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What should I wear for family pictures in the fall?


Family photos are a great way to capture memories and document special occasions. When taking family photos in the fall, it’s important to dress appropriately for the season. The changing leaves and cooler weather provide a beautiful backdrop, but can also present some challenges when choosing outfits. Here are some tips on what to wear to help you and your family look your best in those fall family photos.

What colors work best for fall family photos?

When it comes to fall color palettes, think warm, earthy tones that will complement the natural colors outdoors. Browns, tans, oranges, reds, olive greens, and burnt yellows are great options. Neutrals like black, gray, white, and denim blue also pair nicely with the fall landscape. Stay away from neons, pastels, or other bright colors that will look jarring against the muted fall backdrop.

Focus on rich, deeper shades that will really pop in those family portraits. Accent with seasonal patterns and textures like buffalo check, tweed, knits, and flannel. You can even coordinate with the changing leaves by matching reds, oranges and yellows.

What fabrics and materials work best?

Choose comfortable fabrics and materials that will keep you warm as the temperatures drop. Natural fibers like wool, cashmere, flannel, and corduroy are perfect for fall. These thick, cozy materials will protect you from the elements. Denim is another great option that offers durability and style.

Stay away from silks or satins that can appear too formal and out of place outdoors. Avoid flimsy fabrics like chiffon that will easily blow in the autumn breeze. Stick to substantial, warm materials that complement the season.

Consider textures like cable knit sweaters, tweed blazers, or fur vests to embrace the fall feeling. Unique patterns like buffalo check or houndstooth also evoke the harvest season.

What types of outfits work best?

Opt for cozy, layered looks that allow you to add or remove pieces as the temperatures fluctuate. Think sweaters, cardigans, jackets, scarves and vests that you can mix and match for the perfect fall outfit.

Some ideas for fall family photo outfits include:

– Flannel button-down shirts with jeans or khakis
– Cable knit sweaters layered over collared shirts
– Suede or leather jackets for added warmth
– Plaid skirts or dresses paired with tights and boots
– Vests, cowl neck sweaters, or shawls for extra coverage

Aim for versatile pieces that transition well from seated poses to standing shots. Longer dresses or skirts can blow in the wind so secure with leggings or pants for coverage.

What types of shoes work best?

Boots are a quintessential fall footwear choice. Try knee-high riding boots, ankle booties, or lace-up combat style boots in rich leathers, suedes, or rugged materials. Booties with a low heel or flats in fall patterns can also add seasonal flair while remaining comfortable for all ages.

Other shoe options include:

– Sneakers in leather, suede, or canvas materials
– Oxfords or loafers in earth tones
– Tall leather boots or riding boots
– Cowboy boots for a rustic look
– Rain boots in colorful fall hues

Avoid sandals, open-toed shoes, or stilettos that won’t fare well outdoors. Chunky heels or wedges can easily sink into grass so opt for flat, stable shoes that provide support and traction.

What types of accessories work best?

Scarves, hats, and gloves are must-have accessories for fall family photos. Not only do they provide extra warmth, they infuse color, texture, and personality into your outfits.

Some accessory ideas include:

– Oversized scarves in plaid, knit, or solid patterns
– Wool, felt, or leather hats in neutrals or fall shades
– Leather, suede, or knit gloves
– Earthy wood or beaded jewelry
– Cozy, textured socks in fun patterns
– Flannel shirts worn open or tied around the waist
– Leather belts to cinch waists

Avoid dainty jewelry that won’t read well or sunglasses that hide your faces. Skip the bare legs and arms and take advantage of the chance to layer up in cozy fall accessories.

How should you style hair and makeup?

Aim for effortless, natural hairstyles and makeup that enhance your beauty. Soft curls, braids, ponytails, and pinned back styles keep hair tidy on breezy days while allowing your face to shine.

For makeup, play up your eyes or lips with these tips:

– Taupe, brown, and gold eye shadows complement fall tones
– Define eyes with mascara and smoky eyeliner
– Use a brow pencil for shaped, fuller brows
– Add a berry, red, or nude lip for a pop of color
– Choose a matte finish foundation or powder to avoid shine
– Add a touch of bronzer to cheeks for a wind-kissed glow

Make sure makeup lasts by priming lids, using setting spray, and keeping lip color, powder, and concealer on hand for touch ups. Avoid dramatic looks and stick with neutral, earthy shades inspired by the season.

What clothing should you avoid?

Steer clear of pieces that are better suited for the warmer seasons. Avoid flimsy fabrics, pastels, short sleeves, bare legs, or anything too revealing. Also beware of:

– All white or black outfits that lack dimension.
– Short skirts or dresses that won’t provide enough coverage.
– Strapless or off the shoulder tops that won’t stay in place.
– Flimsy fabrics like chiffon that will blow in wind.
– Bright neons or pastels that aren’t fall-friendly.
– Costumes that appear gimmicky or silly.
– Overly formal club or prom attire.

