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Where does pink and orange make?

Where does pink and orange make?

Mixing the colors pink and orange results in a vibrant reddish-orange hue that brings warmth and energy. While pink and orange seem like an unusual color combination, they can work beautifully together under the right circumstances. The interaction of these two vivid shades creates a nuanced interplay of color that catches the eye.

The Color Wheel

On the traditional color wheel, pink sits between red and purple, while orange falls between red and yellow. Pink contains tints of red, while orange holds shades of both red and yellow. When placed adjacent on the color wheel, pink and orange showcase a harmonious intermingling of closely related shades.

While contrasting colors on the color wheel create dramatic tension, analogous colors like pink and orange result in a more subtle and soothing effect. Their close relationship allows the hues to blend seamlessly to form tones situated between them.

Color Theory

According to color theory, specific color combinations elicit particular responses. Pairing pink’s sense of romance, sweetness, and femininity with orange’s vibrancy, warmth, and energy produces a dynamic interplay between the two.

Pink tempers orange’s fiery boldness, while orange injects pink with vitality. Together, they radiate an enthusiastic, lively quality with strong feminine undertones.

Mixing Pink and Orange Paint

When physically combining pink and orange paint, the resulting color falls somewhere between a pinkish orange and orangish pink, depending on the exact shades used.

Mixing equal parts of a cool fuchsia pink and a warm mandarin orange produces a peachy pink with a subtle orange overtone. Tilting the ratio towards the orange results in a stronger coral color. Using more pink gives way to a softer melon-like hue.

The pink loses some of its blue undertones while picking up yellow from the orange. Meanwhile, the orange sheds some of its intensity, becoming softer and more muted. Their merger creates a vivid reddish-orange blend.

Best Color Combinations

Certain pink and orange pairings work especially well due to their exact saturation, tones, and balance of color dominance. Here are some of the most pleasing combinations:

  • Salmon pink + peach orange = tropical sunset coral
  • Hot magenta pink + blood orange = exotic reddish pink
  • Pastel pink + peach orange = sweet sherbet tones
  • Rose pink + burnt orange = earthy terra cotta pink
  • Blush pink + pumpkin orange = warm autumnal coral

Worst Color Combinations

While pink and orange can partner beautifully, some shades clash when combined. Avoid these jarring color pairings:

  • Neon pink + traffic cone orange = garish, overly bright
  • Barbie pink + fluorescent orange = childish, unsophisticated
  • Bubblegum pink + orange sherbet = overwhelming sweetness
  • Baby pink + peach = washed out, insipid
  • Hot pink + carrot orange = competing intensities

Use of Pink and Orange Together

Pink and orange work best when one color takes dominance over the other, acting as an accent. Large areas of both colors can become visually overwhelming.

In fashion, pink clothes or accessories pop against an orange backdrop. For interiors, pink furniture or artwork energizes orange walls. Orange flowers and decor provide a vibrant splash in a primarily pink room.

When applying makeup, a touch of orange shadow, liner, or lipstick makes blue or green eyes gleam, while enhancing pink cheekbones and lips. For graphic design, orange text over a pink background draws the eye.

Cultural and Symbolism

In many cultures, pink symbolizes femininity, romance, and self-love while orange represents joy, creativity, and social communication. Blending them incorporates aspects of both colors.

In color psychology, pink calms and restores while orange stimulates and uplifts. Together they create a sense of gentle vitality and optimistic wellbeing.

The pairing connects to themes of sunsets, tropical flowers, coral reefs, and citrus fruits. It channels creative energy with a soft, approachable vibe.

Shade of Pink Shade of Orange Resulting Color
Fuchsia Mandarin Peachy pink coral
Salmon Peach Tropical sunset
Hot magenta Blood orange Exotic reddish pink
Pastel Peach Sweet sherbet
Rose Burnt Earthy terra cotta


While at first glance pink and orange seem an unlikely pairing, their blend results in vivid reddish-orange hues full of energy and warmth. With the right tone and balance, the two colors complement each other beautifully in everything from fashion to graphic design.

Pink softens orange’s intensity as orange brightens pink’s femininity, creating colors that evoke sunsets, tropical scenes, autumn leaves, fruits, and flowers. Though best used in moderation, this vibrant color combination packs a lively, optimistic punch.