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Where do Sith get Kyber crystals?

Kyber crystals are a crucial component of lightsabers, focusing energy into the distinctive plasma blades. While Jedi obtain kyber crystals from certain sacred locations, the Sith have different methods of acquiring these rare crystals to power their own deadly weapons.

What are Kyber Crystals?

Kyber crystals are force-attuned crystals that grow on several planets across the galaxy. They act as a conduit, channeling and focusing energy to power a lightsaber. The crystals resonate with the Force, establishing a link with the wielder of the lightsaber.

In their raw state, kyber crystals are colorless. However, when attuned with a Jedi or Sith, the crystals take on the characteristic glow – blue and green for Jedi, red for Sith. The color depends on how the user attunes with the crystal using the Force.

Where do Jedi Get Kyber Crystals?

For Jedi, finding a kyber crystal to construct their first lightsaber is a sacred rite of passage. Jedi initiate must travel to the crystal caves of Ilum, a planet strong with the light side of the Force. There, they must meditate and clear their minds before a crystal chooses them.

Bringing a crystal from Ilum into harmony is an act of patience and inner peace. This process turns the crystal blue or green, colors associated with Jedi guardians and consulars respectively. Finding a kyber crystal reflects the Jedi’s focus on peaceful attunement with the Force.

How do Sith Get Kyber Crystals?

In contrast, the Sith rely on domination and power to obtain their crystals. They employ several methods to acquire kyber crystals and bend them to their will:

Stealing from Jedi

A simple way for Sith to obtain kyber crystals is to take them from defeated Jedi foes. By killing a Jedi and taking their lightsaber, the Sith can harvest the crystal inside and repurpose it for their own ends.

Conquering Ilum

At times, the Sith have invaded the sacred Jedi planet of Ilum to control the source of kyber crystals. During the Great Galactic War, the Sith Empire occupied Ilum and mined kyber crystals to equip the Imperial Army. This let them produce more lightsabers and overwhelm Jedi in battle.

Synthetic Crystals

The Sith also use synthetic kyber crystals produced through alchemy, cutting them to precisely attune their lightsabers. Darth Sidious and other powerful Dark Lords crafted unique synthetic crystals with properties tailored to their combat styles.

Forging through Pain

To truly master the power of the dark side, Sith also forge new kyber crystals using their own pain, rage, and passion. Through sacrificial rites, they make the crystals “bleed” turning them the distinctive red. This agonizing process unleashes the dark power within the kyber.

Why do Sith Crystals Turn Red?

When Jedi build their lightsabers, they meditate peacefully with the kyber crystal, gently persuading it to resonate with the Force. This attunes the crystal’s energy to the Jedi’s inner light, producing blue and green blades.

In contrast, Sith use pain, coercion, and domination to force the kyber crystal to submit to their will. By bathing the crystal in the dark side, the negative psychic imprint turns the crystal red. This represents how the Sith corrupt and inflict anguish to gain power.

Unique Sources of Sith Kyber Crystals

While Jedi have Ilum, Sith seek out other worlds touched by the dark side to find Kyber crystals:


The home planet of the Nightsisters is infused with dark side energy, giving its kyber crystals a crimson hue. Many Sith and Dark Jedi journey to Dathomir seeking crystals that resonate with the power of the Nightsisters.


A Sith temple on Malachor V contains a hidden vault of kyber crystals that have been corrupted by the influence of the dark side. These crystals thirst for revenge against the Jedi who scarred Malachor V in ancient battles.


The hellish planet of Mustafar has lava rivers filled with unique black kyber crystals attuned to the dark side. Vader had a castle on Mustafar where he meditated among these crystals and constructed his red-bladed lightsaber.

Notable Sith Kyber Crystals

Many infamous Sith lightsabers contained kyber crystals with unique histories and powers:

Sith Kyber Crystal Description
Darth Vader Bleeding crystal from Jedi Temple Vader bled this crystal with the dark side, turning it the distinctive Sith red.
Darth Sidious Synthetic crystal Sidious crafted this specially engineered crystal to focus his unlimited power.
Darth Maul Crystal from Dathomir Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber contained a crimson crystal from his Nightsister kin on Dathomir.


Finding a kyber crystal is a pivotal process in the training of both Jedi and Sith. While Jedi peacefully commune with crystals on Ilum, Sith use domination and pain to subjugate kyber crystals to their will. This leads to bleeding the crystals red and channeling the power of the dark side. Whether stolen from foes, harvested from dark side nexuses, or alchemically engineered, kyber crystals are essential to fueling the malevolent powers of the Sith.