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Which colour combination is best for lehenga choli?

Lehengas are one of the most popular ethnic wear choices for Indian women. The gorgeous flared skirt paired with a choli and dupatta makes for an exquisite combination. While lehengas are available in a variety of fabrics, colours, embroidery styles and embellishments, choosing the right colour combination is key to truly elevate your look.

The colour you choose for your lehenga choli can make a huge difference. The right colour combination can really enhance your natural beauty, complement your skin tone and help you make an unforgettable statement. On the other hand, the wrong colours can make you look washed out, dull or overwhelm you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Lehenga Choli Colours

Here are some important factors to keep in mind when selecting lehenga choli colour combinations:

  • Skin tone – Choose colours that will complement your complexion. Warm tones like peach, yellow, orange and red look lovely on warmer skin tones while cool shades like blue, green, purple flatter cooler skin tones.
  • Personal style – Pick colour combinations that align with your personal style and what you feel most confident and comfortable in. Make sure the colours you choose reflect your personality.
  • Occasion – Darker jewel tones may be more appropriate for evening wear while pastels work better for day events. Bridal lehengas tend to feature red, maroon and pink whereas cocktail lehengas look great in bold, funky colours.
  • Season – Opt for lighter, brighter hues in summer and spring while richer, bolder shades are great for winter and fall. You can also match colours to the season such as yellows for spring.
  • Trends – Stay updated on the latest lehenga trends as some colour combinations may be more on-trend for the current season.

Most Flattering Lehenga Choli Colour Combinations

Here are some of the most popular and flattering colour options to consider for your lehenga choli:

Red Lehenga with Gold Choli

This bridal colour pairing of bright red lehenga with a golden yellow or antique gold choli is a timeless combination. The red represents marriage while the gold depicts prosperity, making this ideal for weddings. The bold contrast also creates a glamorous statement.

Blue Lehenga with Pink Choli

Vibrant pink looks gorgeous when paired with a navy, royal or electric blue lehenga. This fun, playful colour scheme has a youthful energy perfect for receptions or parties. The cool blue plays up the brightness of the pink.

Pastel Lehenga with Contrast Choli

Soft pastel lehengas in shades like mint, lilac, powder blue or blush pink become even more feminine and dreamy when contrasted with a bolder colour choli like black, red or gold. The pop of colour accentuates the softness.

Yellow or Orange Lehenga with Purple Choli

Bright citrus shades like lemon yellow, tangerine and orange look amazing when paired with regal purple like amethyst, lilac or violet. The mix of warm and cool colours is eye-catching and vibrant.

Green Lehenga with Peach Choli

Shades of green like emerald, lime, mint and pistachio complement the warm glow of peach beautifully. The earthy colour combination has a refreshing spring or summer vibe. Change the green tone to vary the look.

Beige or Gold Lehenga with Red Choli

For a rich, luxurious effect, pair ivory, champagne, rose gold or antique gold lehengas with a bright, sizzling red choli. The neutral lehenga lets the bold choli pop while keeping the look elegant.

Black Lehenga with Pink Choli

Classic black and pink is a contrast combo that always works. The dark black lehenga allows the feminine blush pink or fuchsia choli to stand out stylishly. This works well for night events or receptions.

White Lehenga with Multicolor Choli

A pristine white lehenga serves as an elegant blank canvas for a vibrant rainbow-hued choli. Pairing white with any colourful patterned or embellished choli prevents the look from appearing washed out.

Silver Lehenga with Purple or Blue Choli

Metallic silver lehengas shine brighter when matched with royal purple or sapphire, navy or cobalt blue cholis. The cool tones complement each other beautifully for a very glamorous festive look.

Choosing the Right Fabrics

Fabric choices also impact how colour combinations interact. Here are some top fabric suggestions for lehengas and cholis:


  • Silk – Creates a luxurious look and drapes beautifully. Works with ornate embroidery.
  • Cotton – Great for daytime summer lehengas. Looks fresh in pastels.
  • Georgette – Flowy fabric suited for bold prints and colours. Falls elegantly.
  • Satin – Has a subtle sheen that looks glamorous. Holds embroidery well.
  • Velvet – Perfect for winter lehengas. Looks ultra rich and regal.
  • Net – Sheer, lightweight and adds drama. Usually worn over other fabrics.


  • Silk – Creates a luxurious rich look and feels smooth on skin.
  • Cotton – Breathable and comfortable. Works well with lighter lehengas.
  • Velvet – Adds elegance and vintage charm. Drapes beautifully.
  • Broche – Textured fabric with opulent look. Holds embellishments nicely.
  • Crepe – Has beautiful flow and drape. Makes a flattering choli.
  • Georgette – Sheer, airy and compliments heavily embroidered lehengas.

Effect of Colours and Emotions

Colours can evoke different emotions and sentiments. Here is a brief look at what some popular lehenga choli colours represent:

Colour Emotion/Meaning
Red Love, passion, strength
White Purity, peace, innocence
Black Power, sophistication, elegance
Pink Femininity, romance, fun
Orange Joy, excitement, cheer
Yellow Warmth, optimism, energy
Purple Royalty, luxury, creativity
Blue Tranquility, trust, stability
Green Nature, growth, harmony

Consider the vibe you want to create or emotions you want to evoke when choosing colours. A vibrant yellow lehenga conveys joy and optimism while an ivory or white one shows purity and grace. Colours also contribute to the theme or style of the event so choose appropriately.

Top Tips for Choosing Colours

Here are some final tips on selecting the best lehenga choli colour combinations:

  • Pick two colours that complement each other in the colour wheel – like blue and orange or red and green.
  • Avoid combining more than 3 colours in one look as it can appear messy or overpowering.
  • Go for higher contrast combinations if you want drama while low contrast pairs are more subdued.
  • Match metallics in both the lehenga and choli for a luxe, opulent effect.
  • Opt for dark cholis and light lehengas or vice versa to create visual balance.
  • Don’t underestimate the impact of accessories – choose colours that enhance your outfit.


At the end of the day, choose lehenga choli colour combinations that you feel most excited and happy to wear. The right colours and fabrics can elevate your look, flatter your skin tone, fit the occasion beautifully and even reflect your personality and inner glow. Trust your instincts, have fun with different colour palettes and you are sure to find a lehenga choli pair that makes you look and feel amazing!