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Where is the best spot for argentavis ARK?

The argentavis is one of the most useful tames in ARK: Survival Evolved. This massive flying mount is strong enough to carry multiple survivors and large creatures, making it invaluable for transport, resource gathering, and aerial combat. However, finding the ideal argentavis taming location can be tricky given the bird’s extensive habitat range across multiple ARK maps. In this guide, we’ll break down the best argentavis taming spots on each major ARK map to help you bag the perfect argy for your needs.

The Island

The Island offers several great spots to tame your first argentavis. One of the safest early game locations is the Southern Islets along the southeastern coast. This island chain has plentiful argy spawns without many dangerous predators nearby. Build a taming pen on one of the larger islets and lure in a low-level argy for an easy first tame.

Once you’re more established, head north to Carno Island. This massive landmark is crawling with argies due to the abundance of prey animals like paracers and brontos. Set up a trap atop the plateau and pick off any unwanted low levels before trapping your ideal argy. Watch out for the namesake carnos though! Further inland, the frozen mountains along the north coast also provide great argy hunting grounds.

Spot Pros Cons
Southern Islets – Safest early game location
– Plentiful low level spawns
– Limited spawn rates
– Few high levels
Carno Island – Lots of spawns
– Good hunting grounds
– Dangerous carnos
– Difficult terrain
Frozen Mountains – High level spawns
– Good base locations nearby
– Harsh environment
– Dangerous predators

Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth introduces some new challenges for argy taming. The scarcity of water and prevalence of dangerous lightning storms means smart trap placement is key. One of the best spots is just north of the green obelisk near the border between the dunes and grasslands. This transitional area gets plenty of argy traffic without intense heat or storms.

The canyon networks winding through the southeast are another prime spot. Look for areas where canyons intersect or open up into wider areas. The abundance of prey will draw in argies while the canyon walls provide cover from storms. Building taming traps atop the plateaus is also an option if you have climbing picks or flyers to access them. Just be ready to grapple your new tame back down!

Spot Pros Cons
Green Obelisk – Moderate temps
– Open taming space
– Some predators
– Lightning risk
Canyons – Natural traps
– Prey abundance
– Uneven terrain
– Limited space
Plateaus – Isolated and safe
– Wide landing space
– Hard to access
– Lightning danger


The rocky terrain and perpetual darkness of Aberration’s underground biome make argy taming a puzzle. However, the hidden oases throughout the map offer perfect safe havens. Two of the best spots are the Lost Hope oasis along the northern bulb zone cliffs and the Lake Oasis found beneath the redwood biome in the southeast. Each features plenty of prey animals that attract argies.

Building elevated traps in the fungal forests and kelp forests along the coast will also produce results. Just be ready to light the area and defend against nameless. If you can access the surface, the plateaus found here provide open, safe taming grounds. Just keep an eye out for reaper kings!

Spot Pros Cons
Lost Hope – Safe oasis
– Lots of prey
– Limited access
– Few flat spaces
Lake Oasis – Isolated and protected
– Near charge nodes
– Hard to find
– Reaper risk
Surface – Open and flat spaces
– No aggro predators
– Nameless hordes
– Environmental hazards


Extinction’s post-apocalyptic landscape may seem devoid of life, but look up! The argies circle endlessly above the deserted city streets. When taming here, elevated traps are a must. The best spots are the tops of the broken high rises scattered around the map.

The tallest towers in the city center also work well, though you may need grapple hooks or a flyer to access them. You can also build traps on the backs of the giant wandering titans. This gives you a mobile taming platform to chase down high-level spawns! Just be careful not to fall. For later game, the forest biome’s cliffsides are great for more traditional argy traps as well.

Spot Pros Cons
High Rises – Elevated and safe
– Easy access
– Crowded city center
– Few flat spaces
Titans – Mobile taming platform
– Unique vantage point
– Danger of falling
– Base constantly moving
Forest Cliffsides – Traditional trap sites
– Safer environment
– Limited spawns
– Wasteland travel needed


The vast and varied biomes of Ragnarok provide unlimited argy taming opportunities. In the south, the deserted islands off the tropical coasts are a perfect starter location. Just watch for Leedsichthys if taming near the water. Higher level argies flock to the icy mountains and taigas of the northwest. Build traps atop the stunning snowy cliffs for a challenging but rewarding tame.

The most unique spots are the Ragnarok-exclusive ruined castles. These crumbling fortresses have wide, flat tops ideal for argy traps. Pick off low levels before trapping your prime target as it circles the castle battlements. With clever placement, the existing walls can help funnel argies right into your taming pen too!

Spot Pros Cons
Deserted Islands – Safe and isolated
– Low competition
– Sparse spawns
– Few high levels
Frozen Clifftops – High level spawns
– Dramatic locations
– Harsh environment
– Dangerous predators
Ruined Castles – Perfect trap sites
– Fun theme
– Limited locations
– Spawn unpredictability


The varied biomes of Valguero also provide ideal argy habitats. The white cliffs along the coast are a great starting point. Build traps on the clifftops overlooking the sea for safety and scenic tames. Later on, target the conifer forests and snowy peaks north of the redwoods.

Valguero’s crown jewel is the Aberration zone. Not only do the underground lakes here attract abundant prey, you can find specialized white and black argies! Construct floating traps atop the subterranean lakes for a perfectly safe and secluded taming experience unlike anywhere else in ARK.

Spot Pros Cons
White Cliffs – Starter location
– Open spaces
– Low spawn density
– Few high levels
Snow Biome – High level spawns
– Good late game spot
– Harsh environment
– Dangerous wilds
Ab Zone Lakes – Special argy variants
– Isolated and safe
– Hard to access
– Low spawn rates

Crystal Isles

The stunning tropical locales of Crystal Isles host plentiful argies. The small islands scattered around the map make perfect safe havens to trap your first low level argies. Elite spawns congregate in the Redwoods and around the volcano.

Building elevated traps in the Ancient Ruins will put you in a prime spot to tame high level argies as they nest on the crumbling structures. But the most unique and scenic spot is the floating islands. Constructing a trap on one of these gravity-defying landmasses lets you tame argies safely in the sky! Just be careful not to fall off.

Spot Pros Cons
Small Islands – Safest starter locations
– Shallow waters
– Low spawn density
– Few high levels
Redwoods – Prime hunting grounds
– Great base spots
– Tough predator competition
– Limited flat spaces
Floating Islands – Breathtaking views
– Extremely safe
– Hard to build on
– Spawn unpredictability


Regardless of the map, ideal argentavis taming spots have a few key features in common. Look for areas with plentiful prey to attract wild argies, open spaces to build safe traps, and protection from dangerous predators and environmental hazards. Prioritize elevated locations like clifftops and plateaus for better visibility, protection, and preventing escapes.

With smart preparation and location scouting, you can find the perfect argy taming spot on any ARK map. A high level argy is one of the most valuable tames around, so take the time to find safe and secluded taming grounds worthy of these magnificent flyers. Once trapped and tamed, your new argentavis will serve as an invaluable asset protecting your tribe and dominating the ARK skies.

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