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Which aura is rare?

Auras are energy fields that surround living things. Some people believe that auras reveal information about a person’s health, emotions, personality and more. While everyone has an aura, certain aura colors and patterns are considered rare.

What is an Aura?

An aura is an energy field that surrounds the human body. It is invisible to the naked eye but can allegedly be seen by some psychics and practitioners of alternative medicine. The word “aura” comes from the Greek word for breeze or breath.

According to aura believers, the aura consists of different colored bands or layers. Each color is said to reveal specific information about the person. For example, a red aura may indicate strong emotions or physical vitality, while a green aura is associated with healing abilities. The colors and patterns in someone’s aura can shift and change depending on their mood, health, thoughts and activities.

Do Auras Really Exist?

There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of auras. However, some physics principles may help explain why some people think they can see auras.

One theory is that the ability to see auras has to do with the way our eyes work. Our eyes have rods and cones. Rods detect light and motion while cones detect color. It’s possible that some people’s rods are more sensitive, allowing them to pick up on subtle changes in light and color around living things that most people don’t notice.

Another possible scientific explanation has to do with the eyes’ peripheral vision. The rods concentrate on the sides of the retina, so they mainly pick up peripheral vision. This means if someone is looking directly at a person, the rods may still detect a faint energy field around them that the cones don’t detect when looking straight on.

While auras cannot be proven by science, some practitioners believe strongly in their existence and usefulness for providing insight into emotions, health, personality and relationships.

Common Aura Colors and Meanings

Here are some of the aura colors you may come across and what they are said to mean:

  • Red – Vitality, strength, anger, sexuality
  • Orange – Creativity, confidence, ambition
  • Yellow – Optimism, intelligence, mental activity
  • Green – Healing, peacefulness, nurturing
  • Blue – Spirituality, calm, openness
  • Purple – Mysticism, imagination, wisdom
  • Pink – Romance, caring, compassion
  • Gray – Depression, exhaustion, low energy
  • Black – Lack of energy, illness, negative emotions
  • White – Perfect balance, purity, spirituality

Of course, aura meanings can vary depending on the source and interpreter. But in general, brighter, clearer auras are seen as positive while dark, muddy auras indicate imbalance or negative energies.

What Are Rare Aura Colors and Patterns?

While the common aura colors listed above can occur in many people, certain aura features are considered quite rare:

Crystal Aura

A crystal or prismatic aura includes the entire spectrum of rainbow colors. It may appear as rainbow streaks or prismatic facets of light. This is considered one of the rarest and most special auras.

A crystal aura indicates that the person is an advanced soul with high levels of intuition, wisdom and spiritual mastery. They have a deep connection to cosmic energy and may be involved in spiritual teaching or healing work.

Diamond Aura

A diamond aura is colorless and sparkling. It is associated with clarity, resilience and courage. Like an actual diamond, this aura is believed to indicate inner strength and the ability to illuminate darkness.

People with diamond auras are said to have intense personal power. They can overcome obstacles and shine their inner light in difficult situations. The diamond aura is extremely rare.

Gold Aura

A lustrous, shimmering gold aura is also quite unusual. It signifies divine protection and enlightenment. People with gold auras are said to have a deep connection to the divine source and angelic realms.

This aura color indicates wisdom, spirituality and an integrated personality. Gold auras may also signify healing abilities and abundance.

Opalescent Aura

An opalescent aura shifts colors like an opal gemstone. This aura is extremely rare and associated with psychic abilities. People with opalescent auras are deeply in touch with their intuition and able to read energies.

They have mystical vision and are tapped into realms beyond the material world. Opalescent auras can unveil secrets and glimpse the future.

Sparkling Aura

A sparkling aura has tiny flashes or sparks of light flickering all throughout the aura field. This indicates high energy and vitality. A sparkling aura can also mean that the person is receiving powerful spiritual downloads and insights.

People with sparkling auras are usually dynamic, electrifying and highly intelligent. Their energy can activate and motivate others. A sparkling aura is unusual and captivating to see.

Aura with Wings

Some auras may show wing-like shapes flowing from the upper back. Aura wings are incredibly rare and mean the person has deep spiritual connections.

Winged auras indicate angels and other spiritual beings are actively guiding, protecting and working with the individual. People with aura wings often have profound healing and mystical abilities.

Aura Photography

While auras cannot be seen with the naked eye, some photographers believe they can capture auras in photos. Aura photography usually involves using a specialized camera, software or lens filters to produce an image showing colors and forms around a person’s body.

Skeptics argue that “aura photos” are created using regular photography tricks like backgrounds, lighting and effects. However, aura readers claim the advanced systems detect subtle energy fields invisible to standard photography.

Here are some tips for getting your aura photo taken:

  • Wear plain, light clothing to provide a neutral background.
  • Remove glasses, jewelry or anything reflective that could create glare.
  • Make sure your hair is pulled back and doesn’t obscure your face or shoulders.
  • Relax and clear your mind before the photo is taken.
  • Stand a few feet away from the camera against a white or light gray backdrop.

Reputable aura photographers will provide guidance to help you prepare for optimal photos. Looking at your aura colors and patterns can provide insight into your thoughts, health and spirituality.

Developing Aura Reading Abilities

Those who want to see auras will need to practice regularly to hone this skill. Here are some tips:

  • Start by gazing at a plain background or clear sky, relaxing your eyes and looking just past the subject to detect any faint glows or shimmers.
  • Try gazing at your own hand or someone’s neutral-colored clothing to practice seeing the aura edges.
  • Have the subject stand several feet in front of a white wall in natural light. Look beside them rather than directly at them.
  • Blink your eyes quickly to help disrupt normal vision and detect any energies.
  • Notice any fleeting colors, shadows, glows or misty shapes around their body outline.

Aura reading takes time, patience and regular practice to develop. Work on feeling any energies as well as observing visually. Keep notes on any colors, sensations or impressions you receive when attempting to view auras.


Auras contain revealing information about our physical, emotional and spiritual states. Rare aura colors and patterns can have special meanings linked to high energy, intuitive abilities and divine connections.

Though auras remain scientifically unproven, many report seeing and photographing distinctive energy fields around people. Learning to read auras can offer insight into yourself and others. With practice, you may be able to develop your own aura viewing skills as well.

Of course, skepticism about auras as pseudoscience also remains valid. But whatever your beliefs, exploring auras can be an interesting way to ponder intangible human energies.