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Where is love is gum from?

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Love is gum is a popular brand of chewing gum that has been around since the 1970s. With its colorful packaging and fun flavors like Strawberry Kiss and Tropical Crush, Love is gum has become a nostalgic treat for many. But where exactly does Love is gum come from? In this article, we’ll explore the origins and history behind this classic chewing gum brand.

History of Love is Gum

Love is gum was first introduced in 1975 by the Topps Company, which is best known for producing baseball cards. The iconic packaging featuring bright colors and flower power designs was intended to appeal to the hippie movement popular at the time.

Some key events in the history of Love is gum:

Year Event
1975 Love is gum first introduced by Topps
1976 Launch of fruity flavors like Watermelon Wave and Strawberry Kiss
1980s Love is gum popularity peaks
1990s Packaging gets makeover with more modern design
Early 2000s Special edition tropical flavors released

In the beginning, Love is gum was only available in a few classic flavors like peppermint and spearmint. But in 1976, Topps launched a variety of fruity flavors like Watermelon Wave, Strawberry Kiss, and Lemonade. These tropical-inspired flavors helped Love is gum stand out from other chewing gum brands.

Love is gum reached peak popularity in the 1980s. Commercials featured bubbly models touting the unique flavors and colors of the gum. By this time, the brand had expanded to include flavors like fruit punch, piña colada, and green apple.

In the 1990s, Love is gum got a makeover with more modern and minimalist packaging. The color schemes were toned down but still emphasized the bright, fruity flavors. Around this time, bubble gum flavors like cotton candy and vanilla cream were introduced.

In the early 2000s, Love is gum launched special edition tropical flavors like Hawaiian Punch and Tropical Crush. These flavors evoked a sense of summer and fun for customers.

While Love is gum sales have declined in recent years due to shifts in the chewing gum market, the nostalgic brand still maintains a loyal following to this day. The vintage packaging continues to attract collectors and fans of retro brands.

Where is Love is Gum Manufactured?

Although Love is gum was created by the Topps company based in New York City, most of the manufacturing and production takes place elsewhere today.

In the 1990s, Topps licensed out production of Love is gum to other gum manufacturers:

Years Manufacturer
1994-1996 Fleer Corporation
1996-1999 Concord Confections
1999-2003 Cadbury Adams

From 2003 onwards, the main manufacturer of Love is gum has been Farley’s & Sathers based out of Minnesota. They produce the gum in factories across the United States, mainly in their home state.

Some of Farley’s & Sathers factory locations that produce Love is gum include:

  • Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Plymouth, Minnesota

The gum base, flavorings, colors, and other ingredients are sourced by Farley’s & Sathers from various suppliers. The ingredients all come together in the manufacturing process at the factories.

Modern gum manufacturing is highly automated, with machines to mix ingredients, form the gum into strips or balls, coat it, package it, and prepare it for distribution. While still made in America, Love is gum has a far reach, available in over 20 countries worldwide today.

Love is Gum Ingredients

Love is gum contains many of the same basic ingredients found in most chewing gum:

Gum Base – This gives gum its chewy, rubbery texture. For commercial gum, it is typically made from synthetic polymers, waxes, and softeners.

Sweeteners – Sugar or artificial sweeteners like aspartame give gum its sweet taste. Love is gum contains both cane sugar and aspartame.

Flavors & Colors – The fun fruity flavors and vibrant colors come from artificial and natural flavorings and FD&C dyes. Popular Love is gum flavors include strawberry, watermelon, grape, orange, and lemon.

Softeners – Glycerin and vegetable oils help keep the gum soft and moist.

Texturizers – Soy lecithin allows the ingredients to blend smoothly and evenly.

Preservatives – BHT and BHA prolong the shelf life of the gum.

Foaming Agent – Glycyrrhizin, from licorice root, gives the gum its foamy texture.

While the exact formulas are proprietary secrets, Love is gum ingredients are FDA-approved and safe for consumption. The ingredients provide the signature flavors, colors, aromas, and mouthfeel that make Love is gum unique.

Love is Gum Nutrition Facts

Since chewing gum is considered a confectionery, Love is gum does not provide much in the way of nutritional value. The main nutrients come from the natural and artificial sweeteners used.

Here are the nutrition facts for a standard piece of Love is gum (1.5g):

Nutrition Facts 1 Piece (1.5g)
Calories 5
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 0mg
Total Carbs 2g
– Sugar 1g

As you can see, a piece of Love is gum contains minimal calories, fat, and sodium. There are 2 grams of carbohydrates, 1 of which comes from sugar.

The ingredients in Love is gum provide sweetness and flavor, but no significant nutritional value. While not the healthiest snack, chewing gum like Love is can provide oral health benefits. The act of chewing increases saliva production which can neutralize mouth acid and prevent cavities.

Of course, moderation is key when consuming sweets like gum. But an occasional piece of nostalgic Love is gum remains a favorite treat for many.

Unique Flavors and Packaging

Part of Love is gum’s enduring popularity can be attributed to its diverse lineup of unique flavors. While spearmint and peppermint remain popular, Love is gum comes in unconventional flavors you won’t find in your average pack of gum.

