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What should I keep in my wallet to attract money?

Having the right items in your wallet can help attract money and abundance into your life. While simply carrying certain objects won’t magically make you rich, intentionally choosing items that speak to you on a deeper level can shift your mindset and energy to be more open and receptive to prosperity.

The Law of Attraction

The concept behind carrying symbolic items in your wallet ties into the “law of attraction” – the idea that your thoughts and focus impact what happens in your life. By surrounding yourself with images and objects that represent wealth and abundance, the theory is that you train your mind to develop more positive money habits and beliefs.

Of course, the law of attraction is not a substitute for hard work and smart money management. But intentionally using visual cues can help reprogram your thinking over time and motivate you to take action towards your financial goals.

Items to Attract Money

Here are some powerful items you can keep in your wallet to strengthen a prosperity mindset:

1. An image of your future dream life

Print out a photo representing your vision of financial success – this could be an image of your dream car, dream house, exotic vacation destination, or whatever material signifier resonates most with you.

Placing this image in your wallet keeps your ambitions top of mind and trains your subconscious to move towards that vision every time you open your wallet.

2. A coin from a time you felt abundant

Think back to a time in your life when you felt particularly abundant, prosperous, and on top of your financial game. Find a coin from that year and carry it in your wallet as a touchstone to that wealthy feeling.

Feeling those sensations again when you touch the coin can help reprogram your mind back into that positive state of abundance.

3. An inspirational quote

Find a short quote that speaks deeply to your outlook on money and prosperity. Some examples could include:

  • “Abundance is my natural state of being”
  • “I am open and receptive to all forms of wealth”
  • “New opportunities surround me every day”

Carrying this quote in your wallet keeps these uplifting sentiments top of mind.

4. A picture of something you want to save up for

Choose an image of something specific you’re currently saving money for – whether it’s a new gadget, piece of jewelry, or vacation. This gives your brain a defined monetary goal to focus on and visualize.

Each time you open your wallet, seeing the image can motivate you to avoid unnecessary impulse purchases and stick to your saving plan.

5. A fortune cookie slip or note

Keep any fortune cookie slips or other unexpected notes you find containing messages about prosperity. These can serve as little injections of financial optimism when you stumble upon them while reaching for something else.

6. A $100 dollar bill

While it may seem counterintuitive to keep this much cash folded up and out of circulation, carrying a $100 bill can actually shift your money mindset.

Seeing and touching this symbol of abundance on a regular basis subtly primes your subconscious to take advantage of opportunities and feel more bold and empowered financially.

Of course, take proper precautions so it doesn’t actually get spent or lost by accident!

7. A credit card sized list of affirmations

Make a list of 4-6 positive financial affirmations you can reference every day. Include statements like:

  • “My income is constantly increasing”
  • “Money flows to me effortlessly”
  • “I am financially secure”

Carry this card-sized list in your wallet and read through it frequently with intention. Let the positive sentiments sink in deeply.

8. A rare or sentimental coin

Find a rare, unusual, or sentimentally valuable coin and let this be your special “lucky charm” that you keep in your wallet.

Knowing you have this “good luck token” on hand can give your subconscious a subtle sense of reassurance and confidence regarding money.

9. A picture of your loved ones

While not specifically focused on money, having an image of loved ones can remind you of everything you financially provide for them – giving strong motivation to bring in money.

Glimpsing their faces each time you open your wallet activates an unconscious drive towards stability and abundance.

Feng Shui Tips

In the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, your wallet represents how you accumulate wealth. Keeping it clutter-free and organized helps money flow more freely in your life.

Here are some additional feng shui wallet tips:

  • Choose a high quality, nice looking wallet rather than something old and tattered.
  • If your wallet is a billfold design, keep the two sides folded equally rather than lopsided.
  • Be sure it fully closes and latches if it has a closure mechanism.
  • Don’t overstuff or stretch your wallet, as this symbolizes forcing and tension around money.
  • Keep your wallet in your front pocket or bag rather than sitting on it in your back pocket.

By honoring your wallet according to feng shui principles, you harmonize your finances and avoid “leaking” or losing money through neglect.

Maintain the Right Mindset

While certain items can help strengthen your money mindset, avoid treating them like magic charms for instant wealth. Any objects in your wallet are just visual tools to reinforce prosperity consciousness.

If carried with intentionality and a positive outlook, they can help train your mind over time. But true financial abundance requires real-world effort and responsible money management day to day.

The power of money symbols comes from the meaning you give them and the energy you direct into them. Consider your wallet a personal altar or vision board for financial wellbeing. Let it serve as a source of motivation and reflection.


Keeping symbolic items related to wealth, abundance, and prosperity in your wallet is a simple way to reinforce positive money beliefs.

Images, quotes, and objects that speak to your vision of financial success subtly reprogram your subconscious when you see and touch them daily.

Practice feng shui principles like keeping your wallet organized and in good condition. But remember, instilling an abundance mindset takes more than just carrying certain trinkets.

Use the contents of your wallet to inspire real action – saving, budgeting, investing, working towards goals. When combined with purposeful effort, these symbols help attract wealth by training your mind for prosperity.

Item Purpose
Image of your dream life Visualizes your definition of financial success
Coin from a abundant time Reminds you of a wealthy feeling to tap into
Inspirational quote Reinforces a prosperity mindset
Image of a savings goal Motivates you to avoid impulse purchases
Fortune cookie slip Injects unexpected financial optimism
$100 dollar bill Symbols abundance and empowers your money mindset
Affirmations list Frequently reading positive statements retrains your mind
Rare or sentimental coin Acts as a special good luck charm
Picture of loved ones Reminds you of who you provide for financially

This summarizes some of the most powerful symbolic items to keep in your wallet to strengthen an abundance mindset and attract wealth over time. Let your wallet contents motivate and inspire you towards prosperity every day.