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What’s the cutest type of monkey?

What’s the cutest type of monkey?

There are over 260 species of monkeys in the world, ranging from the tiny pygmy marmoset to the massive mandrill. With so many varieties of monkeys, it can be tough to decide which is the absolute cutest. Some of the most adorable monkey species include tamarins, capuchins, langurs, and macaques. When determining the cutest monkeys, you have to consider their facial features, body size, fur color and texture, personality, and more. The most important factor for many people is the monkey’s face – the big eyes, tiny nose, and fuzzy cheeks. In this article, we will explore some of the top contenders for the title of cutest monkey and look at why their appearance and behaviors make them so cute.


Tamarins are small monkeys native to South America that grow to be about 6-10 inches tall and weigh under 2 pounds. Here are some reasons these tiny primates might be the cutest monkeys:

  • Big eyes – Tamarins have large, round eyes on their almost cat-like faces.
  • Long hair – Their thick fur is a mane of long hair around their face.
  • Miniature size – As one of the smallest species of monkeys, their tiny stature makes them cute.
  • Colorful features – Many tamarins have striking colors on their face, paws, and tail.
  • Expressive – They make chirping sounds and change facial expressions.

Some of the most adorable types of tamarins include:

Type Appearance
Golden lion tamarin Orange fur and a long silky mane framing its face
Emperor tamarin Long white mustache and beard
Cotton-top tamarin Puffy white hair on the top of its head like a cotton ball


Capuchins are New World monkeys found in Central and South America. Some reasons they can be considered among the cutest monkeys include:

  • Tufted crown – Many capuchins have a cute tuft of hair on the top of their head.
  • Tiny build – They have a small, lightweight frame.
  • Large brains – Their high intelligence makes them inquisitive.
  • Dexterous – They can grab objects and food with their hands.
  • Sweet behaviors – They groom each other, play games, and use tools.

Some precious capuchin species are:

Type Cute Attributes
White-fronted capuchin All white face and tiny body
Weeper capuchin Dark fur and sweet facial expressions
Golden-bellied capuchin Tuffed crown and orange fur on belly


Langurs, also known as leaf monkeys, are found in Asia. Characteristics that lend to their cute appeal include:

  • Fur coloration – Some have black fur with white markings around the face and belly.
  • Small nose and mouth – Gives them a innocent look.
  • Long tail – Can be used for balance and holding items.
  • Loyal – Form close family groups with a single male.
  • Playful – Young langurs love to play and climb trees.

Some delightful langur species are:

Type Endearing Traits
Silvered langur Stunning silver and black fur with a cute face
Purple-faced langur Unusual fur colors and innocent baby eyes
Nilgiri langur Thick and soft black fur


Macaques are found across Asia and can also rank among the world’s cutest monkeys with these attributes:

  • Expressive faces – They convey emotions clearly.
  • Intelligence – They are smart and can solve problems.
  • Baby appeal – Infant macaques have sweet faces.
  • Diverse looks – Different species have unique colors and patterns.
  • Human-like behaviors – They interact in complex social groups.

Some precious species of macaques include:

Type Adorable Factors
Japanese macaque Cute furry coats to handle cold climates
Rhesus macaque Sweet, innocent eyes
Lion-tailed macaque Silky black fur and a fringe of hair framing the face


When weighing all the factors that make monkeys cute like facial features, size, fur, and personality, a few types stand out as the cutest. Tamarins rank very high with their tiny stature, big eyes, and colorful coats. Capuchins also charm with their furry head tufts and playful nature. Expressive macaques and striking langurs likewise make the shortlist of cutest monkeys. But the final decision is subjective – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The best way to determine the cutest monkey is to look at pictures and videos of different species and decide which one melts your heart!