Some of the most iconic Love is gum flavors include:

  • Tropical Crush – Mango and passionfruit
  • Citrus Squeeze – Orange and lemon
  • Strawberry Kiss – Sweet strawberry
  • Watermelon Wave – Watermelon with a hint of coconut
  • Vanilla Cream – Smooth vanilla frosting
  • Cotton Candy – Sweet pink cotton candy

The tropical flavors evoke a sense of summer fun and escapism for customers. The fruit flavors taste like candy rather than classic mint gum.

In addition to the flavors, people love the bright, retro packaging of Love is gum. The gum sticks come wrapped in colorful foil with groovy fonts and floral motifs. The eye-catching artwork provides a nostalgic appeal.

Even as Love is gum has evolved over the decades, they have retained much of the throwback packaging design. Customers instantly recognize the fun, vintage wrappers on store shelves.

Between the unconventional flavors and funky packaging, Love is gum has maintained its unique brand identity through generations. The flavors and designs transport you back to the free-spirited era that inspired Love is gum.

Pop Culture Appearances

As a vintage brand, Love is gum has made its way into pop culture over the years. The nostalgic gum has been featured in songs, movies, and TV shows as a symbol of childhood and classic Americana.

Here are some notable pop culture appearances of Love is gum:


  • The song “Candy Wrapper” by Bosco mentions “Love is gum, Double Bubble, and Big League Chew”
  • The music video for “Make Me Better” by Fabolous shows the rapper unwrapping Love is gum
  • Love is gum posters and wrappers can be spotted in the music video for “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” by Fall Out Boy


  • In the 1993 film “The Sandlot”, characters chew Love is gum while playing baseball
  • Renee Zellweger’s character has Love is gum in her lunch bag in 2001’s “Bridget Jones’s Diary”
  • In “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, Violet Beauregarde chews Love is gum before turning into a giant blueberry


  • On Netflix’s “Stranger Things”, Love is gum appears in scenes set in the 80s
  • In an episode of “Mad Men”, Peggy and Stan brainstorm Love is gum ad concepts
  • Monica pops Love is gum before going to the dentist in an episode of “Friends”

From movies set in the 60s to shows in modern day, Love is gum frequently appears as a nod to vintage pop culture. The classic gum evokes nostalgia and memories of childhood summers.

Even for viewers and listeners too young to remember Love is gum’s heyday, the brand represents retro Americana. It’s a recognizable symbol of playgrounds, baseball games, and roller skating rinks through the decades.

Where to Buy Love is Gum Today

Wondering where you can get your hands on some Love is gum today? Here are some of the best places to buy packs of this classic chewing gum brand:

  • Online – Love is gum is available for purchase online at,, and You can often buy in bulk for the best deals.
  • Specialty Candy Stores – Check out independent candy shops or candy warehouse outlets, which frequently stock novelty gum brands.
  • Amazon – Search for Love is gum on Amazon to find a wide selection of flavors sold by various sellers.
  • eBay – Find people auctioning off vintage packs and discontinued flavors on eBay.
  • Gas Stations and Convenience Stores – While selection is limited, you may be able to find a few standard Love is gum flavors at the checkout counter.
  • Dollar Stores – Retailers like Dollar Tree and 99 Cent Only sometimes carry fun size Love is gum packs.

For the widest selection of flavors, specialty online candy retailers are your best bet. But keep your eye out at gas stations, convenience stories, and discount shops where you may spot Love is gum from time to time.

Tracking down those rare, nostalgic packages is part of the fun for gum collectors!

How Love is Gum Has Evolved

While the classic flavors and packaging remain, Love is gum has evolved in some ways over the decades to keep up with the times. Here are some of the biggest ways Love is gum has changed with the eras:

  • New flavors – In addition to the fruity flavors, Love is gum now comes in cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, and other gourmet flavors.
  • Sugar free options – To appeal to health-conscious customers, sugar free Love is gum is available sweetened with aspartame instead.
  • Modernized branding – While still retro, the logo and packaging now have a more updated, sleek look.
  • Limited editions – Special flavors like Candy Cane and Sour Strawberry are released for short periods.
  • Online marketing – The brand utilizes Instagram and other social platforms for digital marketing campaigns.

By continuing to innovate, Love is gum has managed to stay relevant despite rising competition. The brand has an active Facebook page with over 18,000 followers. The classic chewing gum remains recognizable to older generations but also appeals to young people craving vintage.

While gum sales overall are declining, Love is seems poised to stick around for decades to come. The nostalgic novelty of unwrapping a pack continues to bring joy to longtime fans and newcomers alike.


Love is gum has a rich history spanning over 40 years. Originating in the flower power 1970s, the brand has evolved through changing times while retaining its retro charm. Though recipes and packaging have been updated, Love is gum still encapsulates the carefree, youthful spirit on which it was founded.

From its start as a Topps product to manufacturing by Farley’s & Sathers today, Love is gum has a proud American heritage. The iconic fruity flavors transport you back to summers past. Spotting a pack brings a rush of nostalgia, whether you’re browsing the candy aisle or watching a period film. Love is gum maintains its vintage appeal while continuing to attract new generations.

So next time you unwrap a piece of delectable Strawberry Kiss or zesty Tropical Crush, appreciate the decades of cheerful chawing wrapped up in that vintage foil. Love is gum is a tasteful treat brimming with American pop culture history.