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What should I draw that looks cool?

What should I draw that looks cool?

Figuring out what to draw can be tricky, especially when you want to create something that looks visually appealing. When deciding on a cool drawing idea, there are a few key things to consider:

Think About Your Skills and Interests

First, think about your own artistic skills and interests. Are you great at drawing people and portraits? Do you prefer abstract art or realism? Are you into anime and manga? Understanding your strengths will help you pick a subject you can really excel at. If you love nature, for example, you might consider drawing a detailed landscape scene with trees and animals.

You should also think about which mediums you enjoy using. If you love working with colored pencils, focus on subjects and styles that will allow those pencils to really shine. Or if you prefer pen and ink drawings, pick ideas that lend themselves well to strong black and white contrast.

Consider Pop Culture and Fandoms

Drawing characters, scenes, or items from pop culture sources you love can result in really fun, engaging art. Some ideas include:

  • Your favorite anime/video game characters
  • Scenes from a popular movie or TV show
  • Logos and symbols from bands, brands, etc. you enjoy
  • Cute versions of memes and viral trends

Lean into your fandoms and interests. Other fans of those franchises will appreciate the subject matter, and your passion for it will show through.

Draw Icons and Symbols

Iconic symbols and shapes can make for cool, eye-catching drawings. Consider creating your own take on:

  • Hearts
  • Lightning bolts
  • Stars and suns
  • Crowns
  • Yin-yang symbols
  • Peace/smiley faces
  • Flowers

You can decorate and stylize these classic symbols with patterns, frames, backgrounds, and other unique touches to really make them your own.

Illustrate Your Dreams and Imagination

Your own dreams, imagination, and stream of consciousness can provide endless inspiration for cool drawings. Consider illustrating:

  • A strange dream scenario
  • An imaginary creature or character
  • A surreal landscape
  • Abstract patterns and shapes

Let your mind wander and get your ideas down on paper. Don’t judge or overthink it. Just have fun bringing your mental images to life.

Draw Things from Different Perspectives

Taking a normal object and drawing it from an unexpected perspective can make your artwork stand out. Some examples:

  • Draw a shoe from an inside-looking-out view
  • Position a piece of fruit above the viewer so you’re looking up at it
  • Sketch objects as if you’re an ant looking up at them
  • Show people and objects from interesting angles like above, below, or super close up

Playing around with perspective like this adds visual interest and a touch of creativity to your drawing.

Make it Abstract

Abstract drawings are all about shapes, colors, textures, and composition. If you want to make something look cool in an abstract way, consider:

  • Combining geometric shapes and organic shapes
  • Blending two images together (like animals and flowers)
  • Using bold colors that contrast well
  • Overlapping transparent colors to blend
  • Incorporating splatters, drips, and different textures
  • Thinking of emotions and feelings to convey (joy, sadness, anger, etc)

Let your creativity guide you and don’t hold back. There are endless possibilities for making engaging abstract art.

Incorporate Mixed Media

Using mixed media can result in really unique, multidimensional drawings. Consider combining:

  • Colored pencils and marker pens
  • Watercolors and ink
  • Acrylic paint and collaged papers
  • Photographs and fabric scraps

Layer and blend different elements to create eye-catching textures and depth. Let the materials work together to enhance your style.

Draw Fun Patterns and Designs

Patterns and decorative designs also make great drawing projects. Try:

  • Creating repeating prints of your favorite doodles
  • Drawing geometric patterns like spirals and tessellations
  • Filling an object with eclectic textures and designs
  • Making a detailed mandala using radial symmetry

Add color and fun embellishments to make your patterns exciting. These kinds of drawings have a lively, engaging quality.

Sketch imaginative creatures

Inventing your own original creatures and characters can be extremely rewarding. Let your imagination run wild!

  • Combine features from real animals to create a whimsical hybrid beast
  • Personify an object to give it a face, personality, and story
  • Design quirky alien beings unlike anything on Earth
  • Draw mythological creatures like dragons, phoenixes, and jackalopes

The possibilities here are endless. Populate your own worlds with the curious creatures in your mind!

Draw People in Action Poses

Capturing the human figure mid-movement or action can result in a very dynamic, expressive drawing. Some ideas include:

  • Athletes playing sports or dancing
  • A performer singing or playing an instrument
  • People exercising or doing activities like skateboarding
  • Fictional fight sequences between superheroes or warriors

Use bold, flowing lines to convey movement and energy. The human body is very challenging but rewarding to draw in motion.

Focus on Faces and Expressions

Faces and facial expressions are another way to convey strong emotions in your art. Some options include:

  • A stylized self-portrait or caricature
  • Portraits of people you know or admire
  • Figures with dramatic or exaggerated expressions
  • A person laughing, crying, yelling, etc.

Aim to capture a specific mood or feeling through the face. This can help your audience connect with the artwork.

Incorporate Words and Text

Adding text and typography to your drawing is another cool way to convey meaning. You could try:

  • Incorporating hand lettering into a nature drawing
  • Using bold fonts that complement your style
  • Drawing around the shapes of song lyrics
  • Combining foreign languages and scripts into your art

Text adds another layer of visual interest and communication to your drawings.

Draw Your Hobbies and Interests

Making art related to your own hobbies and interests can be very enjoyable. Consider drawing:

  • Your favorite music artists and bands
  • Scenes related to your favorite sports or activities
  • References to favorite movies, TV shows, or video games
  • Inside jokes and memes shared with friends
  • Your favorite places like parks and hangouts

Drawing subject matter you personally connect with will boost your passion and excitement for the project.

Design Awesome Tattoos

If you love tattoo art, try dreaming up some original designs like:

  • Stylized animals, flowers, symbols, words, etc.
  • Patterns inspired by mandalas or geometric shapes
  • Imagery related to meaningful lyrics or quotes
  • Tributes to loved ones or beloved fictional characters

Keep your designs simple enough to potentially be inked someday. Tattoo art makes for really eye-catching drawings.

Draw Architecture and Cityscapes

Urban landscapes also make fascinating drawing subjects. You could depict:

  • A skyline silhouette
  • Famous city landmarks like the Eiffel Tower
  • Busy street scenes full of cars, people, and lights
  • Interior spaces like rooms and office buildings

Use perspective to show depth and scale. Architecture drawings have amazing visual impact.

Pick Meaningful Quotes and Lyrics

Inspirational quotes and song lyrics often make excellent drawing prompts. Choose words that are meaningful to you personally, and incorporate them into imagery like:

  • Flowing calligraphy
  • Related symbols and metaphors
  • Expressive portrait sketches
  • Bold graphic lettering

The emotional quality of words can enrich and elevate your visual drawings.

Research Cool Styles and Techniques

When in need of inspiration, look at art you admire and learn new tips and tricks from other artists. Some styles and techniques to explore include:

  • Pen and ink stippling
  • Watercolor blending
  • Surrealism and abstraction
  • Manga and anime
  • Graffiti lettering
  • Cross-hatching
  • Gold leafing and foiling

Try recreating or experimenting with styles you find visually appealing. This can refresh your own approach.


At the end of the day, the coolest drawings come from your own vision and interests. Focus on subjects you connect with, and render them in your own unique style. Don’t be afraid to experiment and think outside the box. With the right blend of skill, passion, and imagination, you can create artwork that looks amazing.