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What words have Q and R in them?

What words have Q and R in them?

There are many words in the English language that contain both the letters Q and R. Some common examples include words like “question,” “quarter,” “require,” “queue,” and “quarrel.” In this article, we will take a deeper look at words with Q and R, and provide a comprehensive list of such words.

The letters Q and R can appear in various positions within words. Q often precedes U, as in words like “question” and “quarrel.” R may appear before or after Q, as in “require” and “quarter.” Some words only contain Q and R, like “Qatar.”

There are quite a few interesting word pairs that only differ by the presence of Q or R, like “rack/quack” and “ridge/quid.” This highlights the close relationship between Q and R in English orthography.

Examining words with Q and R provides insight into English etymology. Q and R have origins in languages like Latin and French. For instance, “question” comes from the Latin word “quaestio.” Many English words with Q and R stem from borrowed roots.

In the following sections, we will provide categories and examples of common words with Q and R. First we will look at some word pairs involving Q and R. Then we will examine words where Q and R appear consecutively. Finally, we will provide an extensive list of words containing Q and R.

Word Pairs Involving Q and R

There are a number of interesting word pairs in English that are identical except for the presence of Q or R. Here are some examples:

  • Rack/Quack
  • Wreck/Quirk
  • Drag/Dag
  • Prank/Crank
  • Track/Crack
  • Rack/Wrack
  • Rig/Quig
  • Wriggle/Squiggle
  • Wrangle/Squabble
  • Wretch/Quetch

These word pairs highlight the interchangeability of Q and R in some contexts. The presence of Q often adds a sense of oddness or humor. For instance, “quack” is an onomatopoeic word imitating the sound of a duck.

There are also word pairs where R/Q appears alongside C/K:

  • Crank/Quank
  • Crock/Quock
  • Crump/Quamp
  • Critch/Quitch
  • Crike/Quike

The K/C and Q/R sound pairs have been interchangeable in English over time. Examining these word pairings provides insight into the evolution of English orthography and phonology.

Words with Consecutive Q and R

Some words feature Q and R together in sequence. Here are a few common examples:

  • Question
  • Quota
  • Quantum
  • Quarry
  • Quart
  • Quark
  • Quorum
  • Torque

Consecutively paired Q and R often, but not always, take on the /kw/ sound, as in “quarry” and “quantum.” In some cases, like “torque,” the R takes on an audible pronounced role.

Here are some less common examples of words with consecutive Q and R:

  • Quirt (a riding whip)
  • Quisquous (uncertain, questionable)
  • Querimonious (complaining, whining)

Words with consecutive Q and R are great examples of how digraphs take on distinct sounds in English. They also illustrate how Q is often followed directly by R in many English word roots.

Comprehensive List of Words with Q and R

Here is an extensive list of common and uncommon words that feature both the letters Q and R. It includes words with consecutive Q and R as well as words with Q and R in other arrangements.

Qatar Craq Quirt
Qoph Quack Query
Iraqi Qanat Quark
Qindar Tranq Cure
Faqr Qadi Aquarelle
Qintar Qoph Torque
Quid Quirt Quorum
Quipu Quoin Quaich
Quran Qophs Quadrance
Qursh Qanat Quack
Quoined Quacky Equerry
Iraq Qadi Quaff
Macq Qwerty Quarky
Qanats Quipu Squelch
Qindar Quirt Quoth
Tranq Qophs Quaffed
Qanats Iraqi Qwerty
Cure Faqr Qoph
Quirt Quran Qatari
Qursh Quoth Qindars
Torque Quorum Question
Query Qintar Macq
Qwerty Qanat Qatari
Quoth Qursh Quirt
Quarky Quack Squelch
Qophs Qadi Quaff
Quaffed Quadrance Quran
Quacky Qindar Quoine
Quoined Equerry Quaich
Aquarelle Qintar Craq
Querimonious Qisquous Curette

This list illustrates the diverse arrangements of Q and R across many different words. Some noteworthy patterns include:

  • Q often precedes U
  • R frequently follows Q
  • Many words with consecutive Q and R take on a /kw/ sound
  • Words with Q and R stem from various origins like Latin, Arabic, and French

There are certainly many more words that contain Q and R beyond this list. New words entering the English language will likely feature these two letters as well.


In summary, Q and R have an intriguing relationship in English orthography. Many words feature these letters together, in arrangements like consecutive Q and R or with R preceding or following Q.

Examining words with Q and R provides insights into English language history and word origins. The interchangeability of Q and R is also highlighted through word pairs like quack/rack and quirk/wreck.

This article has only scratched the surface of Q and R words. There are many more curious examples to discover. But hopefully this provides a solid introduction to the prevalence and arrangements of Q and R in English vocabulary.