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What shade of green goes best with grey?

What shade of green goes best with grey?

Green and grey are classic color combinations that never seem to go out of style. Pairing green and grey can create a sophisticated look in any room. But with so many shades of each color, how do you know which green goes best with grey? This article will examine popular green and grey color pairings, factors to consider, and provide visual examples to help you find the perfect match.

Light Grey and Sage Green

A soft sage green pairs beautifully with light grey. Sage green has subtle blue undertones that work well with cool greys. The lightness of both colors creates an open, airy feel. This color combination is ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and offices. The relaxing sage green helps balance out crisp white trim work. Try combining:

Benjamin Moore Silverlake Benjamin Moore Tradewind
Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray Sherwin-Williams Renwick Olive Green
Behr Pale Powder Behr Celery Sprig

Sage greens in various hues also work well with greige – a grey/beige blend. The natural creaminess of greige helps ground the green:

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Sagebrush
Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray Sherwin-Williams Ryegrass
Behr Grayt Escape Behr Fresh Market

Charcoal Grey and Forest Green

For a dramatic, bold look, pair a dark charcoal grey with a deep forest or emerald green. The high contrast creates a striking, sophisticated color scheme. Use this combination sparingly in dens, dining rooms, offices, and entryways. Try combining:

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray Benjamin Moore Brunswick Green
Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black Sherwin-Williams Downing Jade
Behr Slate Tile Behr Old Evergreen

To soften this dark palette, add in warm wood tones and metallics like bronze or aged brass. Crisp white trim will also keep the space from feeling too heavy.

Medium Grey and Olive Green

For a flexible pairing, look to medium greys with green-grey olive undertones. Shades like sagebrush green and evergreen work well with greys that have hints of brown or beige. This provides enough contrast without being too dark. Use in kitchens, dining rooms, living spaces, and home offices.Try combining:

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Benjamin Moore Olive Sprig
Sherwin-Williams Popular Gray Sherwin-Williams Rainwashed
Behr Carbon Copy Behr Roasted Chile

Warm Grey and Lime Green

For a bright, uplifting scheme, match a warm grey with a zesty lime green. The lively green pops against the cozy grey backdrop. Add in shades of white and natural wood to keep it feeling fresh and current. Use this combo in kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, or a girl’s bedroom. Try combining:

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Benjamin Moore Honeydew
Sherwin-Williams Dorian Gray Sherwin-Williams Verdant
Behr Cement Gray Behr Zestful Green

Factors to Consider When Pairing Green and Grey

Here are some key factors to keep in mind when selecting the perfect green and grey combo:

Undertones – Greys and greens both come in warm and cool shades. Matching the undertones will create a cohesive look. Cool greys like moonlight or silver pair well with blue-green hues. Warm greys complement shades of sage and olive.

Depth – Lighter greys work best with pale greens like seafoam or pistachio. Deep charcoals and anthracite greys stand up to bold emerald and forest greens. Medium tones can go either way.

Personal Preference – Consider the mood you want to create. Soft sage green and silvery greys are restful and elegant. Lime green and warm greys feel cheerful and casual. Deep greens and charcoal greys are dramatic and sophisticated.

Purpose of Room – For high traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms, lighter hues show less wear. Deeper greens work well in dining rooms and studies. Bedrooms are ideal for soft, subdued shades.

Natural Lighting – Darker colors can feel oppressive in rooms with minimal natural light. Pale shades help brighten up dim spaces. South facing rooms can handle deeper, bolder hues.

Tips for Decorating With Green and Grey

Here are some tips to pull a green and grey scheme together:

– Repeat colors in artwork, pillows, and accessories. Add in pops of white or black for contrast.

– Use multiple shades of green in different strengths. Layer pale green with deep emerald for depth.

– Add warmth with wood toned furniture and accent pieces. Try medium toned woods like oak or walnut.

– Metallics like brass, gold, and nickel create bright contrast against green and grey.

– White trim and ceilings keep the space feeling fresh, open and contemporary.

– Natural textures like jute, linen and cotton complement the earthy vibe of green and grey.

– For pattern mixing, pair organic shapes like floral and paisley with simple modern geometrics.

– Large statement lighting instantly modernizes the palette. Go for brass, nickel or aged metal fixtures.

– Finish with plenty of plants and greenery. Potted palms, succulents and leafy plants enhance the garden palette.

Visual Examples of Popular Green and Grey Color Combinations

Here are some photos showcasing beautiful and unique ways to combine shades of green with grey:

Sage Green and Light Grey Bedroom

[Photo of bedroom with Benjamin Moore Silverlake walls and Tradewind bedding]

The cool blues in the soft Tradewind green work perfectly with the light silver grey walls. Crisp white molding and bed frames keep it neutral.

Olive Green Kitchen with Greige Cabinets

[Photo of kitchen with Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray cabinets and Rainwashed green island]

The sagebrush undertones in Agreeable Gray warm up the bolder olive green on the island. Brass accents tie it together.

Deep Forest Green Entryway with Charcoal Grey

[Photo of front entry with dark green front door and Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray walls]

A striking combination for a bold first impression. The dark charcoal grey wall color makes the rich green door pop.

Mint Green and Warm Grey Bathroom

[Photo of bathroom with Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray walls and mint green tile]

The invigorating punch of mint green makes a cheerful statement against the toasty grey walls in this bath.


Grey and green work together in endless versatile color combinations. Light grey pairs delicately with sage. Charcoal grey dramatizes deep forest greens. Medium tones strike a perfect balance. Cool and warm undertones provide nuance and interest. Consider the mood, lighting and purpose when selecting the perfect green and grey. Proper application of this timeless color scheme creates a sophisticated, inviting and tranquil environment.