see the different J colour hues and codes. These colours can be incorporated beautifully into interior design styles. So next time you need a lively, cultured colour, consider the many options starting with the letter J. They provide beautiful and meaningful shades for every palette.