Keep silhouettes streamlined and balanced. Skip the bold patterns and go for timeless plaid, buffalo check, or tweed that flatters everyone.

How should men, women, teens, and kids dress?

The key is finding outfits tailored to each family member’s age, style, and comfort level while maintaining cohesion. Some tips:

Men: Opt for collared shirts under sweaters, vests, or jackets. Choose dark wash denim paired with casual blazers and layers. Add colorful scarves for a pop of color. Wear leather boots or rugged shoes.

Women: Try wrap dresses, skirts, or pants paired with sweaters, blouses, or tunics. Add boots, heels, or booties. Accessorize with circle scarves, hats, and textured tights.

Teens: Jeans, leggings, or shorts with oversized sweaters, flannels, and jackets strike the right balance. Sneakers, ankle boots, or leather shoes keep it casual.

Kids: Go for playful prints, colors, and patterns mixed with neutrals. Try sweater dresses, corduroys, or jeans with cozy pullovers. Sneakers, Mary Janes, or flat boots are comfortable and practical.

Aim to unify as a family through color scheme and textures while allowing individual personalities to shine through. Talk with your photographer for guidance to make sure everyone feels their best.

How can I check the weather forecast?

Since fall weather can be unpredictable, check the forecast 1-2 weeks before your photo shoot. Sites like and offer hourly forecasts. You can also ask your photographer as they monitor conditions.

Key things to look for include:

– Temperature – Highs and lows for the date to guide outfit choices
– Precipitation – Rain, snow, or storms that may reschedule the shoot
– Wind – Steady breezes or gusts that can blow around clothing
– Sunshine – The time of sunrise/sunset to maximize optimal lighting
– Cloud Cover – Overcast skies soften shadows versus direct sun

Allow some wiggle room around sunset times to factor in ideal lighting for family photos. Keep an eye on wind for loose garments and have a back-up date for rainy weather. Knowing conditions will help immensely when deciding what to wear.

How do I prepare kids and pets?

Little ones and furry family members require some extra planning for a smooth photo session. Here are some tips:

– Pick comfortable, durable outfits kids can move in without ruining.
– Pack extra changes of clothes or jackets in case of spills or stains.
– Have snacks, water, and activities in case kids need to refuel.
– Schedule naps around the shoot so kids are rested.
– For pets, provide water, treats, leashes, toys, and cleanup bags.
– Make sure pets are groomed and dressed if desired.
– Practice having pets and kids pose together before the shoot.
– Introduce little ones to the photographer so they feel comfortable.
– Remind kids and pets not to look directly at the sun when outside.
– Keep the session shorter for little ones or pets’ attention spans.

Remaining flexible and preparing for the unexpected will help the session run smoothly.

What poses work best for family photos?

The most flattering family poses showcase the relationships between family members while keeping things simple. Here are some ideal family photo poses:

– Walking together, holding hands. Allows different configurations of family members.

– Sitting or standing in a close circle. Conveys togetherness.

– Parent hugging kids from behind. Captures loving bond.

– Kids piggyback riding on parents. Keeps it casual and fun.

– Sitting on ground or steps. Brings the whole family into focus.

– Running towards camera holding hands. Captures joy and energy.

– Warm embrace between family members. Shows affection.

– Standing with arms around each other. Classic pose that flatters all.

Avoid rigid, unnatural stances. Keep poses organic by encouraging hugs, embraces, and interaction. This creates natural spacing and genuine expressions. Communication with your photographer is key to making everyone comfortable.

What are some family photo ideas and themes?

Determining an overall theme or concept can help guide your outfits, poses, and props. Some fall family photo themes include:

– Jump in the Leaves – Wear fall colors and jump for action shots.

– Autumn Harvest – Pose with pumpkins, apples, scarecrows, and seasonal veggies.

– Back to School – Feature backpacks, books, uniforms, and school gear.

– Fall Festival – Incorporate caramel apples, hot cocoa, hay bales, and carnival elements.

– Football Tailgate – Wear fan gear and set up in a parking lot or field.

– Fall Farm – Pose with tractors, barns, wagons, and farm animals.

– Pumpkin Patch – Sit amongst pumpkins and corn stalks for a classic fall look.

Discuss concepts that fit your family’s interests and style. Keep props simple and meaningful. Most importantly, relax and have fun together no matter what you wear!


Determining what to wear for fall family photos comes down to choosing comfortable, versatile pieces in rich seasonal colors and fabrics. Coordinate tones and textures within your color scheme while allowing each family member to express their personal style. Check the weather to prepare for the elements. Most importantly, select outfits that you all feel confident and beautiful in as you document your memories as a family!