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What was Chrisean Rock doing before she met Blueface?

Chrisean Rock has become a viral sensation and tabloid fixture since starting her tumultuous relationship with rapper Blueface in 2022. However, prior to linking up with the “Thotiana” hitmaker, Chrisean was just an average young woman trying to find her way in life.

Early Life and Background

Chrisean Rock was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1998. Not much is known publicly about her family and upbringing. In various social media posts, Chrisean has mentioned having a twin sister named Christina. She also occasionally posts photos with her mother, but details about her parents and childhood are scarce.

In high school, Chrisean was an accomplished athlete. She played basketball and ran track. Video footage exists of Chrisean sinking basketball shots and running track races during her teen years. Her athletic talents earned her a college athletic scholarship at one point.

Early Adult Years

After finishing high school, Chrisean began attending college. However, she did not complete her college education. At some point, Chrisean moved to Phoenix, Arizona. She started taking classes at Arizona State University in hopes of continuing her basketball career collegiately, but her time there appears to have been brief.

For several years, Chrisean lived in the Phoenix area and held down regular jobs to support herself. Based on her social media history, she worked various retail jobs at clothing stores in the mall. She also did promotional work and modeling during this time period.

Wanting Fame

Even before meeting Blueface, Chrisean harbored dreams of being famous. On her early Instagram page dating back to 2016, she often posted selfies and modeling photos with captions about wanting to be a star. It seems she hoped her good looks and charisma could one day make her a celebrity.

Chrisean also dabbled in music herself for a time. In 2017 and 2018, she posted videos of herself rapping along to songs by artists like Lil Boosie. She appeared to fantasize about breaking into the music business herself and joining the ranks of her favorite rappers.

Joining Reality TV

Craving fame, Chrisean eventually got her first major break in 2019 when she was cast on the Zeus reality show All Things Real Housewives. The show followed a group of young women with connections to reality TV stars as they tried to make names for themselves in Phoenix.

Chrisean quickly emerged as a standout personality on the show. Her fiery, confrontational attitude made her a lightning rod for drama during the show’s first season in early 2020. She developed a reputation as an outspoken, unfiltered, emotionally volatile character.

Continued Pursuit of Fame

After her reality TV debut, Chrisean looked for other avenues to extend her 15 minutes of fame. She branched out on social media, gaining over 300k followers on Instagram. Chrisean also dabbled in video modeling, selling provocative custom videos through platforms like OnlyFans.

During this period, Chrisean admits she was still struggling to truly make it in the fame game. Despite her reality TV experience, she was still living a normal life working jobs and living paycheck to paycheck. She needed one more break to truly blow up.

Fateful First Meeting with Blueface

That break came in the summer of 2022 when Chrisean fatefully crossed paths with Blueface for the first time. In June, they met at a studio where Blueface was recording music. Chrisean made an immediate impression on the rapper and they exchanged numbers.

Blueface invited Chrisean to hang out that night. Even early on, their relationship was volatile. They got into a fight hours after meeting and Chrisean was arrested. However, this explosive first encounter kicked off their whirlwind situationship.

Instant Fame as Blueface’s Girl

As soon as she became affiliated with Blueface, Chrisean’s fame and notoriety skyrocketed. Blueface featured her in his music videos and regularly showcased her on his social media. Their chaotic public fights also started making headlines.

Chrisean’s Instagram following doubled to over 600k in the span of a few months. She was now forever linked to a bonafide rap star in Blueface. Her dreams of stardom had finally come true.

No Longer Struggling

With fame came financial rewards as well. After linking up with Blueface, Chrisean suddenly had money and resources she’d never had before. Blueface gifted her diamonds, took her on shopping sprees, and booked their travel.

Virtually overnight, Chrisean went from living check to check to having access to seemingly endless cash. She no longer had to work normal jobs and could enjoy a life of leisure thanks to Blueface’s deep pockets.

A Life Transformed

In the span of just a few months, Chrisean Rock went undergoing a total life transformation. She evolved from a regular young woman working jobs in Phoenix to a bonafide viral celebrity with hundreds of thousands of fans, plenty of money, and constant media attention.

While Chrisean dreamed of fame for years, she could never have imagined what meeting Blueface would unlock for her. Their turbulent relationship provided the rocket fuel to shoot Chrisean into stardom and give her the celebrity status she’d always longed for.

The Rest is History

Chrisean Rock was just an athletic girl from Baltimore who moved to Phoenix and harbored big dreams of fame and success. She worked regular jobs and tried various avenues like reality TV to get her big break before fate brought her and Blueface together.

Once she met the rapper, Chrisean’s life changed forever. She became a viral celebrity and saw her dreams of stardom come true almost overnight. While their future is uncertain, there’s no denying meeting Blueface transformed Chrisean from an average girl into a bonafide star.


In summary, before meeting Blueface, Chrisean Rock was chasing fame but still living a normal life working regular jobs and trying unsuccessfully to make it big. Linking up with the rap star provided the launchpad for her dreams, shooting her into viral stardom and providing money, resources, and attention she’d never had before. Their relationship changed the trajectory of Chrisean’s life forever.

Time Period Chrisean Rock’s Life
Early Life Grew up in Baltimore. Played high school basketball and track.
Early 20s Moved to Phoenix. Worked retail jobs and went to community college.
2019-2022 Appeared on a reality show. Had 300k Instagram followers. Still working regular jobs.
Summer 2022 Met Blueface. Became famous as his girlfriend. Stopped working regular jobs.