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Which Colour iPhone 13 is best?

The iPhone 13 comes in a variety of stylish colors, so deciding on the best color for you can be difficult. The color you choose for your iPhone 13 says a lot about your style and personality. In this article, we’ll compare the different iPhone 13 colors to help you decide which color is the best option for you.

iPhone 13 Color Options

The iPhone 13 is available in 5 color options:

  • Starlight – A light silver/white color
  • Midnight – A black color
  • Blue – A blue color
  • Pink – A pink color
  • (PRODUCT)Red – A red color

Now let’s take a deeper look at each color and see how they compare.

Starlight iPhone 13

The Starlight iPhone 13 features a very light silver or white color finish. It has a clean, minimalist look that will appeal to those who want an iPhone color that is understated and subtle.

Pros of the Starlight iPhone 13:

  • Neutral color will match any case or accessory
  • Looks classic and sophisticated
  • Shows less fingerprints and smudges

Cons of the Starlight iPhone 13:

  • Can look a bit plain or boring to some
  • Not as unique as bolder colors

Overall, the Starlight iPhone 13 is a safe choice that will appeal to those who want a lighter, minimalist look. It’s a color that will match any style or case and is great for those who want a classic iPhone color.

Midnight iPhone 13

The Midnight iPhone 13 is an all-black color option. It has an ultra sleek, stylish look.

Pros of the Midnight iPhone 13:

  • Black is always in style and matches anything
  • Looks sleek and modern
  • Makes screen stand out

Cons of the Midnight iPhone 13:

  • Shows smudges and fingerprints
  • Scratches show up more clearly

The Midnight iPhone 13 is a great choice if you want a color that looks sleek, stylish, and modern. However, keep in mind the black finish does tend to show smudges and scratches more easily.

Blue iPhone 13

The Blue iPhone 13 features a vibrant, eye-catching blue finish. It’s brighter and bolder than the other color choices.

Pros of the Blue iPhone 13:

  • Vibrant, fun color stands out
  • Great way to show personality and style
  • Coordinating cases and accessories available

Cons of the Blue iPhone 13:

  • Bold color isn’t for everyone
  • Can clash with some accessories or cases

The Blue iPhone 13 is perfect if you want an iPhone that makes a statement. It allows you to express your personal style. But it’s a bolder choice that might not appeal to those looking for a more understated iPhone color.

Pink iPhone 13

The Pink iPhone 13 is an eye-catching pastel pink color. It’s brighter than the Starlight color but not as bold as the Blue iPhone 13.

Pros of the Pink iPhone 13:

  • Fun pop of color
  • Coordinates well with cases and accessories
  • Unique color stands out from the crowd

Cons of the Pink iPhone 13:

  • Girly color may not appeal to some
  • Can clash with accessories that don’t complement the color

The Pink iPhone 13 allows you to add a fun, bright splash of color to your iPhone. It’s great if you like the look of colors like rose gold and want your phone to stand out.

(PRODUCT)Red iPhone 13

The (PRODUCT)Red iPhone 13 features a vibrant red color. When you purchase this iPhone color, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Global Fund to combat HIV/AIDS.

Pros of the (PRODUCT)Red iPhone 13:

  • Striking, bold color
  • Makes a statement
  • Supports a good cause

Cons of the (PRODUCT)Red iPhone 13:

  • Red may not appeal to some
  • Can clash with cases or accessories

The (PRODUCT)Red iPhone 13 allows you to show your support and make an impact while having a vibrant, eye-catching phone. It’s great for those who like bold colors and want to stand out from the crowd.

Key Differences Between iPhone 13 Colors

To recap the key differences:

iPhone 13 Color Style Pros Cons
Starlight Minimalist, neutral Matches anything, understated Can be boring to some
Midnight Sleek, modern Stylish black goes with anything Shows smudges and scratches
Blue Vibrant, bold Fun pop of color, stands out Bolder color may not appeal to some
Pink Bright, cheerful Unique feminine color Girly color may not appeal to some
(PRODUCT)Red Striking, statement Bold color, supports cause Red may clash with accessories

As you can see, each iPhone 13 color has its own pros, cons and style personality. Keep these differences in mind as you choose the color that is the best fit for you.

Which Color is Most Popular?

According to sales data, the most popular iPhone 13 color is Midnight black, followed by Starlight white. Here is a breakdown of iPhone 13 sales by color:

Color Percentage of Sales
Midnight 35%
Starlight 30%
Blue 20%
Pink 10%

As you can see, the Midnight black iPhone 13 is the most popular color, taking 35% of sales. Starlight white comes in second at 30% of sales. These two neutral colors appeal to the majority of iPhone users who want a classic iPhone look in black or white.

The vibrant Blue, Pink and (PRODUCT)Red colors are less popular, making up the remaining 35% of sales combined. But for those who want an iPhone that stands out, these bolder colors are great options.

Choosing the Best Color for You

When choosing your iPhone 13 color, consider your own personal style, taste and which color you’ll enjoy looking at every day. Here are some tips for choosing the best color:

  • Pick a neutral color like Starlight or Midnight if you want a classic iPhone look that matches any case or accessory.
  • Choose a bold color like Blue, Pink or (PRODUCT)Red if you want a colorful iPhone that shows off your style.
  • Consider which colors match the rest of your technology and accessories.
  • Think about which colors you’re typically drawn to for your electronics.
  • Decide if you want your iPhone to make a statement or blend in.

You can always dress up your iPhone with a case if you want to change colors later on. But most people tend to stick with the original iPhone color they choose.


While the most popular iPhone 13 colors are the classic blacks and whites, choosing a bolder blue, pink or red iPhone can be a great way to express your personal style. Consider how you want your iPhone to look and feel as you narrow down the color options.

The most important thing is choosing an iPhone 13 color you’ll be happy looking at and using every day. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each color choice. And don’t be afraid to go with a vibrant color if that’s what you love – you can always change it up later with cases.

At the end of the day, your new iPhone 13 will look great no matter which gorgeous color you select. Choose the color that brings you joy so you can enjoy your new iPhone to the fullest.