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What undertone is mahogany brown?

Mahogany brown is a rich, deep brown color that has reddish undertones. The specific undertone of mahogany brown can vary slightly depending on the exact shade, but in general it tends to have warm, red-orange undertones.

What are color undertones?

In color theory, undertone refers to the subtle tones or hues that underly a color and affect its overall appearance. There are three main undertones:

  • Warm – contains hints of gold, yellow, peach or red
  • Cool – contains hints of blue, pink or purple
  • Neutral – does not lean particularly warm or cool

Understanding undertones is important when coordinating colors or choosing flattering makeup shades. Warm, cool and neutral skin tones will be complemented by colors with similar undertones. Mahogany brown’s warm, red-orange undertone means it is especially flattering on people with warm skin undertones.

What makes mahogany brown a warm color?

There are a few key characteristics that contribute to mahogany brown’s warm undertone:

  • Base color – Mahogany brown is fundamentally a reddish shade of brown. Red is a quintessentially warm color.
  • Hint of orange – Many mahogany brown hues have a subtle touch of orange, which enhances the sense of warmth.
  • Lack of cool tones – Mahogany brown does not contain obvious cool tones like blue, green or purple.
  • Richness – Deeper, richer brown shades tend to appear warmer than light or desaturated browns.

The depth and saturation of mahogany gives it a cozy, earthy feeling. By contrast, brown hues with significant gray, black or green tones appear more neutral or cool.

How does lightness affect mahogany brown’s undertone?

While mahogany brown always retains warm, red-orange undertones, the lightness or darkness of the shade can affect how strongly they are perceived.

Very dark mahogany shades may appear slightly more neutral because the intensity of the red tones is diminished. But they still maintain an underlying warmth. Mid-tone mahogany browns contain a very noticeable reddish quality.

On the other hand, pale, soft mahogany browns have very subtle warm undertones that can read as almost neutral. But they are still not cool-toned.

This table summarizes how mahogany brown’s undertone changes at different lightness levels:

Mahogany brown shade Undertone
Dark Slightly warm-neutral
Mid-tone Strong warm red-orange
Light Subtle warm

So while the strength of mahogany’s warmth varies, it remains a fundamentally warm color regardless of how light or dark it is.

How does mahogany brown compare to other browns?

Not all shades of brown have the same undertone. Here’s a quick comparison of mahogany brown to some other common brown tones:

  • Chocolate brown – Very warm with red-orange undertones like mahogany, but slightly darker and richer.
  • Chestnut brown – Also warm-toned but less intense and saturated than mahogany.
  • Taupe – Can appear more neutral, lacks the vivid red tones of mahogany.
  • Mocha – Warm with subtle yellow/beige rather than red undertones.
  • Espresso – Intense, dark brown that borders on neutral.
  • Camel – Light warm brown with golden yellow undertones.

So while mahogany is far from the only warm brown, its specific red-orange undertone gives it a distinct look compared to similar earthy browns.

What colors go well with mahogany brown?

When coordinating colors, it is generally most pleasing to pair analogous hues that share similar undertones. That makes mahogany brown ideally suited to coordinate with other warm-toned colors.

Some examples of colors that work well with mahogany’s warm, red-orange undertones include:

  • Mustard yellow
  • Forest green
  • Terracotta
  • Gold
  • Peach
  • Coral

Muted cool colors can also complement mahogany nicely as accents. For example, mahogany furniture with blue decorative pillows. But too much cool color right next to mahogany risks clashing rather than coordinating.

Avoid pairing mahogany brown directly with other warm earth tones like orange, ochre or sienna. This risks looking too monochromatic. Similarly, combining mahogany with very light tans or beiges diminishes its richness. Aim for enough contrast to make mahogany’s warmth stand out.

How does mahogany brown look on warm, cool and neutral skin tones?

When it comes to cosmetics and fashion, mahogany brown is particularly flattering on people with warm skin tones. Mahogany’s red-orange hue brings out the peachy, golden warmth in warm complexions.

Those with neutral to slightly cool skin can still potentially wear mahogany well. But very pink or ruddy complexions may clash and overemphasize both the warmth in the skin and the warmth in mahogany. Muted plums and berries complement cool skin better.

Here are some tips for wearing mahogany brown based on your skin tone:

Skin tone Tips for wearing mahogany brown
Warm Very flattering, enhances your skin’s natural glow
Neutral Pleasant as long as mahogany is not too intense
Cool Best for small accents rather than dominant color

Consider lighter, softer mahogany shades like camel if you have pinkish cool skin but still want to incorporate this color. Deeper, richer mahogany browns complement those with strong golden olive undertones.

How to decorate with mahogany brown

Mahogany brown can add a sense of warmth and earthiness to home decor. Here are some tips for incorporating this rich color:

  • Furniture – Mahogany works beautifully on larger statement pieces like dining tables, beds and dressers.
  • Accent walls – Use a dark mahogany tone on an accent wall in a living room or bedroom.
  • Textiles – Try mahogany brown upholstery or throw pillows to complement neutrals.
  • Cabinets – For a cozy, retro kitchen or bar, paint lower cabinets mahogany.
  • Accessories – Vases, trays, candles and other accessories come to life in mahogany.

When decorating with mahogany brown, stick to a warm color palette for a harmonious look. Earthy green plants also pair nicely with mahogany. Just avoid stark whites and cool grays, which will clash.


With its deep reddish-brown hue, mahogany brown is a quintessentially warm color. Its distinctive red-orange undertones give mahogany a sense of richness and vibrancy. This undertone is present across light, medium and dark mahogany shades but becomes more subtle in paler versions. Mahogany coordinates best with other warm earth tones and pops against neutral backdrops. In fashion and beauty, mahogany flatters those with warm complexions. Overall, this colorful brown shade brings warmth and texture to any space or palette.