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What simple words start with W?

What simple words start with W?

The letter W starts many common and simple English words that are used frequently in everyday language. In this article, we will explore some of the most basic and elementary words starting with the letter W. Knowing these words can help improve vocabulary and spelling skills.

Short W Words

Here are some short and simple words that begin with the letter W:

we win wet
web wig wit
wan wag war
wax wash weak
wish well woke
wind wing wink

These are very common words that are often used in speech and writing. Many of them only have three letters and are easy to spell. Knowing the basic short words starting with W can help with reading, writing, and vocabulary skills.

Longer W Words

Here are some examples of longer, multi-syllabic words starting with the letter W:

winter window winner
wonder worker waiver
wallet walnut warmer
waffle waiter whisper
woolen waddle wobble

While longer than the previous examples, these words are still fairly simple and commonly used. Knowing how to read, spell, and use longer W words correctly can expand anyone’s vocabulary.

W Words for Objects

The letter W begins many words for common objects including:

watch wallet water
window wagon whistle
wrench wheel wing
wall wire worm
willow wool wood

Learning words for household items, parts of buildings, clothing, and things found in nature that start with W can enhance anyone’s knowledge of concrete nouns.

W Verbs

Some action words starting with the letter W include:

want wash wave
wake walk wander
wail wait worry
whimper whisper whittle
weave wear work

Knowing simple W verbs can help describe actions and processes in everyday language. Verbs are an important part of speech.

W Words for Food

Some examples of words for food and drink that being with W include:

water wine walnut
wheat waffle wrap
wonton whey wok
wort wasabi whipped cream

Learning food words beginning with W can expand your menu options and ingredient knowledge.

W Adjectives

Here are some common adjectives starting with the letter W:

warm wet windy
weak wavy worried
weary wistful woozy
wonderful witty wacky

Adjectives describe qualities and attributes. Knowing some basic W adjectives can help convey size, texture, emotions, and personality types.

W Animals

Some animal words beginning with the letter W include:

walrus wolf warthog
whale wombat woodpecker
worm wildebeest wolverine
wren wallaby woodchuck

Learning the names of animals like mammals, birds, and reptiles with W can help broaden your knowledge of the animal kingdom.

W Words for Places

Some examples of place words starting with W:

Washington Wales Wisconsin
Wyoming Wall Street Waterloo
Wimbledon World Trade Center Wrigley Field

Being familiar with proper place names like cities, states, landmarks, and arenas that start with W can boost geographic literacy.


In summary, the letter W begins many short, simple words used in everyday English language across all parts of speech. Learning basic W vocabulary can help build a strong foundation for reading, writing, and communicating. Memorizing common words starting with W across categories like foods, animals, places, verbs, and adjectives can rapidly improve anyone’s overall word knowledge and proficiency. Focus on the simple W words first before moving onto more complex vocabulary.