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What should I name my girl gecko?

What should I name my girl gecko?

Naming a new pet gecko can be an exciting and challenging process. With so many options, how do you choose the perfect name for your new girl gecko friend? Keep reading for some quick tips on factors to consider when naming a female gecko, as well as lists of creative, cute, colorful, and cool gecko name ideas.

How to Choose a Girl Gecko Name

When thinking about what to name your female gecko, here are some helpful considerations:


Observe your gecko’s behavior and look for any emerging personality traits that could help inspire a fitting name. Is she timid or bold? Active or lazy? Fast or slow? Pick a name that matches her temperament.


Pay attention to the specific colors and patterns on your gecko. Name her after a food, flower, or object that matches her colors. Examples are Strawberry, Papaya, Peaches, Daisy, Rose, Emerald, Ruby, etc.

Distinguishing Features

Does your gecko have any unique markings like spots, stripes, or blotches? Use descriptive names based on these features like Dotty, Stripey, Patch, Jewel, etc.

Favorite Interests

Think about your own hobbies, favorite books/movies, foods, places, etc. Choose a name that reflects your passions and interests.

Meaningful Names

Select a name with special meaning like one that honors a loved one or has inspirational significance. Or go for a name from mythology or history that you find interesting.

Popular Pet Names

Classic names like Lily, Lucy, Daisy, Stella, Luna, Sadie, Millie, Rosie, Ruby, Lola, and Sophie are always safe options for girl pets.

Cute Girl Gecko Name Ideas

Here is a big list of 200+ cute names perfect for a female gecko:

Angel Baby Blossom
Button Buttercup Candy
Coco Cuddles Cupcake
Cutie Darling Diva
Dollop Dumpling Fifi
Flutter Giggles Glam
Gwen Honey Ivy
Jasmine Jellybean Jewel
Kiki Ladybug Lemon
Lily Lulu Mae
Mango Maple Marble
Melon Mimosa Minnie
Mochi Muffin Nibbles
Noodles Nugget Nutmeg
Peachy Peanut Pearl
Petal Petunia Pickles
Pinky Pip Pixie
Polly Poppy Posie
Princess Pumpkin Roxy
Ruby Sassy Scooter
Shadow Smooch Snuggles
Sparky Starlight Sugar
Sunny Sweet Pea Sweetie
Tinkerbell Tootsie Twinky
Twixie Whiskers Winkie

Colorful Gecko Names

Since geckos come in such a vibrant array of colors, naming them after colors and patterns is always a fun choice. Here are color-based names perfect for a girl gecko:

Amber Amethyst Apricot
Aqua Blizzard Blossom
Blush Buff Buttercup
Cerise Cinnamon Citrine
Clover Cocoa Coral
Crystal Ember Emerald
Fawn Fuchsia Ginger
Glitter Granite Hazel
Honey Ivory Jade
Jasper Lavender Lemon
Licorice Lilac Marble
Marigold Melon Mint
Misty Mocha Onyx
Opal Orchid Peach
Pearl Pepper Periwinkle
Plum Poppy Raspberry
Raven Red Rose
Ruby Rusty Sable
Saffron Sage Salmon
Sand Shamrock Silver
Smoke Snow Soot
Strawberry Sunflower Sunset
Tangerine Tawny Teal
Thistle Truffle Tulip
Turquoise Twilight Vanilla
Violet Willow Wisteria

Cool Girl Gecko Names

For a trendy gecko name with a little bit of edge, browse this list of cool name picks:

Alaska Athena Aurora
Autumn Ayla Bandit
Boo Brave Breeze
Brook Chance Cinder
Cleopatra Comet Cricket
Diva Echo Eclipse
Edgy Ember Faith
Fang Felicity Fern
Firefly Flame Foxy
Freya Frida Fidget
Galaxy Gem Ghost
Gigi Glam Glimmer
Glitter Godiva Harley
Havana Henna Hero
Ice Ivory Ivy
Jade Jasmine Jinx
Karma Khaleesi Legend
Liberty Lucky Luna
Lux Lyric Magic
Maverick Max Miracle
Misty Moxie Muse
Mystic Nebula Ninja
Nova Nymph Oasis
Omega Onyx Opal
Paris Peacock Pearl
Phoenix Piper Pixie
Poet Poison Raven
Rogue Roxy Sapphire
Scout Shade Shadow
Snow Soleil Stardust
Starlight Storm Sugar
Summer Sunset Trickster
Twilight Venus Vixen
Willow Xena Zena
Zenith Ziggy Zoom


When choosing a name for your new girl gecko, think about her appearance, personality, and your own preferences. Get creative and pick something cute, colorful or cool. There are so many wonderful options to suit a special gecko. The most important thing is that the name feels right for your new reptile pet. She’s sure to respond happily to whatever great name you give her!