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Which Asian paint color is best for home?

Which Asian paint color is best for home?

Quick Answer

There is no definitive “best” Asian paint color for homes, as color preferences are highly subjective and depend on individual tastes and décor styles. However, some popular and versatile options to consider include light neutrals like off-white, beige, light gray, and pale blue. Richer tones like terracotta red, deep green, and dark blue are also common. The best approach is to select colors that complement your existing furnishings and align with the mood you want to create. Consulting color psychology and principles like feng shui can provide guidance. Ultimately the “best” Asian paint colors are ones that make you feel happy, relaxed, and at home.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Paint Colors

Here are some key factors to keep in mind when selecting Asian paint colors for your home:

Personal Preference: Consider colors that appeal to your own tastes and style sensibilities. Don’t worry about following trends if you don’t personally like them.

Room Function: Choose colors that are compatible with how each room is used. For example, energizing reds are good for a gym, while soothing blues work for a bedroom.

Amount of Natural Light: Lighter colors help brighten up dark spaces, while deeper hues work better in sunny rooms.

Furnishings and Decor: Select colors that complement your existing furniture, artwork, and accessories. Similar or lightly contrasting hues usually work best.

Mood and Atmosphere: Think about the ambiance you want to cultivate in each room and choose colors accordingly. Cool blues are calming, warm reds are energizing, etc.

Color Psychology: Certain hues are associated with specific qualities that influence mood and emotion. Use this to your advantage when selecting paint colors.

Feng Shui Principles: In feng shui, different colors relate to different life areas. Orient rooms and choose colors in harmony with feng shui goals.

Architectural Features: Use color to highlight beautiful architecture, built-ins, and decorative details throughout your home.

Popular Asian Paint Colors for Homes

Here is an overview of some of the most popular paint color choices among Asian households:

Light Neutrals

Off-white, beige, pale gray, and other light neutrals are extremely common paint colors in Asian homes. They create a clean, bright, and calming backdrop that provides flexibility in décor. Specific popular neutrals include:

– Eggshell White
– Cream
– Light Gray
– Beige
– Tan
– Pale Blue

Rich, Vibrant Hues

While light colors are prevalent, many Asian homes also incorporate richer tones as accent colors. Here are some top choices:

– Terracotta Red
– Mustard Yellow
– Emerald Green
– Royal Blue
– Deep Purple

These colors add drama and excitement when used in moderation.

Earthy Natural Tones

Natural earthy hues like tans, browns, and greens are common in Asia. They bring a subtle, grounded feel:

– Khaki
– Taupe
– Olive Green
– Sky Blue
– Pale Yellow


For a soft, dreamy aesthetic, pastels like lavender, peach, mint, and sky blue are popular Asian paint colors. They create a gentle, romantic mood.

Best Paint Colors for Common Asian Home Spaces

Here are recommended Asian paint colors for some typical rooms:

Living Room: Beige, light gray, pale blue

Kitchen: White, yellow, green

Bedroom: Lavender, peach, sky blue

Bathroom: White, gray, pale blue

Dining Room: Red, yellow, orange

Office: White, blue, green

Kids’ Room: Yellow, green, lavender

Choose colors aligned with the purpose of each room and your goals for the space.

Using Feng Shui Principles to Choose Colors

Feng shui offers guidance on selecting paint colors in harmony with energy flow. Here are some suggestions:

Front door: Red or purple to attract wealth

Living room: Blue, green, or brown to relax and nourish

Kitchen: Yellow, orange, reds for upbeat meals

Bedroom: Blue for relaxation, pink or peach for love

Bathroom: Blue, green for calming renewal

Office: Blue or green for concentration and focus

Kids’ room: Yellow for creativity, pink/red for vitality

Consult a feng shui expert for guidance specific to your home’s areas and energy map.

Colors with Positive Psychological Effects

Research has uncovered psychological and emotional impacts of different colors. Positive paint colors include:

Yellow: Stimulates the mind, boosts optimism and self-esteem

Green: Calming and renewing, promotes harmony and balance

Blue: Decreases stress and creates a sense of tranquility

Violet: Encourages imagination, introspection and spirituality

Red: Exciting, energetic, and sensual; stimulates appetite

Orange: Cheerful and uplifting; stimulates socialization

Choose hues aligned with the mood you want to cultivate in specific rooms and spaces.


When selecting the best Asian paint colors for your home, consider your style preferences, room functions, design elements, color psychology, and principles like feng shui. Popular options include light neutrals, deeper accents tones, natural earth tones, and soft pastels. The “best” colors are those that make you feel happy and at home. Experiment with hues and consult experts to find your perfect palette. With the right colors, you can create spaces that uplift, relax, inspire, and support your lifestyle.