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What white paint has green undertones?

What white paint has green undertones?

When choosing a white paint color for your home, it’s important to consider the undertones. White paints can have warm undertones that lean yellow or peach, cool undertones that lean blue or gray, or green undertones that add a subtle sense of nature to a room.

What causes green undertones in white paint?

The green undertones in white paint colors come from small amounts of blue and yellow pigments. When blended together in just the right proportions, these pigments create a white with a faint green cast. The result is a soft, naturally-inspired white.

Many paint manufacturers now offer white paint colors with deliberate green undertones. Often these paints are marketed as “organic whites” or “natural whites.” The greenish tint makes them ideal for spaces where you want a whisper of color without overpowering pigment.

Benjamin Moore white paint colors with green undertones

Benjamin Moore is known for their expansive collection of white paints. Several of their most popular choices have green undertones.

Benjamin Moore Simply White

Simply White is one of Benjamin Moore’s greenest-tinged whites. This soft, versatile color has just enough green to read as a true white rather than stark bright white. Simply White has a LRVe value of 91, meaning it reflects 91% of available light for a clean, airy look.

Benjamin Moore White Dove

For those who want more green undertone than Simply White, White Dove is a smart choice. This popular, widely-used white has a faint green-gray cast. It creates a tranquil backdrop in any room.

Benjamin Moore Decorators White

Decorators White is one of Benjamin Moore’s whites with just a hint of green undertone. The green is barely perceptible. Decorators White is a favorite for trim and ceilings when you want clean, bright white without starkness.

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

With the slightest hint of green-gray, Chantilly Lace reads as a clean true white with organic undertones. It’s a popular Benjamin Moore white for those seeking a soft, versatile neutral.

Sherwin-Williams white paint colors with green undertones

Like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams offers white paint choices with subtle green undertones. Their palette of greens spans barely detectable to clearly evident.

Sherwin-Williams Pure White

Pure White is one of Sherwin-Williams’ most popular whites. With faint cool undertones, it reads as a clean, versatile white for any room.

Sherwin-Williams Extra White

For those wanting more noticeable green undertone, Extra White is a great option. The green casts a soft, natural look.

Sherwin-Williams Passive

Passive has the most pronounced green tint in Sherwin-Williams’ selection of whites. With a definite sage green appearance, it lends any space a restful feel.

Sherwin-Williams Modern White

Modern White balances barely perceptible green-gray undertones. This adaptable white works everywhere from trim to cabinets.

Behr white paint colors with green undertones

Behr offers many white paints with a hint of green. Their Marquee interior paint line includes choices like:

Behr Ultra Pure White

True to its name, Ultra Pure White appears clean and bright white. Look closely and faint green-gray undertones are present.

Behr Silverdrop

Silverdrop has light green-gray undertones. These cool undertones provide a soft, elegant look.

Behr White Metal

The green undertone in White Metal is subtle. Its barely perceptible cool cast works well for trim, doors, and cabinets.

Behr Chantilly Lace

Not to be confused with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace, this Behr white also carries green undertones. It creates a welcoming, airy feel with its pale greenish-gray tint.

Valspar white paint colors with green undertones

Valspar provides some nice options for white paints with an organic green leaning. Consider colors like:

Valspar Simply White

Valspar’s Simply White carries just a hint of green-gray. The result is a flexible neutral white for walls, trim, and more.

Valspar Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee is often chosen for its green-beige undertone. The hint of green warms up this white, keeping it from looking stark.

Valspar Seashell

With subtle cool undertones, Seashell maintains a clean white appearance. The barest trace of green comes through.

How to choose a white paint color

When selecting a white paint, consider these tips:

  • View paint swatches at different times of day. Natural and artificial light affects undertones.
  • Paint large swatches on walls. Small swatches can be misleading.
  • Compare swatches of different whites together for easy contrasting.
  • Consider nearby colors and materials. Whites can pick up on surrounding hues.
  • Use whites with green undertones in rooms with natural elements like foliage or wood trim.

By testing out sample whites and being mindful of undertones, you can find the perfect shade of white for your space.

How are green undertones created in white paint?

Paint manufacturers use different formulas to create greens and other undertones in white paints. Here are some of the ways they tint whites:

Titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide is the key ingredient for creating a bright white base. By itself, it produces a true flat white without other pigments.

Combining tints

To make an organic white, paint brands combine small amounts of multiple tints, usually including greens and blues. Different ratios result in different undertones.

Green and blue pigments

Specific green and blue pigments add subtle cool undertones to whites. Options like phthalocyanine or chromium oxide green create greenish tints.

Natural mineral pigments

Some paint brands use natural pigments made from minerals to produce soft, low-saturation colors. Celadon, malachite, and azurite create greenish cast whites.

Plant-based dyes

Organic plant-based dyes like chamomile, nettle, and horsetail infuse whites with natural green-yellow hues. These create an earthy feel.

Are white paints with green undertones more expensive?

Paint Brand White Paint With Green Undertones Price Per Gallon
Benjamin Moore Simply White $69.99
Sherwin-Williams Passive $67.78
Behr Silverdrop $45.98
Valspar Swiss Coffee $44.98

In general, white paint colors with green undertones do not cost more than plain bright whites. Most major paint brands price their whites fairly similarly, within the $40-$70 per gallon range. The greatest price differences come down to the brand itself, not necessarily the undertones.

There are specialty paint manufacturers that use unique pigments and finishes to produce premium designer whites. These paints may cost upwards of $100 per gallon. But for standard paints at regular home improvement stores, whites with green, gray, or other casts are typically no more expensive than pure clean whites.

Should I choose a white paint with green undertones?

Here are some benefits of choosing a white paint color with green undertones:

  • Provides a soft, organic ambiance – Greenish whites feel more natural and peaceful than stark bright whites.
  • Warmer than whites with blue undertones – Green whites are more welcoming than cool blues.
  • Distinct from beiges or creams – The white base keeps the color clean and neutral compared to off-whites.
  • Adaptable and versatile – Green whites work in almost any part of a home.
  • Easy to decorate with – Green-tinged whites pair well with most colors and materials.

The subtle green cast also helps white paint colors reflect less yellow over time. Whites with blue undertones can sometimes turn dingy. The faint warmth of green whites avoids that issue.

Downsides to consider include:

  • May read “dirty” – In bright, artificial light, the greens can look sullied.
  • Less bright – Green whites don’t have the stark brightness of pure whites.
  • Limits color pairing – The greenish tint won’t pair as seamlessly with some colors like reds and oranges.

Ultimately the choice comes down to personal preference. Before committing to a full paint job, get samples of different whites and see them in your space at varied times of day. The most flattering undertone depends on lighting, architectural style, furnishings, and more.


White paint colors with subtle green undertones provide a soft, natural look perfect for many homes. All the major paint brands offer green-tinted whites. Seeing swatches in a space is the best way to gauge the effect.

A white like Benjamin Moore Simply White, Sherwin-Williams Passive, or Behr Silverdrop imbues a room with tranquility. The barely perceptible green cast adds warmth without overwhelming. Green-tinged whites suit many design aesthetics and color palettes. More saturated shades work well in natural, rustic, or Asian-inspired spaces.

While greenish whites cost no more than other whites, preview them at varied times before fully committing. Make sure the undertones interact well with lighting, wood tones, and other colors already in the space. When thoughtfully selected, the right greenish white paint can transform a room into a serene oasis. Just a whisper of green reflects nature’s calming essence.