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What Sika is paintable?

Sika is a global company that specializes in manufacturing specialty chemicals used in building and construction, automotive, manufacturing, and other industries. Many of Sika’s products are used to enhance, modify or protect building and construction materials like concrete, mortar, flooring, sealants, adhesives and waterproofing membranes. Some of the key Sika product lines used in construction include:

Sika Concrete Admixtures

Sika produces a full range of concrete admixtures that are used to modify the properties of fresh or hardened concrete for particular applications and requirements. These include:

  • Water reducers – used to increase workability and reduce water content
  • Retarders – used to slow down the setting time of concrete
  • Accelerators – used to speed up the initial setting and hardness development of concrete
  • Air entrainers – used to improve concrete freeze-thaw resistance and workability
  • Superplasticizers – used to produce high strength flowing concrete

Sika Flooring Systems

Sika supplies flooring systems for industrial, commercial and residential applications. These include:

  • Self-leveling underlayments – used to smooth and level concrete floors prior to installing final floor coverings
  • Decorative floor coatings – used to create seamless, attractive and durable floor finishes
  • Epoxy floor coatings – used to protect and color concrete floors in industrial environments
  • Urethane cement screeds – used to create smooth, heavy-duty industrial flooring

Sika Sealants and Adhesives

Sika manufactures a wide range of sealants and adhesives for construction applications including:

  • Silicone sealants – used for glazing, façade seals, sanitary applications
  • Polyurethane sealants – used for expansion joints and general weathersealing
  • Hybrid sealants – combine properties of silicone and polyurethane sealants
  • Construction adhesives – used for bonding various construction materials
  • Acoustic sealants – used to seal gaps and joints in sound insulation systems

Sika Waterproofing Systems

Sika produces a number of waterproofing products and systems such as:

  • Liquid-applied membranes – used below ground on foundations, tunnels, etc
  • Sheet membranes – various types used for roofs and decks
  • Joint sealants – used to seal movement joints and form waterproof connections
  • Damp proofing products – coatings to prevent moisture penetration in walls
  • Water repellents and anti-mold treatments – protect facades from water ingress and mold growth

Can Sika Products be Painted?

Many Sika products are compatible with painting, however there are some important factors to consider:

  • Allow proper cure time – Most Sika products require full cure before painting which can range from 2 days to 2 weeks depending on products.
  • Test adhesion – Always test paint adhesion on a sample area first.
  • Use correct primer – Some Sika products require a specific primer to bond with paints.
  • Select compatible paint – Paint type must be suitable for the Sika product and exposure conditions.

Paintability of Key Sika Product Ranges

Here is a table summarizing the general paintability of some common Sika product lines:

Sika Product Line Paintable? Notes
Sikaflex Polyurethane Sealants Yes Use Sika recommended paints and primers only after full cure.
Sikasil Silicone Sealants No Not paintable except with special silicone paints.
Sikagard Protective Coatings Yes Can be top coated with suitable paint systems.
SikaLatex & Acrylic Bonder Yes Allow min. 16 hours cure before painting.
Sika WallDefense Plaster System Yes Allow min. 48 hours cure before painting.
SikaFloor Self-Leveling Underlayments Yes Allow min. 24 hours cure before painting.

Paintability of Sika Concrete Repair Products

For concrete repair mortars, the paintability depends on a number of factors:

  • Repair mortar ingredients – polymer-modified mortars generally have better adhesion with coatings.
  • Surface porosity – denser repairs restrict coating penetration.
  • Curing conditions – adequate cure time is required before painting.
  • Coating selection – breathable coatings work better on cementitious repairs.

Here is a summary of paintability for some Sika concrete repair products:

Product Paintable? Notes
SikaTop and SikaMonoTop Repair Mortars Limited Due to high surface alkalinity and porosity. Requires suitable coating systems.
SikaRepair Mortars Yes Polymer-modified, low porosity. Use recommended coatings.
SikaGard 720 EpoCem Yes polymer-modified, apply coatings after 2-3 days.
Sika FerroGard Corrosion Inhibitors Yes Allows top coating after 5 days.

Key Factors for Painting Sika Products

When painting over Sika products, there are some key factors to ensure proper adhesion and performance:

  • Proper cure time – This allows complete chemical cure and strength development.
  • Surface preparation – Surfaces should be clean and free of any contamination.
  • Primer selection – Many Sika products require a specific primer before painting.
  • Environmental conditions – Ambient temperature, humidity etc. must be within product limits.
  • Coating selection – The paint system must be compatible with the Sika product and exposure conditions.
  • Proper application – Coatings should be applied according to guidelines for film thickness, overcoating times etc.
  • Field testing – Sample areas should be checked for proper adhesion prior to full application.

Recommended Sika Primers

Some recommended Sika primers for coating over Sika products include:

  • Sika Bonding Primer – for enhanced adhesion on Sika repair mortars, sealants, membranes.
  • Sikagard 62 – epoxy primer for Sika protective coatings and polyurethane sealants.
  • SikaLatex R – acrylic primer for Sika mortars, plaster, concrete.
  • Sika Concrete Primer – enhances adhesion on concrete and cementitious substrates.
  • SikaCor EG System – epoxy primer for corrosion protection systems.

Always consult Sika product data sheets to confirm correct primers and overcoating times for the product and paint system being used.

Typical Sika Paint Systems

Here are some typical Sika recommended paint systems for coating over Sika products:

Sika Product Primer Intermediate Coat Top Coat
Sikagard 720 EpoCem Sika Bonding Primer Not required Sikagard 550W Elastic
Sikafloor Self-Leveling Underlay Sika Concrete Primer Sikagard 552W Aquaprimer Sikagard Duroplast EM PurCem
Sikadur Combiflex Strip Seals Sikagard 62 Sikagard 63 N Sikagard 65 W

The paint systems are selected based on exposure conditions and requirements like abrasion or chemical resistance, aesthetics, and compatibility with the underlying Sika product.


Many Sika products can be overcoated or painted to achieve decorative, protective and functional goals provided some basic guidelines are followed regarding proper cure times, surface preparation, primer selection and paint compatibility. With a wide range of primers, coatings and paints to choose from, Sika offers full system solutions to extend finishes over their leading product technologies. Consult the Sika technical teams for specific recommendations about painting any Sika product to ensure optimal, long lasting performance.