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What wallpaper goes with pink?

What wallpaper goes with pink?

When decorating a room with pink walls or pink furniture, choosing the right wallpaper is crucial for pulling the whole look together. The wallpaper sets the tone for the room and complements the pink elements already present. Picking wallpaper to go with pink requires considering the shade of pink, the room’s purpose, and personal style preferences. With so many wallpaper options available today in different colors, patterns, and textures, finding the perfect match may seem daunting. However, keeping a few guidelines in mind will make the process much easier.

Matching Pink Wallpaper

The most straightforward approach is selecting a wallpaper in a matching or similar shade of pink as the existing pink elements in the room. This creates a monochromatic look that allows the pink to stand out as the dominant color. The wallpaper and pink items will seamlessly blend together. There are countless shades of pink wallpaper to choose from ranging from pale pastel pink to bold hot pink. A muted dusky pink wallpaper would pair nicely with a blush pink sofa or chair. Bright fuchsia wallpaper would match a vivid pink pillow or area rug.

When the pink elements in the room are different shades, try finding a wallpaper that contains those multiple shades of pink. For example, if the room contains both light and dark pink items, choose a wallpaper with alternating blocks of light and dark pink. This helps tie the different pink tones together. Floral or geometric wallpaper with pink flowers or shapes in complementary colors also brings continuity to the assorted pink items.

Contrasting Color Wallpaper

Another option is selecting a wallpaper in a contrasting color that will accentuate the pink. This creates a bold, dramatic effect as the pink pops against the backdrop. The possibilities are endless, but some top choices include:

– Black and white wallpaper: The classic pairing of pink and black makes a strong graphic statement. Black and white damask or chevron wallpaper draws the eye to the pink items in the room.

– Navy blue wallpaper: Deep navy blue enhances different shades of pink from blush to fuchsia. Navy blue grasscloth or damask wallpaper adds a sophisticated touch.

– Forest green wallpaper: For a traditional look, forest green brings out warm tones of pink. Green damask or paisley wallpaper gives the room an elegant feel.

– Gray wallpaper: Cool gray makes an excellent neutral backdrop for any shade of pink. Gray geometric or herringbone wallpaper lets the pink furniture and accents shine.

– Yellow wallpaper: Cheerful shades of yellow like mustard or lemon yellow create an energetic pairing with pink. Yellow damask or striped wallpaper gives a bright, lively ambiance.

Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper offers endless possibilities for complementing pink decor. Here are some top pattern recommendations:

Florals: Pink floral wallpaper brings a romantic, feminine look. Choose darker or more colorful florals with pale pink decor and lighter florals with bold pink.

Damask: Classic damask wallpaper in contrasting colors like navy blue or charcoal gray provides a sophisticated backdrop for pink.

Paisley: Paisley wallpaper in shades like olive green, navy blue, or terracotta work well with both light and dark pink shades.

Geometric: For modern spaces, geometric wallpaper in contrasting colors or metallics creates striking depth with pink decor.

Plaids and Stripes: Crisp horizontal stripes or vibrantMadras plaid wallpaper pairs nicely with pink and makes a preppy statement.

Animal Print: Leopard or zebra print on a neutral background like taupe adds a glamorous, eclectic accent to pink.

Textured Wallpaper

Using wallpaper with rich texture is an easy way to enhance the pink color scheme. Here are top textured wallpaper options:

Grasscloth: Natural grasscloth wallpaper provides an earthy, organic feel that plays up pink’s softness.

Flocked: Flocked wallpaper with velvety raised flocking has dramatic visual depth. Metallic flocked wallpaper reflects light beautifully on pink.

Cork: Cork wallpaper with its nubby texture works with pink to create a warm, casual atmosphere.

Fabric: Fabric wallpaper like silk or linen adds softness and shine that complements pink’s feminine quality.

Metallic: Shimmery metallic wallpaper in silver, gold, copper, or rose gold enlivens and accentuates the pink decor.

Textured paint finishes: Wallpaper with textures like stucco, sand, or marbleized finishes provide unique visual interest with pink walls or furniture.

Wallpaper By Pink Color

Here are some top wallpaper options for specific shades of pink:

Pastel pink: With pale dusty pink walls or decor, use light gray damask, blue and white stripes, or metallic silver wallpaper.

Blush pink: Pair blush pink with beige and cream stripes, light blue floral, or taupe and pink paisley wallpaper.

Salmon pink: Salmon pink looks beautiful with sandy brown damask, navy and white ikat, or turquoise grasscloth wallpaper.

Coral pink: Try sea green or navy blue damask, yellow and white zigzag, or floral flocking wallpaper with coral pink.

Bubblegum pink: For bubblegum pink, use contrasting graphic black and white, turquoise chevron, or lime green grasscloth wallpaper.

Fuchsia pink: With bright fuchsia, choose emerald paisley, black flocking, metallic gold stripes, or navy and white geometric wallpaper.

Dusty rose pink: Dusty rose pairs nicely with cream damask, gray herringbone, mustard floral, or teal chevron wallpaper.

Wallpaper By Room

Tailor your wallpaper to the specific room when decorating with pink.

Living room – Choose a luxurious wallpaper like damask, grasscloth, or metallic to make the living room feel special.

Bedroom – In the bedroom, use a romantic floral, paisley, or chandelier print wallpaper to complement the pink’s softness.

Bathroom – For humidity resistance, vinyl or flocking wallpaper are good bathroom choices to pair with pink.

Kitchen – In the kitchen, washable splashproof wallpaper is ideal. Opt for whimsical fruit or gingham prints.

Home office – Office wallpaper should promote productivity. Try pink stripes, geometrics, or floral prints.

Kid’s room – For kids, pick a fun wallpaper like polka dots, animal print, or colorful graphics to match the pink decor.

Nursery – In a nursery, sweet nursery rhyme, storybook, or floral wallpaper pairs perfectly with pink.

Wallpaper By Style

Base your wallpaper on the room’s overall style. Here are top picks:

Modern – Abstract, minimalist, geometric, or solid color wallpaper complements modern pink rooms.

Eclectic – For eclectic style, try an exotic Chinoiserie print or Moroccan tile wallpaper with pink.

Rustic – Rustic spaces look great with grasscloth, burlap, or distressed wood wallpaper pairing with dusty pink.

Vintage – In a vintage room, use a retro damask, floral, or Persian-inspired wallpaper with pink decor.

Traditional – For a traditional look, choose classic stripes, damask, or chintz wallpaper to accentuate pink elements.

French Country – With French country decor, use a delicate fleur-de-lis, toile, or trellis wallpaper with the pink.

Mid-Century Modern – Mid-century modern pairs well with graphic black and white or colorful paisley wallpaper along with pink.

Preppy – For preppy style, use a bold plaid or striped wallpaper in contrasting colors to make the pink pop.


Finding the perfect wallpaper to match existing pink decor involves considering the specific shade of pink, room purpose, and design style. While matching or complementing hues create different effects, patterns and textures also provide visual interest. From dramatic black and white to cheerful yellow stripes, paisley and damask to grasscloth and flocked textures, today’s wallpaper options offer limitless possibilities to find the ideal pairing with pink walls and furniture in any space. With some thoughtful deliberation and experimenting with samples, you can confidently choose wallpaper that pulls your whole pink color scheme together into a unified, gorgeous look.