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What undertone is bareMinerals medium beige?

Choosing the right foundation shade can be a challenging process, especially when shopping online. One of the key factors in finding your perfect match is identifying your skin’s undertone. So what undertone is bareMinerals’ popular Medium Beige shade? Keep reading as we break down this complexion product.

What are undertones?

When discussing skin tones, undertone refers to the subtle color underneath the surface of your skin. There are three main categories of undertones:

  • Warm – hints of yellow, peach or gold
  • Cool – hints of pink, red or blue
  • Neutral – a balance of warm and cool undertones

In addition to affecting your skin, undertone also impacts the veins on your wrists. If your veins appear greenish, you likely have warm undertones. Bluish veins indicate cool undertones. Hard to tell? Then you probably have a neutral skin tone.

How to identify your undertone

Here are some common ways to determine your skin’s undertone:

  • Jewelry – Does gold or silver look better against your skin?
  • Veins – What color are the veins on your wrist?
  • Burning – Does your skin turn pink or gold when lightly burned by the sun?
  • Foundations – Which foundation shades blend seamlessly into your neck?

You can also look at your eye color and hair color for clues. People with warm undertones tend to have brown, green or hazel eyes with blonde, brown or red hair. Cool undertones are associated with blue, gray or green eyes and black, brown or blonde hair. If you have a mix of features, you likely have a neutral skin tone.

About BareMinerals Medium Beige

BareMinerals Original Foundation provides buildable, breathable coverage with a natural, radiant finish. It is powered by the brand’s proprietary mineral complex along with skin-nourishing ingredients like titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride and zinc stearate.

Medium Beige is one of BareMineral’s most popular shades. It falls under the Medium range of their foundation, along with shades like Medium Tan, Medium Warm and more. So what undertone does this versatile complexion product have?

Medium Beige Undertone

BareMinerals Medium Beige foundation has neutral undertones. This versatile shade works well for those with a mix of warm and cool skin tones. It avoids looking too pink or yellow against the skin.

Here is a look at some key features of Medium Beige:

  • Designed for medium skin tones
  • Balanced neutral undertones
  • Sheer-to-medium buildable coverage
  • Radiant natural finish
  • Pearl mineral reflectors for a soft glow

With its adaptable undertone, Medium Beige can complement a wide range of complexions. Those with neutral skin tones will find it to be a perfect match.

Finding your BareMinerals foundation match

Wondering if BareMinerals Medium Beige is right for you? Here are some tips for finding your ideal BareMinerals foundation shade:

  • Test shades in natural lighting for accuracy.
  • Swatch foundations on your jawline or behind your ear.
  • Compare to the skin on your neck and chest.
  • Judge based on undertones, not just depth.
  • Ask for samples to test shades fully.

BareMinerals offers a Shade Finder tool on their website to streamline the selection process. After answering a few brief questions about your skin tone, undertone, coverage needs and concerns, it provides personalized foundation recommendations.

Alternate BareMinerals shades

If you find Medium Beige isn’t the right match, here are some alternate BareMinerals shades to consider:

If Medium Beige is too light… If Medium Beige is too yellow… If Medium Beige is too dark…
Medium Tan Medium Neutral Medium Ivory
Golden Medium Medium Warm Fairly Medium

Consulting BareMinerals’ undertone guide can help you find shades with the right balance of cool, warm or neutral tones.

How to wear Medium Beige

Medium Beige offers versatile shade compatibility, but not every application method works for all skin types. Here are some tips for wearing this foundation:

  • Dry Skin: Prepped skin first with a hydrating primer or facial oil. Use a damp sponge for buildable sheer-to-medium coverage.
  • Oily/Combo Skin: Apply powder foundation with a kabuki brush for a blurring matte finish. Touch up with mineral veil throughout the day.
  • Mature Skin: Opt for liquid foundation applied with a brush to avoid settling into fine lines. Set with loose powder.
  • Sensitive Skin: Seek light-to-medium coverage and avoid irritants like fragrance. Do a patch test before full application.

How to apply BareMinerals Medium Beige

Achieving a flawless, natural-looking base starts with proper application. Follow these steps when applying Medium Beige:

  1. Start with clean, moisturized skin prepped with primer.
  2. Swirl brush or sponge into powder foundation until coated.
  3. Stipple onto skin, adding layers for desired coverage.
  4. Blend onto neck and hairline to avoid visible lines.
  5. Finish with mineral veil to set makeup and control shine.

When applied correctly, Medium Beige creates an adaptable, luminous complexion with a your-skin-but-better look. Proper tools, techniques and color pairings allow you to sheer it out or build it up as desired.

Complementary makeup

Medium Beige’s versatile undertone pairs well with both warm and cool makeup shades. Some complementary products include:

  • Eyeshadow: taupes, browns, champagne, rose gold
  • Eyeliner: rich brown, slate gray, espresso
  • Mascara: black, dark brown
  • Blush: nude pink, soft rose, coral
  • Lipstick: neutral pink, mauve, peach, classic red
  • Bronzer: neutral matte shades

Adapt your makeup look by opting for warmer coppery or cooler rosy hues. Just remember to avoid shades with strongly yellow, pink or orange pigments.


Is BareMinerals good for oily skin?

Yes, BareMinerals mineral foundation is a great option for oily skin types. The lightweight, breathable powder formula controls excess oil without caking or feeling heavy on the skin.

Does BareMinerals oxidize?

BareMinerals foundations do not tend to oxidize or change color on the skin after application. The brand’s Original Formula stays true to shade with its mineral-based pigments.

Is BareMinerals non-comedogenic?

Yes, BareMinerals products are formulated to be non-comedogenic, so they should not clog pores or cause breakouts. However, individuals may vary in sensitivity to specific ingredients.

The Takeaway

With its adaptable neutral undertone, BareMinerals Medium Beige flatters a wide range of skin tones. Proper application techniques, complementary products and shade adjustments allow you to customize your ideal complexion. Find your perfect foundation match with the versatile Medium Beige.