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What size is a single bedspread?

When shopping for a single bedspread, it’s important to understand standard bed sizes so you can find the right fit. Bedspreads come in different dimensions to match the mattress and bed frame sizes. Knowing what size bedspread you need will ensure proper coverage without overhang or coming up short. We’ll go over the dimensions for single beds and recommend the best bedspread sizes to fit them comfortably.

Standard Single Bed Dimensions

A standard single bed has dimensions of 36″ x 75″. This is the smallest standard mattress size intended for one adult. Other common names for this mattress size include twin, single, and solo bed. The actual mattress dimensions may vary slightly by manufacturer, but they adhere close to the standard. Here are the typical dimensions for single bed mattresses and bed frames:

Mattress Size Width x Length
Standard Single 36″ x 75″
Twin XL 36″ x 80″
Small Single 30″ x 75″

As you can see, the width of a standard single mattress is 36 inches. The length is typically 75 inches, but an extra long (XL) variation measures 80 inches long. You might also find more compact small single beds intended for kids that are only 30 inches wide.

Recommended Bedspread Sizes

When choosing a bedspread for your single bed, go for a width that matches the mattress width. The length should be slightly longer than the mattress to provide enough overhang. Here are the recommended bedspread sizes for standard single beds:

Bed Size Bedspread Size
Standard Single (36″ x 75″) Twin (66″ x 96″)
Twin XL (36″ x 80″) Twin Extra Long (66″ x 100″)
Small Single (30″ x 75″) Twin (66″ x 96″)

For a standard 36″ wide single mattress, a twin size bedspread 66″ x 96″ will provide adequate coverage. The extra length allows for a nice 15-20″ overhang on both the head and foot of the bed. For an 80″ long twin XL mattress, go for a twin XL bedspread measuring 66″ x 100″ instead.

Bedspread Fabrics

Single bedspreads come in a wide variety of fabrics to match any bedroom decor. Consider the following materials:

  • Cotton: Natural cotton bedspreads have a soft, breathable feel. Choose percale or sateen cotton for durability and easy care.
  • Polyester: Bedspreads made of microfiber polyester offer vivid colors and a silky smooth texture.
  • Polyester-cotton blends: These combine polyester’s durability and fade resistance with cotton’s natural feel.
  • Flannel: Flannel bedspreads are cozy, insulating options ideal for cold weather.
  • Quilted: Quilted bedspreads provide extra warmth thanks to their filling. Choose cotton, polyester, or down fill.
  • Chenille: Chenille fabric has a soft tufted texture on one side. It creates a luxurious look and feel.
  • Silk: The most opulent fabric, silk bedspreads provide a shiny, lustrous sheen.

Consider the season and your budget when narrowing down a material. Lightweight cottons work well in warmer weather, while flannel and quilted styles provide extra insulation for winter. Chenille and silk bedspreads create an elegant focal point but come at a higher price. Choose affordable polyester blends if you’re on a budget.

Colors and Patterns

Single bedspreads allow you to add interest with colors, prints, and patterns that reflect your personal style. Here are some popular options:

  • Solid colors: Choose from a wide palette of solids like navy, light gray, and soft peach. Solid white bedspreads feel fresh and airy.
  • Neutral earth tones: Natural linen-look shades like tan, taupe and mocha work with any decor.
  • Bold brights: Inject energy into the room with vibrant hues like lime green, electric blue, or magenta.
  • Pastels: Light pink, sage, and buttery yellow pastels create a soft, romantic ambiance.
  • Patterns: Choose classic patterns like stripes, florals, plaid, or geometric prints.

When selecting colors and patterns, consider your existing decor. Bedspreads in solid neutrals or subtle textures integrate seamlessly into any style. Vivid colors and prints make the bedspread a focal point, so they work best in rooms with simple, minimalist decor.

Bedspread Styles

Single bedspreads come in a variety of styles to suit your needs:

  • Quilts: Quilted bedspreads provide lightweight warmth. Choose cotton, flannel, or polyester quilted styles.
  • Coverlets: Woven coverlets have a lightweight, decorative look ideal for layering.
  • Duvet covers: For versatile layering, use a duvet insert with a removable, washable duvet cover.
  • Comforters: Down or down-alternative comforters are fluffy, thick options that keep you cozy.
  • Matelassé: Woven matelassé bedspreads feature raised stitching for texture and dimension.
  • Chenille: Luxurious chenille bedspreads have a subtle sheen and ultra-soft feel.

The bedspread style affects the look, thickness, and versatility. Quilts, coverlets and matelassé provide a streamlined layered look. Comforters and chenille offer plush thickness. Duvet covers allow you to customize your comfort level with different inserts.

Caring for Your Bedspread

Follow these tips to keep your single bedspread looking fresh and maintain its quality over time:

  • Read the care label and follow washing instructions. Many bedspreads are machine washable.
  • Wash cotton, flannel, and polyester bedspreads every 2-3 weeks to prevent buildup of dust and oils.
  • Use a gentle cycle and cool water setting when machine washing.
  • Air dry your bedspread to prevent heat damage from drying machines.
  • For non-washable spreads, spot clean stains immediately with a damp cloth.
  • Send silk, velvet, or heavily embellished spreads to a dry cleaner 2-3 times a year.
  • Smooth out wrinkles and refold after washing to maintain the bedspread’s shape.
  • Store off-season bedspreads in breathable cotton cases.

With regular cleaning and proper storage, your single bedspread will maintain its beauty and last for years of everyday use. Spend a little time caring for it, and you’ll keep enjoying its style and coziness.


When shopping for a single bedspread, opt for a twin size that provides full coverage over a standard 36″ wide mattress. Bedspread fabrics range from comfortable cottons and cozy flannel to luxurious silk and chenille. Choose colors, patterns, and styles that express your personal taste. With the proper care, your single bedspread will stay looking fabulous for years to come. Using this guide’s tips for standard sizes, fabrics, and more will help you select the perfect bedspread to adorn your single bed.