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Where was the color of love Jacey’s story filmed?

The color of love Jacey’s story is a 2018 romantic drama film directed by Tyler Perry. The film tells the story of Jacey, a young aspiring fashion designer in Georgia who falls in love with a soldier shortly before he’s deployed to Afghanistan. The movie explores themes of love, loss, and perseverance. But where exactly was this poignant love story brought to life on screen? Here’s a look at the key filming locations used in the production of The Color of Love.

Atlanta, Georgia

While The Color of Love is set in the fictional town of Canton, Georgia, the movie was primarily filmed in and around Atlanta. This bustling Southern city provided the production team with a diverse range of filming sites to depict Jacey’s home, workplace, and the community she lives in. Several recognizable Atlanta landmarks can be spotted throughout the movie.

Key scenes were filmed in the historic downtown Fairlie Poplar district. Locations used include Centennial Olympic Park, the CNN Center, and the Five Points MARTA station. The city’s Va-Highland neighborhood also served as a filming site for scenes showing the exterior of Jacey’s apartment building.

Clayton County, Georgia

Just south of Atlanta in Clayton County, the city of Jonesboro was another key filming location for The Color of Love. Perry studio facilities in Jonesboro were utilized during production. Several Jonesboro locations also made on-screen appearances.

The Main Street area of downtown Jonesboro can be seen in multiple street scenes. Some neighborhood scenes were shot on location in the Historic District of Jonesboro. And portions of the movie were filmed at the James Recreation Center and Mundy Park in Jonesboro.

Fayetteville, Georgia

The city of Fayetteville, about 30 miles south of Atlanta, served as a third prominent filming site. Areas of Fayetteville seen in the movie include the historic downtown district along Glynn Street, Starr’s Mill Park, and residential neighborhoods surrounding the city center.

One memorable scene was shot at the luxurious Whitewater Creek Country Club. The golf course community in Fayette County allowed the production crew access to film scenes depicting an upscale event Jacey catered.

Other Georgia Filming Locations

In addition to the main filming sites around Atlanta, Clayton County, and Fayetteville, The Color of Love production team scouted locations across Georgia to capture scenes depicting the diversity of backdrops needed. Here are some other notable Georgia towns and cities featured:

  • Canton – Some scenes filmed on-location in this Cherokee County city that inspired the movie’s fictional setting.
  • Douglasville – Downtown Douglasville saw filming activity. The courthouse appeared in one scene.
  • Decatur – Portions of Decatur, east of Atlanta, provided suburban neighborhood settings.
  • Senoia – This picturesque rural town south of Atlanta offered scenic backroad sites.
  • Peachtree City – Areas of Peachtree City, in Fayette County, were used for neighborhood shots.

Production Facilities in Georgia

In addition to outdoor filming locations, The Color of Love production team relied on studio lots and sound stages across Georgia. Here are some of the main production facilities utilized:

Facility Location Scenes Filmed
Tyler Perry Studios Atlanta Indoor scenes including Jacey’s apartment and workplace
Eagle Rock Studios Norcross Afghanistan deployment scenes
Lakewood Amphitheater Atlanta Concert event scenes


While fictional Canton serves as the setting for Jacey’s story in The Color of Love, the production team traveled across the Atlanta metropolitan region to capture diverse urban and rural backdrops. From the big city feel of downtown Atlanta to small town main streets and pastoral countryside vistas, Georgia offered an ideal canvas for bringing Jacey’s story to life. The Peach State’s thriving film industry infrastructure, including an array of studio facilities, also provided the technical resources to complement the on-location filming. So when you watch The Color of Love, know that you’re seeing the heart and soul of Georgia shining through in the settings that give an authentic sense of place to Jacey’s poignant journey of love and loss.