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What’s the best Bugatti color?

When it comes to luxury supercars, Bugatti is in a league of its own. With cutting-edge engineering, world-class performance, and exquisite craftsmanship, Bugatti vehicles are the pinnacle of automotive excellence. And when you’re spending over $3 million on a new Chiron or Veyron, you’ll want it to look as fantastic as it drives. That’s where choosing the right exterior color comes in.

What are the most popular Bugatti colors?

Bugatti offers a wide palette of custom colors for their vehicles through their “Bugatti Custom Paint” program. However, certain shades have emerged as particularly popular among Bugatti owners:

  • Black – A classic, elegant color perfect for a stealthy supercar.
  • Blue – From bright royal blue to deep navy, blue symbolizes speed and makes a bold styling statement.
  • Red – Conveys passion and intensity, and gives a Bugatti hypercar an even more dramatic presence.
  • White – Crisp and refreshing, white shows off the dramatic lines and curves of a Bugatti’s bodywork.
  • Grey – Sophisticated and refined, grey is ideal for those seeking a more understated look.

Black, blue, red, and grey accounted for over 75% of Bugatti deliveries in recent years. But the brand prides itself on individualization, so the possibilities are endless for the right buyer.

How do different colors impact the look of a Bugatti?

Bugatti’s sensational designs showcase remarkable athleticism, power, and beauty. The exterior color has a major impact on accentuating or altering the styling DNA. Here’s how some of Bugatti’s most popular colors affect the aesthetics:


  • Makes surfaces appear more uniform and extends lines for a sleeker look
  • Highlights complex sculpted features through shadows and contours
  • Oozes sophistication and elegance


  • Pops against black accents like grilles, wheels, brake calipers
  • Gives a vibrant, energetic vibe highlighting Bugatti’s performance
  • Darker blues like navy add a touch of mystery and exclusivity


  • Symbolizes speed, power, passion, and intensity
  • Shades like Italian red or French racing blue have a motorsport flair
  • Strong attention-grabbing effect that’s impossible to ignore


  • Purity and simplicity enable elegant, sweeping lines to stand out
  • Gleaming finish resembles finely sculpted artwork
  • Crisp contrast against tinted windows and wheels


  • Subtle and refined for those seeking a more low-key luxury car
  • Cool tones contrast well with warmer black and tan leather in the cabin
  • Matte grey finishes add discreet elegance

The shape of the Chiron, Veyron, and other Bugatti models becomes a canvas for creative expression through the limitless color combinations available.

Which Bugatti color is the most expensive?

When buying a multi-million dollar hypercar, custom specifying a rare and complex paint finish can quickly escalate the price. Here are some of the most expensive Bugatti color options:

Color Description Approx. Added Cost
Pearlescent Paint Multilayer paint containing pearl pigment for an iridescent finish $15,000 – $20,000
Matte Paint Smooth matte paint requiring extra preparation and care $20,000 – $30,000
Two-tone Paint Two complementary colors elegantly blended across the bodywork $30,000 – $50,000
Exposed Carbon Fiber Glossy carbon weave visible underneath transparent lacquer $50,000+
Custom Artwork Bespoke hand-painted graphics, designs, or illustrations $100,000+

Pearlescent and matte finishes, two-tone color combinations, exposed carbon fiber, and custom airbrushed artwork significantly raise the cost. But for Bugatti’s elite clients, there are few limits when creating their ideal bespoke hypercar.

What is the fastest Bugatti color?

When it comes to top speed, the exterior color has minimal impact on actual performance. However, there are small aerodynamic factors to consider that could influence high-speed stability:

  • Light colors like white and yellow may slightly improve acceleration by reflecting more heat away from the vehicle.
  • Dark colors like black and grey can increase surface temperature and aerodynamic drag fractions at higher speeds.
  • Exposed carbon fiber or gloss finishes could allow air to glide over surfaces more smoothly.
  • Matte finishes may improve stability but add minor drag at high speeds.

Ultimately though, we’re talking extremely small differences measured in fractions of seconds or single digit mph. Bugatti’s world-beating performance is primarily derived from its powertrain engineering and design. The capable quad-turbo W16 engine and active aerodynamics generate tremendous speed regardless of the color.

Which color is best for resale value?

When investing $3 million or more in a Bugatti, retaining the highest resale value possible is certainly a consideration. The most valuable Chiron and Veyron models years later typically have these characteristics:

  • Rare, limited production color options.
  • Timeless and iconic color combinations like black and tan leather.
  • Original factory paintwork in flawless condition.
  • Well-documented service history proving proper care.
  • Minimal miles only from occasional weekend drives.

Conservative color choices that have historically been popular with Bugatti collectors tend to hold value best. These include:

  • Classic black
  • Refined grey
  • Sleek blue
  • Powerful red

Vibrant colors and over-the-top custom paintwork may stand out when new. But down the road, subtler finishes often draw higher prices from serious Bugatti buyers.

What are the best colors for Bugatti driving conditions?

Bugatti owners are blessed to enjoy driving their hypercars in ideal conditions – on private roads, racetracks, or meticulously maintained car collections. But in some circumstances, the color choice does matter:

Sunny/hot climates

  • Light and bright colors reflect sunlight and reduce cabin heat buildup.
  • Matte finishes absorb less surface heat compared to gloss paintwork.
  • Avoid darker colors like black that absorb significant solar energy.

Overcast/cool climates

  • Darker hues like black, grey, and blue emphasize the dramatic silhouette.
  • Rich reds and vibrant colors make the car stand out on grey days.
  • Gloss paint pops more than matte finishes in diffuse light.

Night driving

  • Black, midnight blue, or grey exude mystery and elegance under city lights.
  • Reflective paint containing silver, gold, or pearl add eye-catching allure.
  • Avoid red which appears dark and anonymous at night.

The ideal all-conditions color is one that looks stunning day or night, in sunshine or rain – like an elegant navy blue, silver, or pearl white.

What special edition Bugatti colors are most iconic?

Bugatti has produced many special “Les Légendes de Bugatti” editions showcasing historic brand colors. The most famous and coveted include:

  • French Racing Blue – Commemorates early race cars with Le Mans victories. A vibrant blue that evokes speed and adrenaline.
  • Black Carbon – Celebrates the Type 35 race car’s black carbon bodywork. Strikingly durable exposed carbon fiber weave.
  • Rembrandt Bugatti – Honors Ettore Bugatti’s brother with a refined brown and cream two-tone color scheme.
  • Jean Bugatti – Blue exterior and beige interior remembering Ettore’s son who contributed to many Bugatti designs.

These heritage colors and accompanying Bespoke fittings showcase Bugatti’s rich history and make the special editions immensely valuable to collectors.


Finding the perfect exterior color for a Bugatti is deeply personal. Some prefer classic black or white to showcase elegant sculptural forms. Others desire vibrant blues or reds that scream speed and performance. More subtle grey and silver hues provide refined exclusivity. And special finishes like pearls, matte, and exposed carbon fiber add unique dimensions of texture. Since Bespoke customization is endless with Bugatti, the choice ultimately comes down to creating your own automotive work of art.

With its world-beating engineering and tech, immense power, and show-stopping looks, any Bugatti is an exceptional vehicle. But an iconic color choice that reflects your personality makes that seven-figure investment all the more special. So whether you want your Chiron or Veyron to make a bold statement or exude restrained elegance, the perfect hue is out there waiting.